3000 pt. VC vs. High Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    3000 pt. VC vs. High Elves

    Heinrich Kemmler walks with his loyal servant, Krell. 'I hope this Chaos warrior is as good as Nagash thinks, or he will be in for a rude "unawakening"' he thought with a laugh. His "colleague" Necros seems to be questioning Heinrich's motives and strategies more than usual recently. 'If he wants to challenge me, then he will be killed like the rest of them!' he thought as he looked at his fellow necromancer with hatred.

    Heinrich's army continued to march in the mystical lands of Ulthuan. "I hope you find what you are looking for, master. Nontheless, this place kreeps me out," the wight lord hissed to Heinrich. The Master Necromancer heard of a powerful item in Ulthuan that could help in the recovery of awakening the Great Necromancer, Nagash. As soon as he finishes that sentence, a horn sounds. "It looks like we have company," states the necromancer.

    "Foul undead!" shouted the High Loremaster Teclis, "Prepare to rest eternally by Ulthuan's might!" As he finished his declaration, his army cheered, pounding their shields with their spears. "Now this gets interesting!" shouted the Master Necromancer. Thus, the battle begins.

    I am using a normal VC army list, and my brother/opponent is playing High Elves.

    High Elves
    Teclis 630pts.

    Everqueen 515 pts.

    Commander 139 pts.
    BSB w/ Banner of Arcane Protection

    Spearmen: 28 338 pts.

    Spearmen: 24 319 pts.
    FC w/ Lion Standard

    Spearmen : 24 282pts.
    Musician, Champion

    Silver Helms: 8 191 pts.
    shields, heavy armor, and Musician

    Handmaidens: 24 580 pts.
    Total: 2994

    Heinrich Kemmler 450 pts.

    Necros: Master Necromancer 320 pts.
    Power Familiar, 2 Dispel Scrolls, and lvl 4

    Krell 215 pts.

    Johan von Carstein: Thrall 148 pts.
    Walking Death, Talisman of Protection, heavy armor, shield, and barded Nightmare

    Wraith 140 pts.
    Cursed Book

    Skeletons: 30 325 pts.
    light armor and FC

    Skeletons: 30 325 pts.
    light armor and FC

    Ghouls: 10 80 pts.

    Ghouls: 10 80 pts.

    Grave Guard: 24 387 pts.
    shields and FC w/ Banner of the Barrows

    Grave Guard: 20 315 pts.
    shields and FC w/ Banner of the Dead Legion

    Black Knights: 5 215 pts.
    barding and FC w/ Banner of Doom
    Total: 3000 pts.

    Deployment (from left to right)
    High Elves:
    8 Silver Helms, 24 Spear elves (no magic standard, on hill), Teclis (on hill), 24 Handmadiens (with Everqueen on hill), 28 Spear elves (with battle standard), and 24 spear elves (with Lion Standard)

    10 Ghouls (behind forests), 10 Ghouls (partially in forest), 30 Skellies, 20 GG (Necros right behind them), Black Knights (joined by Thrall, Kemmler behind them), 24 GG (joined by Krell), and 30 Skellies.

    Turn 1
    High Elves go first. He moves his SH left diagonally 4" and then wheels them to face the ghouls. He then moves his spear-elves on the far right forward 6".

    Magic Phase: He first cast Vaul's Unmaking. It got Irresistable Force and he got rid of the Staff of the Lichemaster (hopefully this isn't going to foretell how the battle will end)!

    Shooting Phase: The Handmaidens are positioned on the hill to where 3 ranks are able to fire, 1 off the hill and 2 on the hill. The Everqueen gives the Handmaidens the Boon of Isha allowing better Hit results. They all target the Black Knights causing 0 unsaved wounds.

    Turn 1 VC
    Movement Phase: I march all troops forward to get to the enemy as quickly as possible. The Wraith moves with the battle line.

    Magic Phase: Lichemaster tried to use Level 3 IoN, but Teclis used the Scroll of Hoeth. Both of our rolls tied, so we agreed that I get to keep the spell. Used it again and got a miscast. Rolled a 7 and was safe. Necros use lvl 2 IoN on the skellies and worked. Opponent failed to dispel and I recover 6 skellies, making the unit size 20.

    Shooting: Yeah, right.
    High Elf Turn 2:
    He charges my wraith with his spear-elves with the Lion Standard. That was it.

    Magic: Teclis cast Vaul's Unmaking with IF again! Got rid of Krell's Crown of the Damned. Then he cast Flames of the Phoenix, but I dispelled it. Then he cast Fury of Khaine, but again, I successfully dispel it. He then tried to cast Flames of the Phoenix with Everqueen's staff, but I use a DS. Flames of the Phoenix was still in effect on my skellies. Caused 14 wounds!

    Shooting: He shot at my Black Knights again, but failed to cause a wound.

