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    He's right, Dwarfs can be beaten!

    This won't be a full battle report. More of a summary.

    Today one of the dwarf players showed up, and we got busy setting up our armies.

    He had two cannons, an organ cannon, an anvil of doom, a unit of warriors, a unit of longbeards, two units of thunderers, three units of crossbowmen, a slayer, and a BSB.

    I used 10 archers, 10 archers, 8 dryads, 8 dryads, 3 treekin, 9 wardancers, 2 treemen, a branchwraith, an alter highborn, and an alter noble.

    In the first round, he would destroy a treeman with a cannonball, the thunderers, and the organ gun.

    By the third round, things looked ugly for me. He would destroy the 2nd treeman with concentrated shooting. Neither treeman saw combat or got any strangleroot kills. He began picking apart my dryads and in the fourth turn I'd charge the branchwraith and her single dryad companion into some archers and eventually beat them.

    One unit of archers had panicked and things continued going south. But I got my alters into combat with some quarrelers and wounded 8 times at str 6! And the wardancers wiped out the 1st cannon crew. His slayer foolishly charged my treekin but lived past the first round, doing only a single wound. My other unit of dryads, also down to two models, jumped on the slayer and finished him off.

    My treekin were hit in the flank and ran but would rally.

    The alters overran into the BSB's unit, killed them, and overran into more quarrelers and chewed them up. On the last turn, they'd team up with the remnants of both dryad units and destroy the last quarreler unit.

    The treekin would charge the warriors and kill them to a dwarf.

    The alters were the real heroes. Only once did they roll for less than 7 wounds, and they kept hitting flanks.

    In the end, his only unit left was the anvil of doom, which had misfired three times by then, only one of which was rolled on ancient power. I still had both alters, the three treekin, remnants of both dryad units, the branchwraith, and a unit of archers. The wardancers fell to missile fire eventually.

    It was an astonishing come back, especially after he dropped my two treemen so early in the game. One of his problems was that with so many shooting troops wearing light armor, I was able to kill them with forest spirits and alters.

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    Only two CC units seems a bit odd...anyways, it was a nice read even though the beardlings lost.

    Good job

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