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    2250 WEs versus Nurgle - LONG!

    Today I locked blades with one of my weekly enemies, Todd. He surprised me with his demon army. I was expecting Tomb Kings, which he's thinking of taking to a tourney.

    Todd's a smart general who's played Warhammer fantasy just about as long as it's existed, and from experience I knew that his Nurgle army was tough. I've faced the army many times, but bested it just twice, once with Wood Elves and once with Vampire Counts.

    He fields this:
    Papa Nurgle
    Some lesser demon

    20 plague bearers
    16 or so plague bearers
    2 x 3 plague riders
    1 swarm of four bases
    1 swarm of two bases

    It's a really small list that has a true ward save, a banner for rerolling something, and that blasted greater demon, which I've killed just once.

    I ran this:
    Treeman ancient with four different spites
    Spellsinger, lvl 2, scroll, calaignor's stave
    Spellsinger, lvl 2, spite which does nothing to demons
    Wild Rider noble, dawnspear

    8 dryads
    8 dryads
    2 x 10 archers
    1 x 6 glade riders, mus
    1 x 7 wild riders
    3 warhawk riders
    9 wardancers, mus, champ

    He loaded my right flank, and his deployment looked like this...
    swarms....20 bearers...GUO...12 bearers....riders...swarms

    I loaded my left flank, which looked like this...
    ...dryads...wardancers...archers...archers...dryads...glade riders...
    ....treeman..treeman........................hawks.....................wild riders

    My strategy was to marchblock his plague riders, eliminating them from the battle as much as possible, and take out the swarms and infantry blocks for VPs. The terrain favored me with three tree stands on the field. With three bound treesingings and a caster with six power dice to cast and recast (gotta love that staff) treesinging all she wanted, I hoped to reshape the battlefield early.

    Todd won the roll for first move and decided to let me start. I don't know why he did this as I hate taking a round of shooting from the enemy before I've even had a chance to move. Plus, that let me start using treesinging to my advantage.

    The left-most dryads ducked into the woods just outside their deployment zone, and the wardancers stayed just behind that same stand of trees. Both units of archers moved up, fired, and got a few lucky kills thanks to the first ward saves that Todd would fail for the night. The dryads to my right extended the flank out further, and both fast cav units booked it to bait his swarms and riders. The treemen moved up and left, threatening the swarms and larger unit of plaguebearers. The warhawks moved out to wait behind a forest to the right.

    The treemen and spellsingers uprooted the woods containing the dryads and shuttled it straight ahead eight inches.

    Todd's larger unit of bearers moved to one side of the tree, my left, and the smaller one moved to the right of it. Papa Nurgle stuck with the larger unit and the swarms moved out to protect the flanks. One unit of riders barrelled straight ahead and the other one turned to face the wild riders. His magic was ineffective.

    The first unit of dryads found themselves much closer to the enemy than originally planned, so they moved out to the left, setting up a flank charge with the treemen, which moved towards the newly created lane. The second unit of dryads found the flank of the plague bearers exposed and pounced. I knew it would take some luck to kill a plaguerider with the four dryads that'd come into contact, but I was feeling reckless.

    The wardancers moved straight towards the relocated trees so that they could go either left or right as the situation demanded. The warhawk riders plopped down right behind his main units, forcing Todd to reconsider what to do with his swarms. Meanwhile, the glade riders perched themselves on a hill, to knock off a single plague bearer, and the wild riders moved on to the far flank of his second unit of plague riders.

    The archers to my left really let loose and his smaller unit of bearers failed most of their ward saves. The other unit of archers got off a round of shooting and tagged a couple more kills thanks to his perpetual failings at ward saves. But this would be the last of their heroics...their fate was sealed. The hawks and the glade riders also got lucky rolling for wounds and slipping past ward saves.

    The spellsingers and treemen shoved the tree stand directly in front of his GUO and two units. This would effectively split his forces, and divert his greater demon. I also cast a regeneration spell on the dryads that'd attacked the plague riders, and they held for a round but failed to inflict much damage.

    Todd reacted by moving his swarm to plug the gap where the treemen loomed. His GUO rerouted to my right, along with the smaller unit of bearers. The larger unit moved back two inches, creating some space behind the swarms, bracing for a possible overrun or countercharge.

    The unengaged unit of riders repositioned so that both fast cav units were in his front arc.

    His other swarm charged my warhawk riders who chose to flee, safely landing out of the swarm's reach.

    His GUO barfed up some nurgle chunks on my wardancers and killed a couple. Then it failed to cast pestilence and I dispelled the other attempt.

    This time his riders blobbed my dryads who booked it. They redirected into my glade guard who gulped just once as they drew their wee daggers.

    Both treemen and the wardancers jumped on the swarm, four bases worth of the little scoundrels. Even the swarms had ward saves! The non-fleeing dryads moved out of the bearers' charge arc and sat out the swarm combat.

    The one unit of archers that could shoot knocked off another bearer from the smaller unit. The glade riders stupidly forgot to shoot (I was up way too late last night) and both fleeing units rallied. The wild riders continued to dance around the plague riders, threatening a rear charge.

    The spellsingers focused their energies on fury of the forest which actually tagged the GUO with a wound and cast regeneration on the archers engaged with the riders.

    The wardancers whiffed on combat, considering the thirteen attacks they had. Still they rolled much better to wound, and guess what? Todd failed more ward saves. The treeman ancient had a spite that provided another kill, and the ancient himself added some wounds, as did the other one. 11 wounds later and none done in return, the nurglings popped through an extra-dimensional void and were sucked back into the realm of rot and stink.

    None of my units overran, as his bearers would have to attempt a charge through the trees to reach them.