    Close Combat: Wraith failed to cause any wounds, so he died due to CR. Unit overran into my exhausted unit of skellies.

    VC Turn 2:
    Movement: I wheeled Krells Grave Guard unit to be in position for a flank charge against the annoying spearelves. I march everyone else as fast as I can towards the enemy and I position my ghouls farther up than my other skellie unit.

    Magic Phase: Necros casts lvl 3 IoN on the hurt skelleton unit. The spell is successfully cast with a poor dispell attempt by my opponent. I regain 10 skelletons. I cast lvl 3 IoN again with Heinrich. It is cast with Irresistable Force but I only manage to regain 6 skeletons. I then have Heinrich cast Gaze of Nagash on the BSB unit with his Power Stone. It is a miscast and I roll a 5 on the miscast chart. I then use my last 3 dice to try and dispell the flames of the pheonix spell that is on the skelleton unit, but I do not succeed.

    Close Combat Phase: My opponents spearmen unit had only 8 men available to hit since the units were stacked up in an odd way, but I ended up causing no wounds and losing combat by 2.

    High Elf Turn 3
    Movement: No movement.

    Magic: Teclis uses the power of the staff to gain one more power die and casts FotP on my 25 GG unit, but I successfully dispelled it. Then, he casts the dreaded Vaul's Unmaking on my BK unit. He got a 14, but I failed to dispel. He got rid of my Banner of Doom. Then, he got a miscast trying to cast Fury of Khaine, but rolled a 7. His Everqueen used her staff to cast Curse of Arrow Attraction on my BK unit and I let it through. Then I use my last DS to get rid of the Flames of the Phoenix on my unit of skellies.

    Shooting: Fires at my BK unit, causing 6 wounds! I fail 2 of them. Good thing I don't have to take a test. hehe.

    Combat: He had 18 attacks, but only cause 3 wounds. I fail 2 of them. I attack back with 5 attacks. Only one caused a wound, and he saved successfully. I lost by 4, but I still have my unit.

    VC Turn 3:
    Movement: I charge his spear-elves with my 25 GG and Krell! Finally he gets to see some action! My opponent passes his panic test and stays in combat. I move my other Grave guard unit up about 4 inches to prepare for next turns charge. My Knights stay in place, my other skelleton unit stays in place, a unit of ghouls stay in place and my other unit of ghouls marches straight towards Teclis.

    Magic: Heinrich casts lvl 3 IoN to create a new unit of Zombies in front of the Handmaidens. It is successfully cast and not dispelled. 8 Zombies appeared. I attempted to create another unit in front of his spearmen unit but i was unable to summon enough zombies to create a unit ( :'( ).

    Combat: Krell only cause 1 wound by Killing Blow. Wights cause 2 wounds. He only cause 2 wounds on my skellies, so he lost the combat by 5. He failed his panic test, and I ran him down!

    High Elf Turn 4
    Movement: No movement yet again.

    Magic: Teclis tried to cast FoK, but I dispelled it successfully. The he tried to do Flames of the Phoenix but got a miscast and rolled a 7. Then the Everqueen cast FoK but I dispelled again. The Everqueen is using her staff to cast FoK on my ghoul unit and I can do nothing to stop it. She caused 6 wounds, but I pass my panic test by 1!

    Shooting: He targets the remaining ghouls with some of his madiens, but only caused 2 wounds and I pass yet again. He targets my BK unit with the remainder of his archers, but only caused one wound.

    VC Turn 4:
    Movement: I charge up the wazzu! I charge with my ghouls at Teclis. My zombies and unit of 20 GG on his Handmadien unit, and my BK charge his spear-elf unit. I only reform my unit of GG with Krell and my skellie unit. We decided that the units are so close together to consider the whole combat as one combat. I move my ghouls closer to the huge combat that is about to insue. I also moved Kemmler near one forest, but not in and did the same for Necros to another forest.

    Magic: I had a pretty good magic phase. Necros casted Hellish Vigour on the zombie unit, and my opponent failed to dispel. Heinrich then casted Gaze of Nagash on his unengaged spear-elf unit, which I finally got an irresistable! I caused only 2 wounds, however. He tried it again, but my opponent dispelled it successfully.

    Combat: It would take too long to tell you how the battle went, so I will tell you the results. I lost by 2. My BK unit is gone, and I only have one zombie left. Teclis killed off the ghouls, not before taking a wound from a poisoned attack.

    High Elves Turn 5
    Movement: moves his SH closer to the skellies that hadn't move so as to not give me another board side for VP.

    Magic:Casts FoK on Heinrich and kills him! needless to say, the battle was over right there.

    End Result: He lost 434 points while I lost 1,820........ solid victory for the elves.
    I did horrible in my deployment and could have done better with Heinrich, but overall still a close battle til the final round (where I lost almost everything ).

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