2000 point DoW vs Orc & Goblins - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point DoW vs Orc & Goblins

    Here's the report then, using my DoW list vs my friends "Bit of everything" Orc and
    Goblin list. I've told it as a story with footnotes marked in square brackets []
    to explain more esoteric thing in WFB terms.

    My DoW list
    Hastruble Parking: General barded warhorse, lance, heavy armour shield
    Hisgo Parking: Paymaster heavy armour, shield, great weapon, cursed amulet[1]
    Kettle L2 wizard (light) dispel scroll
    Zippo L2 wizard (fire) dispel scroll

    20 Pikemen, full command (pk)
    20 Norse berserkers, full command (nrs)
    10 duellists + pistol (d1)
    9 duellists + pistol (d2)
    5 lt cav + bow (lc)
    7 heavy cav barding sb (hc)
    10 xbow (xb1)
    10 xbow (xb2)
    15 long drongs slayers (lds)
    4 ogres, great weapon + champion (og)
    cannon (can)

    My wizards rolled for spells
    Zippo Fireball (of course) and the 2D6 S4 hits spell (can't remember the
    Kettle Ptah's illumination (not very useful), and the one that gives the
    enemy unit WS1 for half a turn (even worse!)

    His list:
    Black orc big boss
    Orc boss on a big bird*
    night goblin shaman

    20 Orc boyz + shield (orc1)
    20 Orc savage boyz + shield + tattoos (orc2)
    20 Black Orcs + extra hw (borc)
    20 golblin archers (gob1)
    40 goblins + lt armour spears & shields (gob2)
    40 night goblins + spears with 3 fanatics (ng)
    5 savage orc boarboyz (bb)
    rock lobber (rl)
    giant (buff)
    3 trolls (tr)
    small unit of squigs + herders (sq)
    orc chariot (ch)

    Most of his units had full command, but I'm not sure what magic items
    he had.
    * The big bird was just a great model he'd put his orc hero on. We gave it
    M7, WS4 S4 T4 A3 I4 Ld5 and gave it +1 str on the charge. We costed it at 50pts
    (a little too much probably) - should have given it a scaly save really.

    Terrain ( as I looked at it) was a few hills on the rhs of the table, a wood and a village
    in the middle and a hill on his basline towards the left. (H put his rock lobber there)

    We were deployed (looking from my side of the table) as follows:
    His heroes were with units in the centre

    gob2 .. ch .. buff .. bb .. rl .. sq .. tr .. borc .. orc1 .. orc2 .. ng .. gob1

    lc ... lds ... og ... hc ... dl1 ... pk ... dl2 ... nrs ...xb1 ... xb2 ... can

    The duellists were deployed forward of the infantry blocks in a vain
    attempt to screen the infantry from missile fire. His rock lobber being on a hill
    put paid to that idea. Ah well.

    My heroes were deployed in the centre, apart from zippo on the left

    Surveying the field ahead of him, General Hastruble Parking smiled to himself.
    Victory was assured, his cousin Hisgo had hired the best troops available - ogres
    from the gladiatorial pits of Cathay; cavalry from the plains of c'wards; xbowmen
    from tilea, who seemed to have some sort of experimental metal bows stamped
    with the runes "AK 47" [1]; berserkers from the norse lands and even some
    pistol-packing pirates (dwarven and human).

    Hastruble saw the orc horde was still sorting itself out. Seizing the initiative he
    ordered his troops forward.

    While the crossbowmen unsuccessfully tried to work out how to use their unfamiliar
    weapons, the duellists swarmed forward. On the left flank, the light cavalry swept
    forward to begin an ineffectual harassing fire on the giant. The infantry advanced
    steadily to the beat of their drums while the cannon thundered out its challenge.
    Unfortunately the newly hired crew had omitted to load a ball. [2]

    The wizards continued the run of excellent luck that Hastruble had been having,
    Zippo had rushed forward and lay down a blistering barrage of fireballs ... which were
    duly dispelled. Kettle looked desperately thorugh his spellbook for some spell that
    might be of some slight use. [3]

    The orcs moved forward into the trap that Hastruble had laid, forcing his
    elite light cavalry into a panicked flight, while the orcish infantry moved forward
    behindthe unit of trolls. The squigs faffed around at the back while the rock lobber
    proved utterly useless, killing a mere quarter of the pikemen, who remembered they
    had left the gas on at home and began to stream to the rear.


    As his "elite" light cavalry fled off the field in disarray, Hastruble ordered a unit of
    duellists to shore up his left flank, while the ogres and dwarves set themselves up
    for a charge on (or to be charged by) the giant. The pikemen remembered that
    Aunty Hilda had switched the gas off and returned to the fray. The other duellists
    charged towards the night goblins, whose fanatics sped towards them, killing 3
    and leaving themselvs well placed to charge into the norsemen and/or cavalry
    should their frantic whirling take them in that direction.

