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    2000 points Ogres vs. Dwarves (LO/#Fun Meet 2006)

    The Stonechewer Ogre clan stamped onward across the barren hills towards their distant goal. The Dwarf army they had met and annihilated three nights previously had been good sport, and the best part had been that their short legs had meant that the routing Dwarves had not been able to run away fast enough. The feast of tough but flavoursome Dwarf meat that night had more than made up for the wounds and casualties. But Ogre Bulls had few higher aspirations than to die eating well, and the effort required to convert the tiny tough little warriors in their hard metal shells into a fresh meat smorgesbord was the clans favourite way of whetting their titanic appetites…

    Now their Gnoblar scouts had scurried back from in front of the Ogres line of advance, bringing news of a larger Dwarf army ahead arrayed as if for a major battle.

    Garfus Stonechewer, the Bruiser in charge of this clan knew instinctively that he would not be able to prevent his Bulls from demanding a fight with the new Dwarves. He knew not the word ‘impetuous’ but his small cunning brain understood only too well that his Bulls were mad keen to get stuck in, and achieve another crashing victory, earning some more Dawi-flavoured victuals in the process. Following the instinct of countless generals throughout the ages, he made a virtue out of necessity and began issuing simple orders to the various groups of Ogre warriors already swaying and stamping with blood lust…
    This is a Battle Report of the battle that Arklite and myself fought at the 2006 LO/#Warhammerfun Meetup at Games Workshop Headquarters, Nottingham, UK.

    We both chat (and play online games such as Dawn of War, Deus Ex, Mechwarrior) on our IRC channel, and had long been goading each other with tales of our Fantasy Armies prowess. There was also the tantalising episode at the same Meetup last year, where we started a battle late in the afternoon but were caught out by the closing of the games room. That was just at the point where my Ogres Ironguts, led by my Bruiser, had broken his Ironbreakers…

    So, another battle was obviously going to happen this year, and I was fairly confident that my Ogres could hold their own against a Dwarf force. In fact, in a practice 1800 point battle at my local GW Store a few days previously, I had massacred the Dwarf army of a veteran player, so I had few doubts left.

    Arklite speaketh: ... Well, having spent God knows how long goading and challenging Peter about this game I better not mess up. I've only played oggies once or twice so don't know what to expect other than high speed and many wounds....

    Having arranged some of the classy terrain pieces to make a fairly open battlefield, we threw for table sides. My first bit of luck was gaining the choice, and I duly chose the side with a whopping big hill in the centre of it – just to deny Arklites Dwarves the opportunity to pour down something more penetrating than scorn towards us.

    Arklite speaketh: Things didn't start too well. I was unable to get that oh so pretty hill and had to make do with a pretty flat table. Well better make what I can of it.

    We deployed, and then threw for who got first turn. Again, the gods smiled on the large grey shambling ones, and I got first turn. Well, as Arklite had spent about one quarter of his 2000 points on range weapons, the less time I spent being peppered by Dwarf artillery as we stamped across the no-Ogres-land between our lines, the better my boys and I would like it.

    "Right my weee men your gonnha get these oggies leggin it or no beer tonight..."

    Here we see Arklite giving his Dawi a pep-talk just before they deploy (I spent this time modifying some small cubes of coloured plastic so that they rolled a little more predictably. I have an aversion to too much randomness).

    This is the starting deployment.

    My initial plan is to storm his artillery park on my right flank with my fast swift Yhetties, that not only ignore difficult terrain, but they move a couple of inches faster than standard Ogres to boot.

    The Gnoblars are placed close to my Bruisers Ironguts regiment, to take advantage of his leadership if necessary. They MIGHT be used later on to draw his greenskin-hatin’ Stunties out of their white-supremecist line and into my Ogres clutches. That’s if they get to his line intact and in time that is.

    The Leadbelchers are tasked to harass, and hopefully blitz his range weapon-armed infantry, and also exploit melees by getting stuck in. The two small groups of Bulls are also there to worry the flanks of anything that gets pulled out of his lines.

    The majority of slaying is to be done by my two regiments of Ironguts, and my Bruiser General has a nasty surprise for low initiative Dwarf generals…the Siegebreaker (of which more later). The Butcher in the other regiment of Ironguts has a Bangstick (magic missile) and a device to reduce the damage done to himself of certain powerful augmentation spells.

    Arklite speaketh: With so many high speed and rock hard units I had to make sure I was fighting these ogres head on and so set up in a refused flank formation with my 2 war machines hidden in that rough terrain to avoid charges (that didn't work as I planned though). The rest of the battle line was just a solid combat wall with my shooting units in support. I wasn't moving as I needed as long as possible out of combat to make my shooting count.