    Remarkably, the glade guard held their ground (thank you, Ariel, for your regenerative blessing) and even scored a wound. They would fight one more round.

    Todd backed up his larger unit of bearers a bit more, delaying the fight and using a ruins terrain piece to protect the flank where the dryads lingered.

    The GUO moved around to puke another stream of nurgle chunks on my wardancers but wouldn't get a single wound. This time his plague riders chewed through the archers, breaking them and running them down, but landed just next to my rallied dryads.

    I moved one treeman into the woods and the other one filled the space left by the swarms. The dryads set up their flank charge on the larger unit. There was no way he was going to avoid being hit from the side, ruined terrain or not.

    The wardancers moved past the GUO and towards the smaller bearer unit. The warhawks marchblocked the still shuffling bearer units, as well as the GUO. Their shooting did nothing, but the glade riders picked off another bearer. The remaining archers wheeled towards the greater demon and actually managed a wound.

    The rallied dryads learned from their mistake and ignored the plague riders that had just eaten their Asrai friends, moving towards the smaller unit of infantry.

    All the fast cav continued to harry his free unit of riders, moving outside the swarm's range as well. Eventually, I would do something stupid with both fast cav units, but at this point, I was achieveing my objective of nullifying his plague riders. One unit had run within ten inches of my table edge by eating archers, and the other one kept repositioning in a vain attempt to keep the cav units in his front arc. I don't know why Todd was so defensively minded--wild riders hit pretty hard, but even with their impressive array of saves, they are frail and easily wounded.

    Here, Todd surprised me. His lesser demon charged my regular treeman, the one in the woods. That meant the unit the demon left behind couldn't charge a seperate unit, and my remaining treeman and dryads could pile on, but they'd have to hit in the front, despite my best efforts at navigating those ruins.

    He also goofed by turning but not moving his riders that'd slimed my archers.

    The other swarm moved towards the wardancers and dryads. His GUO barfed again, dropping another dryad.

    My treeman couldn't wound that blasted lesser demon and suffered two wounds in return.

    It was turn five and I needed points. My ancient and dryads piled on the larger unit of bearers, that had incidentally suffered heavy shooting casualties. They traded licks and won combat, but the bearers made their leadership roll.

    His GUO had clipped a forest stand, and I unleashed all the bound treesingings on it, a fury of the forest, and another treesinging. I dropped four wounds after all that effort. Only six more to go!

    The wardancers and rallied dryads jumped on the swarm, which had also suffered a few shooting casualties. They would paste the nurglings and move on to the smaller unit of bearers.

    The archers, joined by one spellsinger, had a chance to shoot at the smaller unit, dropping two more, before the wardancers and dryads overran into it.

    The warhawk riders waited for a last turn gamble, which would pay off soon. The glade riders and wild riders moved so that the riders could not avoid being hit in the rear by one of the two units.

    His lesser demon whacked two more chunks out of my treeman, but suffered two in return. I made a stubborn test, even at -1 ld due to one of his spells.

    In Todd's turn, I won combat with my ancient and dryads, but his bearers held again.

    The treeman and lesser demon pushed combat. His smaller bearer unit took hard casualties but held its ground.

    The GUO chunked on my spellsinger hidden in the archer unit. She failed her look out roll but he failed to wound!

    Once again, his free rider unit moved and the other one advanced but was still out of range to threaten anything.

    Time to go for the kill! The game looked like a draw, despite my good luck so far. The warhawks charged the rear of the smaller bearer unit, adding a rear bonus that would send the unit to the nether regions.

    And here's where I did something dumb. Now mind you, I knew it was dumb, but like I said earlier, I was feeling reckless. My glade riders charged the rear of that rider unit, and the wild riders charged the front. The GRs could've charged the large unit of bearers, adding a flank bonus and almost certain death now that the bearers hardly had any models left.

    Consequently, the glade riders would auto-flee the combat, and the wild riders would roll a 10 for their break test. The wild ones fled off the board, and the glade riders ran towards my table edge.

    My treeman polished off his lesser demon, thanks to a handy regeneration spell from the one spellsinger.

    The other spellsinger couldn't get the one more wound needed to drop that greater demon below half-wounds, despite getting her spell off.

    Until this point, he'd managed very few kills, and I just handed over around three hundred points. But hey, not guts, no glory.

    Todd's remaining unit of bearers would survive with just one model. Both units of riders escaped unscathed as they usually do, and all the swarms were gone.

    But here's what tipped the match. His GUO miscast and rolled a four, so I was allowed a free casting and I took fury of the forest. There it was...the magical 6th wound that dropped his demon below half and gave me 300 points.

    The game ended with a minor victory for the wood elves.

    Like I said, his army is really tough to hit with its cloud of flies and high toughness. Luck favored me as he failed many ward saves and had sub-par results in the magic phase.

    Still, I achieved my objectives of dividing his forces before conquering them, and all the components of my wood elf army were functioning as they were meant to function. And next time, I won't play so recklessly.

    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    Great report David.

    I'm never really sure about the woodies. I hate playing against them but i always feel that i'd have real trouble using an army with limited rank and file, however you seem to do a pretty good job.

    I guess i'd usually be gunning for the forces of Nurgle (simply because the models are so cool) over woodies, but congrats on the win all the same(Y)



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    99 (x3)

    Thanks for the report, it provides me some good insights into WE strategy. We've got one WE player in our club, but he's off on a Chaos kick and we don't see the elves often.

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    Well done DavidVC04, it was a great battle report . Wood Elves are not often very good, but with a great player and a nasty roster, they are deadly. And I think you fulfilled those two requirements David :yes:. I bet it was annoying when you found he'd taken another army than what you'd expected, and that your Spite, especially, would not do anything.
    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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