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    wood elf v brets 2000pts

    woodies skirmish army.

    highborn wardancer kindred
    10 glade guard
    10 glade guard
    5 scouts
    5 scouts
    8 dryads
    8 dryads
    5 glade riders
    10 waywatchers
    6 war dancers
    3 warhawk riders
    1 treeman


    some lord thing or another
    2 damsels
    12 knights
    12 knights
    12 questing knights
    12 grail knights
    3 pegasus knights
    16 bowmen
    20 men at arms

    TURN 1
    i went first as the brets had to stand there and do thier praying thing (i came to rue that)
    my two units of scouts glade riders moved forward to impede the inevitable bretonnian marching. My arhawks flew up the flanka long with the dryads. My spell singer cast treesinging as did the treeman moving the woods housing the glade guard. The first units of scouts fired at the unit of questing knights but predictably didnt really do much. The glade riders shot at the men at arms and killed two. the glade guard shot at the one unit of knights and actually managed to kill one despite being out of the S4 shots. The waywatchers moving out of the wood slightly fired at the same unit of knights and took down three. These guys were set to be a major pain in the butt for him.
    The bretts didnt really fo much this turn save move forward the questing knights toward the right flank though thier bowmen did manage to kill a scout.
    By the end of the turn all of his units were impeded
    TURN 2
    I moved my glade guard forward slightly to put them within their 15" range. all my units were in range. The glade rider used their reform move to present themslevs to the questings nights flank. Another bout of treesinging had the woods moving once more.
    The next turn of shooting was probably the most instremental of the game. The glade guard fired their bows into the two units of knights. Killing two and three respectiely.
    Then came the waywatchers turn they fired into the knights nearest from them. They killed four and thus a panic check was caused. THe knight failed its and broke.
    This is the point the were it started going terribly wrong for me. The knight ran and i had forgotten that in warhammer you flee in the oppostie direction from the unit that caused the panic. And seeing as the way watchers were behind the knights they went FORWARD straight for my glade guard and into my lines..
    The second Bretts turn invloved them charging with their pegasus knihgts into my warhawks. I elected to stand and shoot hoping that i could hold for one turn so that next turn my dryads could get stuck in there. Needles to say it didnt happen two were killed and the other fled to be promptly chased down. The bowmen killed off all but one of my scouts.
    TURN 3
    I was in trouble now. I had made a sever mistake in deployment whichy i only now realised. I had placed my wardanceers in the wood behind my glade guard which were in a sinlge line formation. As such they were nearly uselss to me however i tried to move them round. I didnt think of reforming the GG at this time. The magic face saw mew casting fury of the forest on the broken unit of knights to no avail. My one remaining scout shot put an arrow through the eye of ia brettonnian counter part The waywatchers killed another three knights from the unbroken unit. My one unit of dryads moved into a wood and the other moved behind a hill to avoid the pegasus knights.
    the broken unit rallied
    The brets declared charges. The unbroken unit into my glade guard i elected to stand and shoot which was a mistake (note to self never stand a charge from brets when your using anything less that a mountain and especially when you have elves) and the grail knights into my treeman. THe glade guard got slaughtered but managed to hold thanks to the high borns LD. The treeman took almost twenty lance strike attacks (i dunno how that worked but it did) and promptly got massacred. THe lord didnt even get a chance to strike his knights did it for him and my treeman was turned into firewood i had not planned for that. The treeman was my centre and figured it could take hits from pretty much everything.
    TURN 4
    I reformed my glade guard so that my war dancers and lord could get past and fired the waywatchers agian at the newly unbroken unit killing all but the champion who managed to make his save. The GR hit the rear of the unit of knights that were chopping up my GG.
    Bretts finished off my other unit of glade guard and pursued them into the wood One of the damsels cast a lore of life spell and killed my spellsinger. The bowmen launched 13 arrows at my own scout and all missed or failed to wound.
    TURN 5
    I'd pretty much had it at this stage and was mainly involved in trying to get away. The waywatchers fired at the lone knight and failed to kill him. At this stage i had decided that
    a quick retreat was in order. Though my scout did mangae to to put another arrow into a bowman
    The grail knihgts charged my units of dryads and slaughtered them. THe questing knight who had thus far done nothing this game still did nothing.
    TURN 6
    The wardancer were still out of range of anything. THe way watchers fired again at the long champion and still failed to kill him. as did the still standing unit of GG This was getting annoying. The lone scout once again dropped another bowman.
    The grail knights and questing knights were out of it on my right flank there was nothing left to kill as the other unit of drayds were in the wood.
    The bretts charged my waywatchers with the pegasus knights men at arms and lone champion. with all thier attacks they only killed 8. I directed the remaining attacks on that lone champion i was determined that bugger was going down. I managed to cause two wounds on him he failed his two armour saves and then rolled two dice for his ward saves. One 6 and a 4 i got the bugger. That guy had surviced three turns of shooting i wasnt happy.Oh and teh bowmen still couldnt kill my last scout

    i made some mistakes in that game like not moving my waywatchers back into a wood. But it was stilla fun game i did manage to elimate two whole units of knights. The waywatchers were great they more than made thier points back. My man of the match though was that lone scout he withstood three turns of shooting and each time took one down. It was classic. It was a fun battle either way though i am now very afraid of grail knights.

    its just a pity that when the new rules come out the skirmish list will be useless

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    I've had a really tough time against Brets, too. Those blasted armor saves! But waywatchers and wardancers really do help with their killing blow.

    Good report. Thanks for posting.
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    you should fear the grail knights! they are fan-flippin-tastic!

    nice report

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    ya i don't think letting questing knights who have 2 attacks each is a good idea espacialy with lance formation

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