    Ogre – Turn One

    Everything moves forward, at march pace. The Yhetties close particularly fast on the artillery in the difficult terrain on his left flank. They should be able to charge next turn.

    My Gutmagic consists of firing my Butchers Bangstick at the Dwarven Gyroplane…and smashing it down to its last wound! Then he gets a Toothcracker off to augment the Bruisers Ironguts regiment, causing them to become Stubborn and enhancing their combat resilience – but at the cost of a wound to the Butcher.

    The Ogre shooting – the Leadbelchers on my right flank are about in range of the Dwarven Thunderers, and as they have a lot of ranged weaponry pointed back at them, they decide to use their cannons while they are still alive enough to laugh at the mess. One gets two kills on the Thunderers, the other misfires and causes two wounds against his own unit. Ho Hum.

    Dwarf – Turn One

    The Gyroplane moves just behind the wounded Leadbelchers unit, thus denying several of my units a march move next turn, including the Butcher-led Ironguts.

    He fires his cannon towards my Slavegiant, and the bouncing shot takes half his wound total away. The Organ Gun is fired towards the approaching Bulls, rather than the Yhetties, and blows two of them away and causes the remaining two to rout.

    Arklite speaketh: Well... at this point my thunderers were going to get charged. and I'd much rather have them charged by leadbelchers than bulls. The gyro should make some nice march blocking and I'm sure I can leave those yhetti for a turn... not like they can move though terrain without loosing speed or the likes...... :huh:

    Turn Two

    Garfus and his regiment of Ironguts are steaming now, as they clank, grunt and rattle towards the ranks of brightly coloured small figures that represent all the Ogres hate, food that fights back. The ground trembles under the onslaught of their pounding iron soled boots, and their gaze is sullen and hard. There are cracks and bangs of firearms on their right, and the Dwarven flying machine is stuttering and hopping towards whatever is going on behind the tower over on that side. Garfus spares a little of what passes for his intellect to reflect on the certainty that his Yhettie kin will be taking the fight to the enemy.
    Ogre - Turn Two

    Taking the inevitable casualties from storming towards a gunline, the thing is not to lose nerve. I deliberately made a target rich environment on that flank, so that some small but punchy units would be bound to get through to become a threat to the Dwarf artillery … and the vicious Yhetties were not even fired on.

    The rest of the Ogre line is slowing now, not least because of the Gyroplane taking away the march move capability. However, I will be in contact with some of my units this turn so that should start to cause him some grief…

    The routing Bulls rally and turn to face the Gyrocopter.

    My Gorger fails to arrive.

    Ogre movement – the Yhetties declare a charge against the Organ Gun, and the Leadbelchers on my right Flank charge the Thunderers.

    Everything else barges forward towards the Dwarves as best they can. The Gnoblars nearest the Gyroplane pivot and move close enough to sling some scrap at it.

    All attempts to cast Ogre Gutmagic fail or are dispelled this turn.

    The Gnobs sling their scrap (a large portion of which is Dwarven detritus from a few nights previously), but although the fragile Dwarven aircraft sustains several hits, nothing vital is damaged.

    On the left flank, the Ogre Leadbelchers are on the cusp of their shooting range against the Quarrellers, so they let fly. Four Quarrellers are eviscerated by the blizzard of metal scrap, and the rest of the unit turn tail and flee as fast as their stumpy little legs will carry them.

    On the other flank, the Thunderers elect to stand and shoot against the Leadbelchers storming towards them. The single wound caused takes one of the Ogres down, since he was already wounded by a misfire in the previous turn. However, no Bull charge casualties are caused by the single Leadbelcher impacting the rank of Thunderers, and that combat is left for the moment with both sides locked in combat.

    The Yhetties dispatch the entire Organ Gun crew with extreme prejudice and overrun into the Cannon Crew. It doesn’t get much better than that, Moriarity.

    Dwarf – Turn Two

    The regiment of 25 Dwarf Warriors nearest the Yhetties pivot to face them.

    No shooting takes place, as the Dwarf shooters are all either dying, scrapping or legging it.

    The plucky (or just plain stupid) Leadbelcher causes a fatal wound on a hapless Thunderer, and the combat continues.

    The Yhetties smear the Cannon crew without even thinking about it, but now their crazed advance comes to a halt -just in front of the Dwarf Warriors who had turned to face them.

    Arklite speaketh: So much for that cover slowing the yhetti! Well my warmachines are as good as gone now. Best I can do is re-direct some warriors and stop a flanking move...

