Druchii vs Chaos vs High Elf vs Orc vs Empire - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Druchii vs Chaos vs High Elf vs Orc vs Empire

    The young Dark Elf ran across the feild to where Malus Darkblad ewas sitting astride his cold one. "What is it?" asked Malus drearily. He couldn't just kill this young messenger; he was nobility. Besides he was Malekiths' favourite. "Make it quick. I do not really want to feed you to Spite." The cold one gave the young warrior a beady look. The warrior (whose name was Wiarcz) gulped. But it was a hollow threat and they both knew it.
    "My lord," said Wiarcz. "The Chaos army has arrived!"
    "Really," said Malus, trying not to yawn.
    "Also," said Wiarcz, in a slightly quieter tone, "also, a high elf warband has come! My regiment's captain, Saradain, reckons they want to pillage the town."
    Malus couldn't care less about the town. But the High Elf warband interested him. "Saddle Spite!" he roared to the unfortunate Brettonian who was his slave. The slave approached cautiously.
    "And, sir," said Wiarcz. "There is an Orc rabble at the foot of our mountain!"
    Malus didn't care. Orcs were but a horde of savages, incapable of such trains of thought as strategies. "Really? Then why don't you go down there and ask them what they are doing breathing on my mountain?"
    Wiarcz ignored him. Bad move. Within seconds, a second messenger arrived, in full armour. Boy, did Saradain know him. Maybe a little to well.
    "Right. Sir. Lord. Der is also some Empire scum. Wiv a cannon, sir."
    The messenger never saw it coming. His head hit the ground, and Malus re-sheathed his sword. There was going to be blood spilt today.

    Army lists: This battle contains 5 armies so we decided there would only be 500 pints for each army. The survivor wins. This is a death match.

    Chaos lord: 170pts
    Chaos warrior chariot: 100pts
    21 chaos warriors: 264pts

    Total: 498 points
    I personally thought that in a five hundred point battle, putting 21 warriors on the battlefield was a bit extravagant. But then, I know nothing of Chaos.

    High Elf(Adam):
    Elf prince: 130pts
    Repeater bolt thrower: 100pts
    Mage: 85pts
    10 spearmen: 100pts
    7 archers: 84pts

    Total: 499 points
    I definitly thought Adam was smarter than Ben. But I only know about Dark Elves.

    Orc warboss: 110pts
    20 black orcs: 200pts
    Boar chariot: 80pts
    Goblin shaman: 55pts
    11 Orc boyz(with bows): 55pts

    Total: 500 points
    Alexander is my kid brother, age 7. No-one expects him to win a game for 5 years.

    General: 80pts
    Cannon: 100pts
    Battle Wizard: 60pts
    30 spearmen: 144pts
    10 handgunners: 80pts

    Total: 500 points
    Hmmm. Don't know about this one.

    Dark Elf(Me):
    Malus Darkblade: 350pts
    13 warriors with repeater crossbows, one without: 140pts

    Total: 500 points
    If Malus Darblade goes down, I'm history.

    Turn 1
    The Empire started. The spearmen march towards the Chaos. The handgunners are out of range, so the cannon fire commences. It explodes. Boom, crash- heh heh heh. Malus,
    the Chaos lord and the Prince must be in hysterics. The warboss probably wet himself. Ah, were was I. Oh yes. The High Elf turn. The spearmen hit the Empire spearmen like a block of wood. The archers and the repeater bolt thrower fire. three Empire are mercilessly slaughtered. Bad news, Elves; the repeater bolt thrower's out of it for two turns.
    The High Elf spearmen buthered a further nine empire, then all but one of them was killed. he contemplated for a moment, then thought he would try his luck running for the nearby hills. No such luck. Bye-bye spearman-you were so pointless.
    The Orcs charged uphill in the direction of the Dark Elves. Stupid creatures. Even from only a twelve inch distance, their magic failed and only one elf fell to their arrows.
    The Chaos charged the High Elf, but were just out of range. Now my dear Druchii repeater crossbowmen decided to let loose 26 shots at the 32 orcs (excluding the chariot and warboss) from twelve inches. It was going to get messy...Two minutes later, 19 orcs were dead-10 Orc Boys, 8 Black Orcs, and the shaman. And they were still out of charging range...

    Turn 2
    Losing only four men, the Empire spearmen wiped out the sorry excuses that were the High Elves. Meanwhile, the wizard smashed down four chaos warriors. The Orcs continued their charge, and their bowman failed yet again to kill an Elf.
    The Chaos revenge on the Empire was swift and brutal. A full 20 Empire spearmen were killed-that is to say, all of them-and only one Chaos warrior met his doom in return. The ****** chariot and lord made his way towards me, though. I slew the rest of the Orc rabble, save the leader, upon whom I inflicted two wounds. The stupid creature decided to stand and fight! Ha!

    Turn 3
    The Empire general lost it and ran screaming at the chaos. The wizard was slightly more controled.He inflicted a wound on the Chaos Lord who paused, turned around, and started to march towards the Empire. (Phew!) The handgunners volley slew three chaos warriors. Malus groaned. There were only 13 left for him to kill.
    The Orc Warboss charged and felled three of my men before Saradain finally cut him down. Meanwhile, the Empire general fell at the hands of the warriors, but not before taking one down with him. Then the Chaos bore down on the handgunners, who bravely stood their ground. four handgunners and three warriors were killed before the Empire fled.
    Malus lead my men towards the chariot, but it was felled with our bolts before we even got there. "My sword still looks silver," Malus complained.

    Turn 4
    The Empire rallied. They brought down six of the foul Chaos warriors before they were overcome and butchered on the Chaos turn. The Chaos Lord smiled, a rare thing. The smile faltered. A small bolt wass embeded in his back (another wound). "Kill them!" he roared, but I only field top-quality crossbowmen. Only two Chaos warriors remaineed alive. they bought down three crossbowmen, including Saradain, and inflicted a wound on Malus before they were finally cut down. Malus smiled and licked the blood of his sword. But I had forgotten about the Chaos Lord. For the first time in a while, Malus felt pain as the rune-inscribed Chaos sword peirced his back- twice. In a whirlwind of rage, he wheeled around-to late. His lifeless body fell limp, and his bloodied sword clattered to the ground. Spite, angered by the death of his master, closed his enourmous jaws around the Chaos lords' haed. The supposedly immortal being screamed once, for the first and last time in his life, then clattered decapitated to the floor. Within moments, his evil body had disintegrated into the air. My survivors shivered. "Come on," said Sacay, the third-in-command of my crossbowmen and therefore the highest-ranking survivor "let's get out of here."

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    Very fun to read. Thanks for posting the report and hope to see more in the future!
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    What a bloody battle.

    Man that was a bloody battle.

    Keep it up. Look forward to your next one.

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