    The crew managed to load the cannon and got off a decent shot, injuring a troll
    and killing a couple of black orcs. While one unit of xbowmen shot a fanatic into
    tiny green pieces, the other unit unleashed a hail of lead at the savage killing
    a quarter of them! More fireballs streaked across the battlefield, this time singeing
    the chariot slightly.

    The orcs came forward again, the chariot and giant crashing into the dwarven pirates,
    who hurled abuse rather than shooting at the incoming greenskins [4] As tiny pirates
    flew into the air and were crushed beneath the giant's club, Long Drong managed to
    hurt the chariot. The remaining 2 fanatics charged into each other's arms like long-lost
    brothers, removing themselves from the battlefield.

    In the centre, the rock lobber managed another fine shot, but was deflected off course
    by Gisgo's cursed amulet [5]. In the centre, despite some squabbling, the orcs set up
    for some funky charges and countercharges over the next few turns.


    Despite the Giant's towering presence, both the ogres and duellists charged front
    and flank, killing the giant while the dwarves finished off the chariot.
    In the centre, the norse charged the trolls to their front, while the bold cavalry
    were held up by a hidden ditch [6]. On the right flank the cannon hang-fired and the
    crew spent several minutes trying to coax the unfired ball out of the barrel so
    they could reload. The xbow units shot again, this time killing 8 of the remaining
    savage orcs. The trolls died valiantly, overrun by the berserkers who then crashed into
    the Black Orcs. A barrage of fire spells killed a bunch of squigs, while the pikemen
    struggled to return to the action.

    On response, the savage orc boarboyz charged the ogres while the orcs and black orcs
    charged the norse. The savage orcs hustled forward into charge range of the xbowmen
    and then charged. The xbowmen decided to stand and shoot, but missed cleanly (for once).
    The rock lobber missed (thank god!) The boarboyz were routed after their rubber spears
    failed to injure the ogres and their boars only managed a flesh wound. In response
    the ogres cut 3 of the boyz down then chased down the fleeing boars. In an orgy of violence,
    6 norse and 4 black orcs died, as did the norsemens' lust for battle, although they
    did keep fighting.


    With the battle hanging in the balance, Hastruble urged his knights forward into combat
    with the orc boyz, but only a few knights could attack, and they failed to kill
    enough orcs, despite the orcs being blinded by Kettle's one and only spell [7].
    The xbowmen (who had managed to hold off the savage orcs for a turn, fought valiantly but
    had to flee, whereupon the savage orcs ran them down, following up into the still-reloading

    More squigs died to fire spells and pistol fire, along with the common goblins, who were
    killed by the combined efforts of the ogres and dwarves. Hastruble was unable to
    restrain the knights, who fled from the central battle while the norse died under the
    iron-shod boots of the black orcs. The pikemen just had time to jeer at the knights
    streaming back towards their camp when they were attacked in the flank by the orc-on-a-bird.
    The paymaster almost died after his cursed amulet attracted the final shot from the

    T5 and T6
    While the horsemen almost ran off the field, only rallying when Hastruble threatened
    to withold their pay, Kettle was chased off into the Orc camp(!) by the orc general.
    The rock lobber self-destructed while the pikemen were crushed by the remaining orcs.
    The remaining xbowmen succumbed to the night goblins. As night fell, each army counted
    the cost of the hard-fought draw. If Kettle had cast his spell on the black orcs ...
    if the knights had caused more wounds, if the cannon had managed as many shots as
    the rock-lobber ... if, if, if.

    Next time, swore Hastruble, he'd defeat the greenskins. He'd just need to hire some new
    troops ...

    Hope you enjoyed the write-up. Any comments gratefully received.

    [1] This isn't a real item at all, it's just that twice in the game the rock lobber
    deviated in the exact direction necessary to aim at the paymaster - hitting him the
    second time (although the blow failed to wound).

    [2] The cannon's first misfire

    [3] I am never, ever taking a level2 wizard with the lore of light. The spells
    I rolled were ... non-optimal, shall we say.

    [4] Immune to psychology troops (like undead and LDS) may only respond to charges
    by standing. Grrr.

    [5] See footnote [1]

    [6] My general failed his leadership check to charge fear-causing enemies. He
    failed 4 tests (panic, rally, break, etc) during the game. On ld9!

    [7] I cast the spell on the wrong unit. I should have cast it on the black
    orcs. They would have caused fewer wounds and I could have won the melee.

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    80 (x2)

    Great battle report, enough to rival eagletsi (though it wasn't narrative)! Interesting seeing DOW fighting a battle report. Shame it was a draw though

    Good luck,

    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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