    Turn Three

    The assault on the right flank is going well, my cuddly wuddly Yhetties have pwn’d his artillery and convinced his regular Warriors to pivot to face them. Going to have to decide whether to attack the Warriors (as the Yhetties have certainly already accounted for their own cost in enemy casualties) or what. Hopefully this turn his remaining Thunderers will be creamed by my Slavegiants charge, and the remaining Leadbelcher, leaving his Warriors facing extreme nastiness on two flanks. Elsewhere, his ranged weapons are still in turmoil and in theory I can manoeuvre my Ironguts into a good Bull Charge situation.

    Overheard from Arklite’s side of the table: At this stage, I’m just trying to last another turn without getting killed too much…
    Ogre – Turn Three

    The Slavegiant charges the Thunderers, and the Yhetties charge the Dwarf Warriors – mainly to avoid being charged themselves.

    Everything else that can, lurches forward into a likely charge range for the next turn.

    The Butcher casts a Gutmagic spell on his own unit to enhance their strength and the impact of their bull charge.

    The Gnoblars sidle a little closer to the Gyroplane and throw some more scrap at it, but again nothing vital is damaged.

    The Yhetties deal death to a duo of doughty dwarfies – and receive not a scratch in return. So it’s pretty amazing when they turn tail and vamoose – the Dwarves desperately trying to pursue far enough to get out of the Slavegiants personal space. They make seven inches to the Yhetties eleven.

    The Slavegiant randomly decides to flail with his best chain, mashing two Thunderers. The rest run in panic. The Giant manages to overcome his instinct to pursue, however the lone Leadbelcher also fighting the Dwarven hotshots pursues a short distance.

    Dwarf – Turn Three

    The Thunderers rally.

    The Warriors who had just had the Yhetties bounce off them, charge the Bulls that were following up behind the Yhetties. The Bulls strike with 16 attacks, but get no hits! They break and run, again following the Yhetties, but this time towards the edge of the battlefield.

    The Longbeards charge the Slavegiant. The Giant is now brought to one wound away from a fatal death, but he reaches down to grab the Thane and throws him back into the Longbeards, causing a casualty to the Beardoes and a nasty wound on the Thane.

    The Ironbreakers perform a march move to get closer to the approaching Ironguts, to negate their Bull Charge bonus hits next turn.

    The Quarellers return fire at the Leadbelchers, and take one down.

    Arklite speaketh: Jahha! The counter attack begins! I've managed to get Aun fighting what I want and where I want it. Not to mention breaking those yhetti and ogres on my left....

    Turn Four
    The Ogres still have everything to play for – the Dwarf Regular Warriors in my right flank are chasing the Yhetties and some Bulls away from the rest of the Dwarf army…and are now nicely lined up for a flank charge by my two other Bulls.
    On the Ogres left flank, my prime Ironguts regiment (lead by my Bruiser General) is about to charge the Ironbreakers with the close support of my other Ironguts regiment.

    Og, Og, Og my proud beauties, and may the Maw take the hindmost!
    Ogre – Turn Four

    Neither the Yhetties or the Bulls rally and both move off the edge of the battlefield. Both units are still at full strength, irritatingly.

    The two Bulls slam into the side of the Regular Warriors shuffling in pursuit of the Yhetties. They deliver one wound, and receive none in return, thus allowing the conflict to continue next turn.

    The Bruiser-led Ironguts crash into the Ironbreakers in front of them, and my Bruiser weilds his trusty (and fairly rusty) Siegebreaker great weapon. He takes a mighty overarm swing at the Runesmith, and the impact of the giant obsidian weapon pushes the Runesmith’s pulped head into his own chainmail battle-boxer-shorts. Apart from this, the sides in the melee exchange one wound on each side, and the melee is set to continue.

    The closest Gnoblars charge into the Gyroplane, and against all the odds, deliver the final blow that causes it to disintegrate! The pilot expires from sheer surprise.

    The other Gnoblars move towards the Ironbreakers.

    The Dwarves deploy two dispel scrolls, to remove the Strength enhancing, and Stubborn Gutmagic on my two Ironguts regiments, but my Butcher swiftly casts the Stubborn spell on his own unit this time, which will be a major boon in the turns to come.

    The Butcher-led Ironguts manage to get a Bull-charge against the Longbeards, who are still side-facing against the Slavegiant. They stamp one to death and decapitate another two in the ensuing melee. The Slavegiant is untouched by the wildly swinging axes near his ankles, but his yelling and bawling has no visible effect on the Dwarves – who are no doubt immune to halitosis.

    The Ogre Leadbelcher attacking the Dwarven Longbeards gets killed for his troubles. The other remaining Leadbelcher, attacking the Quarellers draws his fight but stays in the fray.

