2000 points of dwarves vs. 2500(!?) of O&G

well this one a weird one. Unable to remember all the details I should be able to give a brief summery of each turn. The whole points difference occurred when we both got confused about the points total, I thought it was 2000 and he thought it was 2500.


Dwarf lord with 18 hammerers
Runesmith with 19 warriors
20 dwarf warriors
BSB with 19 longbeards ( master rune of grimnir)
20 thunderers (2 units)
stone thrower
organ gun

Great shaman
Night gobbo shaman
Orc shaman
39 night gobbos
40 night gobbos
35 orc boyz (2 HWs) (3 fanatics)
35 orc boyz (2 HWs) (3 fanatics)
34 biguns spears, banner of butchery
10 boar boyz
1 rock lobber
4 spear chukkas
2 doom divers.

Not realising the difference we just played on. He knew I played an elitist dawi army and I knew that gobbo warmachines were pretty damn cheep so thought nothing of it.

The deployment was as you could guess. All our warmachines on high ground with our troops in front and a nice open space between us. I placed one unit of thunderers with my bolter and stoner on the hill while my other unit and my organ gun were on my right hand flank (single rank with OG on the end).

Well I could give a turn by turn play over but in all honesty its not exactly exciting all game. So ill do highlights!

Early game highlights…

Having no choice as I was out gunned I made my way across the board taking heavy casualties on my hammerers the others were saved by my rune of grimnir which kept damage from the bolt throwers fairly low. The great shaman miscast and rolled a 2

mid game highlights

after having 6 fanatics get in between my units I powered onwards to try and get past them all. The hammerers were reduced to my lord and the command before I got past the fanatics and the barrage of fire from the gobbo gun line. The charges eventually started with my lord and remaining bodyguard reaching the boar boyz. The 39 strong gobbo unit charged my first warrior unit and the biguns charged into my longbeards and second warrior (yep that big a frontage). The combat eventually progressed until my first warrior unit were fighting all 80 of the goblins while my longbeards smashed through the enemy lines chasing down the biguns. The normal shaman blew himself up.

End game highlights

The dwarf lord and remaining hammerers managed to destroy the entire boar boyz unit. The second unit of orcs were defeated by the second warrior unit and the dwarves fighting the gobbos won the combat thanks to a flanking move from the longbeards.

I won with a massacre all of the enemy combat units were destroyed/under half strength and the game ended before I could push towards his gun line.

Best performing unit: warrior unit 1, left with 15 dwarves after the enemy fanatics a barrage they managed to hold 80 goblins for 3 turns before the longbeards arrived to save them.

Poor performer: bolt thrower, it constantly only killed one orc before failing to wound.

Rune of the match: master rune of grungni , saved my longbeards and warriors from taking too many losses and giving them enough numbers to win the combat.