2000pt Mega Battle (Legions of Norsca & Evil W Elves Vs. Dwarfs and Loyal W Elves) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pt Mega Battle (Legions of Norsca & Evil W Elves Vs. Dwarfs and Loyal W Elves)

    This was a mega battle that happened at my local Games Workshop in Pleasanton, California. I was playing as the Legions of Norsca, which count as a Khorne Army and was fighting with this kid who had recently finished putting together his WE army, and we were playing aginst an old friend of mine who was playing with his Wood Elves army, and his friend from school who had commadeered the stores Dwarfs army. I can write down my army list, but I dont know to a tack what the others were, so I'l try my best Anyway.
    Legions of Norsca

    Lord- Kurt Sutenvulf (Lord of Khorne)
    Armed with Hellfire Axe(counts as hellfire sword), Helm of many eyes, shield, and mounted on barded chaos steed. Has the mark of Khorne.

    Core- Knights of Norsca (x12 Chosen Knights of Khorne, x1 Champion of Khorne)
    Armed with Hand Weapons and Shields, wearing chaos armour, and riding atop barded steeds. Bear the Mark of Khorne, Bear Marks of the Chosen.

    Core- Last of the Frjaegard (x30 marauders of chaos, x1 standard bearer, x1 cheiftain)
    armed with hand weapons and Shields, wearing light armour. Chieftain had a Two hand Great Axe which was converted from a flail and two axe heads.

    Core- The Butchers of the North (x11 Warriors of Khorne, x1 Champion of Khorne)
    armed with two hand weapons, wearing chaos armour. Bear the mark of Khorne, Bear Marks of the Chosen.

    x2 Rare- Hellcannon

    Evil Wood Elves

    Lord- Waywatcher Lord

    Core- x20 glade guard

    Core- x15 glade guard

    Core- x8 Glade Riders

    special- x6 Tree Kin

    Rare- Treeman

    Rare- x10 way watchers

    Loyal Woods Elves

    Lord- Waywatcher Lord

    Core- x20 glade guard

    Core- x12 glade guard

    Core- x16 Dryads

    Core- x12 Glade Riders

    Rare- Treeman

    Rare- x12 Waywatchers


    Lord- Slayer Lord with Great Weapon

    Hero- Runesmith

    Core- x20 Dwarf Thunderers w/ handguns

    Core- x16 Dwarf Thunderers w/ handguns

    Core- x16 Warriors

    Special- x20 Slayers

    Special- x16 Slayers

    Something- Organ Gun, not sure what category it falls into

    Dogs Of War Giant(not sure if its legal for dwatfs to take it or not, but he was under 2000, so the store guys helped him out a bit)

    Well, sorry the lists took so long. I'm only gonna narate the prolouge and the combats, so dont get mad if I'm not specific with movement and shooting. Also I'm gonna leave out magic, cause nothing happened at all. Ever spell either miscast, blew up in the casters face, or was dispelled. But anyway, onto the story....

