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    3000pts tounament battle

    resently me and my friend entered a 3000pt tournament.

    Our armies were:

    Thane: GW, R of brotherhood,
    Thane: pistol, handgun, shield, mr of breaking, rune of stone
    Runesmith: GW 2x R of spellbreaking
    20 warriors: full command shields
    20 longbeards: GW Full command shields
    16 rangers: shields, TA
    12 Thunderers
    2x BTH
    9 Miners
    6 Hammerers
    organ gun
    1500pts army

    My Friends
    Dragonslayer: GW, MR of kragg the grim, rune of snorri spanglehelm, 2 runes of fury, beastslayer
    Dragonslayer: BSB, MR of Grimnir, 2 HW, killingblow
    2x 20 slayers full command giantslayer
    2x 3 doomseekers
    goblin hewer
    1500pts army



    3x Engineers Pistol each
    2x 20 Clanrats full command shield spears
    3x Globadiers
    ratling gun with clanrat unit

    Wood elves

    Noble hail of doom arrows
    spellsinger 2x dispell scrolls
    2x 10 glade guard
    2x 12 dryads
    3 treekkin

    High elves
    Hero on hourse
    2x mages each with dispell scrolls
    16 elves with spears and shields
    8 silver helms
    10 dragon princes
    Eagle claw bolt thrower.


    BUILDING Slys DS+ Ds Slys DS+Ds BTH Thunderers RS BTH OG
    Hammerers LB+T 20 Warriors

    The battle report will follow as soon as i get a reply it is a very long battle writen in story mode.
    :ninja: :ninja: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

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    Where is the battle report?
    40K: Tyranid, Necron, Space Wolves
    Fantasy: Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarves

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    12 (x1)

    Look snorri trolls rule means the slayers moved from 10" to 8" each towards the skaven (mate has held a grudge against the skaven ever since they crushed his army in a 3000pts army battle)

    Turn 1: The 3 armies won the first turn and started by moving the skaven warlocks behind a building and his clanrats (make nice squelch noises when hit with axe:yes moved towards the slayers. WHY???????????????? The high elves moved the cavalry towards my dwarves so they could charge my artillary crew and the wood elves move the living trees forward. The magic was all despeled. Shooting finished with 1 dead warrior and 2 dead slayers. No combat.

    The slayers carried on towards the skaven and i moved my warriors, rangers and longbeards forward so that i could shoot. Shooting the dragon princes losed 4 to a bolt thrower and 2 more to the thunderers. The goblin hewer killed 6 clanrats. Then the other bolt thrower killed 4 silver helms the organ gun did not fire.

    Turn 2: The silver helms charged the bolt thrower crew and the silver helms charged the organ gun crew. The skaven move back away from the slayers and the wood elves do not move.The magic was all dispelled again. Shooting the wood elves kill 2 rangers, 6the skaven kill 2 slayers and the high elves kill 1 warrior. Combat and the silver helms do nothing the dragon princes do nothing and the hero challanges which the engineer acceps the challenge and kills the elven hero.

    The dwarves flanked the silver helms and the dragon princes and the slayers moved towards the skaven they realy hate the ratmen. Shooting the rangers threw their axes at the glade guard killing 4 of them the bolt thrower killed the high elf mage with no less than 5 wounds. The other bolt thrower killed 3 dryads (TIMBER) and the thunderers killed 3 spearmen. Combat 3 more silver helms were killed but he passed his leader ship test and killed 1 crewman and the dragon princes were wiped out completely.

    Turn 3: Skaven charge flank of slayers and the spearmen charge flank of longbeards and the treekin charge the hammerers. Magic he casts the comet of wat ever spell and the rest was dispelled. Shooting the bolt thrower kills 4 warriors and the rattling guns kill 1 doom seeker and wound another and the glade guard kill 3 rangers. Cobmbat the silver helm kills another crew and is kill its self (took 7 wounds) the thane kills 4 spearmen who kill 1 longbeard back and lose the combat flee and are not caught (damd those short legs:realmad: :realmad: ) Me thinkls i swore alot here. the treekin kill 1 hammerer and the other hammerers kill 2 in return but dont catch the other one (More swearing) the skaven kill 2 slayers and then lose 4 in return combat a draw.

    The dwarves Redeploy themselves and get ready to move forward. The Rangers charge the glade guard and the doom seekers and the heroes chanrge the other clanrat unit and the miners show up and charge the flank of the glade guard. Shooting the bolt thrower kills another mage the other kills the wood elf noble and the organ gun kills 8 spearmen. The thunderers kill 3 dryads and the goblin hewer kills another 2 dryads. Combat the doom seekers and the heroes kill all the clanrats and overrun into the dryads who they slaughter. The rangers thane kills 3 glade guard and the others are slaughtered to a man who runs in is caught. The minres do the same and then the slayers kill 7 clanrats who run of the board.

    They conced after that with nothing but 4 dryads, 1 bolt thrower 2 warlocks and 4 spearmen.

    We massacered them and came second in the tournament (we lost the first game against a cavalry chaos and dogs of war army) A story version will be printed soon when i have finished it. Time for beer: :diespam: :diespam: :diespam: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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