    Dwarf – Turn Four

    The ‘decently painted’ (Arklites’ words, not mine) Warriors wheel to charge the Butchers Ironguts in the flank.

    The two Bulls attacking the other Warriors regiment (so I guess these were indecently painted then, Karl?) bounce off, flee and get overrun.

    The solitary Leadbelcher fighting the five Quarellers sustains two wounds, flees from combat and is overrun.

    The Ironbreakers get the drop on the Bruisers Ironguts this time, and hack the legs from under two of them. The remaining four make a tactical withdrawl at full speed in reverse gear. The Dwarves manage to pursue about at about a sixth of the Ogres speed.

    The Warriors and Longbeards between them cannot inflict a single wound on the Slavegiant or the Butchers Ironguts regiment. In response, the Ironguts kill three Longbeards and a Warrior. The Slavegiant gives yelling and bawling another go. The Dwarves are only saved from ignominious rout by the Battle Standard in the Longbeards ranks.

    Ogre - Turn Five

    The Bruisers Ironguts rally.

    At last the Gorger lopes onto the battlefield, on the Dwarven edge behind the Ironbreakers.

    The Gnoblars charge chittering into the depleted Quarellers. The Gnoblars lose one wound, but by virtue of their outnumbering and their rank bonus they force the Dwarven crossbowmen to run…and then have the fun of catching them and dispatching them.

    Meanwhile, back at the big slugfest: the combined efforts of the dwarves again cannot muster a single wound on either the Slavegiant or the Butchers Ironguts. The Giant flails with his chain this time and dispatches three Longbeards to stunty heaven. The Ironguts proceed to inflict one wound on the Warriors, and five wounds on the Longbeards…

    Dwarf – Turn Five

    On the Ogres right flank, the Warriors pivot.

    The Dwarven Ironbreakers move at a goodly pace towards the Bruisers Ironguts, but can they outpace the slavering Gorger coming up behind them? (Of course they can’t.)

    The Slavegiant flails again, killing another of the few remaining Longbeards, but in doing so his vitals come within range of the Thanes slash, and down, down, down the massive figure topples, not unfortunately falling on anything dwarf shaped.

    The Butchers Ironguts cream another Regular Warrior and another Longbeard, but they have finally had enough and they break to stretch their legs and run a short distance away.

    Arklite speaketh: well it was either A: get hit from behind with a gorger and get charged by those ironguts.... or B: negate the bull charge of said ironguts and hope the ironbreakers can hold for one more turn...... I decided to go with the safer option forgetting that a unit of gnoblars were hiding nearby...

    Ogre – Turn Six

    The Butchers Ironguts are still running.

    The Gorger, a band of Gnoblars and the Bruiser’s Ironguts all charge the Ironbreakers. The Gorger and Gnoblars achieve no kills, but the Bruiser (armed with Siegebreaker) blats three of the vertically-challenged warriors, and his Ironguts remove another three. The Ironbreakers break (damn I enjoyed typing that) and flee. I dispatch the Gnoblars to catch them…and then suddenly there were no more Ironbreakers.

    We called it a day at this point, as no Dwarf units could actually reach any Ogre units to damage them.

    At the end reckoning, we decided that the Dwarves had killed or driven off 1415 points of Ogre, against the Ogres accounting for 1280 points of Dwarf. However, the Ogres had also taken the Dwarf General, one more Standard than the Dwarves, as well as occupying one uncontested table quarter. So it was a draw, with the Ogres ending a few points ahead of their midget foes.

    An excellent battle against a valiant, noble and even tolerant foe. I learned much, and not just about the sporadic output of the Game Workshops kitchens when you place an order at five minutes to two on a Saturday.

    Karl, our forces will meet again!

    Arklite speaketh: That indeed they shall... over all it was a damn good game with most of the mistakes made due to a lack of understanding of each others armies (DAMN YHETTI!) I was quite happy with the result and look forwards to next years game...

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    Great report Aun!.. I was hoping you'd pummel the little buggers into the dirt though ..
    Still a pretty good result against dwarves though. I was surprised to see only 2 seige weapons in a 2000pt army though. Kudos to Arklite for that.

    I'd like to know what his little "pep-talk" consited of, haha! I'd surrender from uncontrollable laughing if my opponent did that
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    just threw little bits of my comments into the bat rep... seemingly peter was reading my tactics and plans so perfectly i barely had to say anything very well written peter very well written

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    Great battle report well done... I personally expected the Dwarfs to win though, they're tough enough to withstand the ogres - Love to see some more battle reports as good as this!
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