    The clouds above began to part leaving a brilliant orb floating in the sky. Kurt lifted his brow to the sun, as if asking it to dim its light a bit. He seemed perturbed by something, as if the slaughter of the outlying villages whilst marching across the bloody northern steppes in chase of the small Imperial army from Middenheim was not enough. Their last encounter with the southern weaklings had ended with the slaying of one of his most favoured champions, the disbanding of 1/4 of their army, and the loss of the whereabouts of a massive mammoth, who was now being tracked through the wastes themselves. He had underestimated the power of the southern wolfships and greatship and now had to pay the price. He lowered his face to their camp at the foot of the hill, and saw that many men were busily sharpening weapons and baring their teeth, obviously making their own pacts and wagers amongst themselves. Their numbers had dwindeled, yet he was not worried. Through this march, he had weeded out the weak and now only the strongest of the Norscan plains remained.
    This sittting and waiting did not appeal to him. Jakob had been gone with their armies much too long, and he did not know what he would have to do with that pathetic sorceror should he not return soon. Also, Raeken had been gone with the scouts much too long. For a small moment he actually wondered if putting a Slaneshei with their great speed in charge had actually been a bad wager. Though he dismissed this. He knew that Raeken was capable, and that he would return soon. He clicked to his steed and mounted him with great skill. Such was the will of the frjaegard.
    Sounds began to eminate through the forest, and he tilted his head to the side in curiosity. Suddenly, out of the forest burst lightfooted men and their steeds, racing from the forest, as if having just seen their ouwn deaths. Elves of the Wood. He rode to the base of the hill as swiftly as he could and halted in front of the mass of men. Raising his axe in the air, he muttered a short prayer to the gods and out of the sword burst a great blue flame. The Elves saw this and halted. Some riding atop horses were flung from their reins into the fresh mud.
    "I am Kurt Sutenvulf, the chosen of the Frjaegard!" He shouted in the Dark Tounge, a language known to many across the world. "We seek the spoils of the south, and the blood of all who shall not kneel to our power! If you seek to stop us from passing through your great wood, then we shall slay you and burn the forest to the ground!" A chuckle passed through the ranks of the Norscans, some shaking their weapons in the direction of the Elves."
    One Elf still seated upon his mount, leapt down and began to stride the width of the clearing, staring malignantly at Kurt. "I am Hangrod Helyanwe, a Way watcher of the Wood. We have been found traitors by those who would wish to cohort themselves with the vile southerners, and the wretched Dwarfs of the great mountains. We are leaving this wood in all haste for a great army of elves and dwarfs alike are making their way through the forest to slay us before we spread the knowledge of their taint. Should you wish to burn this forest, please do so that the lady may bless the seeds of the slain trees and we might regain her grace. But I will not allow you to harm any of my faithful men in your own quest for glory."
    Rumbling could be heard coming from within the forest and the elves turned, renewed fear upon their faces. "How many are there in that forest?" Kurt shouted to the Way Watcher.
    "Almost 200 strong, many great trees and war machines as well."
    "We number but 40-50 men, that leaves us outnumbered by close to 1/4, that is not so bad." A great footfall could be heard, and a shout from the hill reached Kurts ear. He turned and saw that 1 marauder was trying to say something. Suddenly a great Stone fell upon him, and shook the ground around them.
    "Ah yes, and the spiteful Dwarfs have brought a giant to the field." said the way watcher, a grim smile plastered upon his face.
    Kurt turned to the wood with a pleased look upon his face. "Why not stand and fight way watcher? You may yet regain your honor and the grace of your lady! Should you seek to run like cowards, do so now, because the warriors of Khorne march to war!" A shout rose up from the ranks of men "Blood for the Blood God!" Yelled Kurt with an almost inhuman tint to his eyes. The men raised their swords and axes and flails and maces to the air, prepared to fight 'til death and beyond.
    "You think I a coward? You are but a fool. We will fight, and will slay many a dwarf and elf. Many more than your poor warriors." The Elves roused began to yell their battle calls in their odd speech.
    "Let this pact be so!" said Kurt. He pulled from his saddle a long knife, sharpened to the point and drew it across his palm. Leaping from his steed, he paused in front of the Elf and handed the knife to him. The elf did the same. They grasped hands and paused, letting their blood trickle down to the grass. Bearing a great smile kust released his hand and returned to his steed, he placed his Helm upon his head and drew his axe and shield. Mounting his steed, he let out a great roar of battle and prepared for the ensuing conflict

    The battlefield had a small brewery on the upper left handed corner where 20 glade guard had inhabited, and to its right was the beginnings of a small clump of trees. Frther right wer more tree clumps and to the far right was a hill. On our side of the table was a small clump of trees where a unit of way watchers had inhabited on the left. Then a center clump of trees and to the far right was another hill.
    Turn 1

    The Way watchers advanced a bit through the tress towards my left flank. The glade riders advanced towards the heart of my army, followed up by the dryads and the small unit of glade guard. To the left, the treeman tried to flank my warriors while keepiing himself facing towards my marauders. On the side of the Dwarfs, their slayers began to rush towards my knights and Kurt through cover of the trees, the Giant was on the far right of the field and began to advance towards the glade guard in the right. Shooting was distributed quickly and not one of my marauders fell to the hail of arrows fired at them.

    My turn. My warriors advanced quickly, marching towards the treeman. The Knights marched their 16 inches directly toward the glade riders, not fearing being charged. The marauders wheeled to their left and began to march toward the Way Watchers, stopping right outside the clump of trees. The Hellcannon stayed where it was preparing to fire. On the side of the elves, they marched their treeman directly towards the giant, stopping just inside of his charge disance. After all of the movement finished, the Chaos Dwarfs began to pack bodies into the mouth of the hellcannon, but something went wrong. The Hell cannon began to act strangely and suddenly broke its chains and devoured the dwarfs without even thinking, afterwards, it decided it needed more fiber in its diet and ran 9 inches towards the tree kin. The Glade guard opened fire taking one wound from the giant and the way watchers took two more.
    Turn 2

    The way watchers decided to charge the front of marauders, while the treeman continued towards their right flank, which was now presented right to him. The Glade Riders Charged into the front of the Knights of Chaos and Kurt who was leading them. The Dryads however, held right behind a clump of trees. The Dwarfs moved their giant right into the treeman and the smaller slayer unit attacked the glade riders on my side. No shooting happened this turn, so onto the fighting. Kurt met the charging riders with a great swipe of his unholy blade. He sliced it across the chests of three Glade riders, and just feeling this fire caused them to burst into flames, their empty carcasses falling to earth, and their steeds running off in random directions. The last three in the front row thrust their spears into the knights, two of which glancing off their shields and the last missing entirely. The Chapion jeered and brought his sword down on the skull of one of the riders, nearly cleaving him in half. The other 4 in contact swung their weapons in the air, cleaving flesh and bone alike. With the front of the unit decimated and their champion gone, the elfs tried to turn and run away but were caught and trampeled to the ground by the knights. The Marauders received their charge with not so much valour. The way watchers slew 7 men quickly and with skill of the like never seen by the hordes of chaos. The champion stood before the way watchers and swung his great axe in great arcs, bringing it down of the bodies of two dazed way watchers, slaying them outright. The Marauders looked to their ranks and simply smiled to the way watchers, piling into them. The Giant swung his weapon in a long arc, missing the treeman entirely. The treeman thrust out with his wood and leaf and cleaved two large gashes into the Giant. The Giant let out a massiv roar and began to wobble, before falling to the earth, dead.

    The Knights pleased by their victorius slaughter of the elvish weaklings charged into the weak dwarven Slayers, yelling prayers of the blood god as loud as would allow. The Warriors saw the Treeman nearing thier brothers and charged into the side of him with great speed, throwing all caution of their own lives to the wind. The Hellcannon regained its sanity and paused, hoping to fire off a round sucessfully. The Elves continued their march forward towards the Dwarfs, hoping to cleave them miserably but could not reach them. The glade guard positioned atop the hill to our right fired into the Dwarves on the opposite hill, cutting down 3. As the Knights ran into the dwarves, Kurt Swung his blade in quick swipes, cleaving 5 dwarves, before their skins burst into flame, completely ahnialating them. The warriors ran sliced and spun their blades hacking into the treeman, The treeman let out wide howls of pain as the warrior champion cleaved 2 wounds into it, and the remaining three warriors caused 3 more wounds, overkilling the treeman. With their consolodation, they charged into the flank of the Way watchers. The Way watchers now concentrated their attacks on slaying the marauders. This time only 4 blades hit and of those, only 2 wounds were caused, one of which was completely ignored. The marauders attacked back hoping to cleave the way watchers. They caused two wounds, which the way watchers were unable to save and lost combat. However, with great valour they held their ground. On the Traitor Elves side of the battlefield. The Dwarf Warriors finished off the last of the glade riders and started moving towards the Hellcannon, which by now had ahnialated 4 treekin and ran them off.
    Turn 3

    The organ gun caused its first real piece of damage this turn where it blew a large wound out of the treeman now nearing its dwarven brothers. The thunderers finished off the treeman with their handguns and dug in, preparing for the hail of arrows to come. The Dwarf Warriors were very close to the hellcannon now, and tried to fal back but were still in its charging distance. The Way watchers once again attacked, but chose to attack the marauders instead of the warriors which only reached one elf. This round, they were able to cleave 4 marauders out of the 9 that attacked. The remaining 4 marauders which were able to attack fought back and caused another wound that wasnt saved, kiling one more way watcher. The three Warriors that could reach the outside way watcher, hacked him up causing 4 wounds to the one model, esentially hacking him limb from limb.

    The Glade guard were the only ones that could move on our side of the battle field, but stayed where they were and once again fired into the ranks of Dwarfs across the table. only 2 hit, which were easily shrugged off by the hard armour covering te dwarfs. The Hellcannon was still hungry after having decimated the last of the tree kin and had already charged into the flank of the Dwarf warriors. Cackling madly, it caused 4 more deaths to the enemy and easily caused them to run. They couldnt get away however, and were easily torn apart by the raging hellcannon. He now set his sight on the Organ gun. Kurt looked at the Dwarf Slayer Lord Standing right in front of him, smiling he screamed "You, stunty! Stand and Fight you cowardly dog!" Hearing this maddened the dwarf to extreme limits. He leapt towards Kurt holding his two handed axe. Kurt swung and left long gashes across the dwarfs chest, the dwarf's wounds began to glow and then Kurt plunged his axe into the dwarfs chest. Stepping backwards, the dwarf's Eyes glowed to extreme limits and the befuddled demonic lok on his face was the last thing he would do before he exploded in a hail of hair and muscle and juices. Seeing their leader dead, the slayers tried to run, but were caught and cut down by the knights.

    -After the carnage that was wreaked by the Chaos and Evil Wood elf player, the other wood elf player turned out to be the scenarios traitor and bent knee to our side. The Dwarf player basically gave up and ran his men off the board. After this, the Forest was burned to the ground and the elfs were left behind to rebuild. After the battle, Jakob the sorceror came and they could finally leave. Whilst setting fire to the forest, Kurt had found the head of Raeken, the Slaenei Champion mounted on a pike with a grim screaming look on its face. The bodies of the Marauder scouts were scattered throughout the glave, pikes and spears and weapons piercing their bodies, yet there was no trace of their assailants. So, reunited with his army, he marched south for glory and for the gods.

    This was actually my fist warhammer battle, and I had a great time fighting in this scenario. Tell me wut u guys think

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    Turn 1

    My turn. My warriors advanced quickly, marching towards the treeman. The Knights marched their 16 inches directly toward the glade riders, not fearing being charged.
    I know your a newbee so here is something you did wrong. Your knights have barding which is -1 movement. Thus their base move is 7" not 8" and their march move and charge moves are 14". Not that it mattered, but just something to know about.

    Also are you sure they were waywatchers it sounded to me like they were War Dancers.

    Other than that not to bad a report for your first time. Glad you enjoyed the game hope to see more reports latter on.

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    80 (x2)

    That was a great battle report. I especially liked the 13 Chosen Knights... nasty!

    Good luck, hope to see more in future!

    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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