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    2000 Slaanesh vs Dorfs

    Phew, the game I’d been fearing! Anyway, here’s my list:

    -Sylvana, Lady of Slaanesh: Sword of Might, Armor of Damnation, Gaze of the Gods, Steed of Slaanesh
    -Exalted Champion of Chaos: Sword of Striking, Shield
    -Aspiring Champion of Chaos: Two hand weapons, Enchanted shield
    -Wargor: Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, shield
    -5 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh: War banner, Musician
    -25 Marauders, LA/shields, full command
    -25 Marauders, LA/shields, full command
    -5 Marauder horsies, spears
    -5 hounds
    -5 hounds
    -5 hounds
    -Beast herd, 8 gors, 7 ungors
    -10 Bestigors, Mark of Undivided
    -5 furies
    -3 Dogers, LA/great weapons

    My opponent’s list as well as I can remember:

    -Dorf Lord: Shieldbearers, a +2 attack great weapon, and some runic armor that never came into play
    -Dragon Slayer: Always wounds with strength needed to do 2+
    -Master Engineer: Spiffy armor
    -13 thunderers:
    -20 Warriors with Great weapons, full command
    -20 Longbeards, shields, full command,
    -12 Slayers, half of them giant slayers
    -20 Hammerers: Full command, and something to make them stubborn
    -2 bolt throwers: S7 and one of them flaming, engineers
    -Cannon that rerolls misfires
    -2 organ guns

    Alright, so terrain went almost according to plan. There were 5 pieces, but he got to place, meaning he’d have at least 1 more hill than I could block. We played by the new terrain rules where nothing can be within 24 inches of the middle, (this rule worries me, as my Elves really loves dividing the board in two). So he got to place 3 huge double-decker hills, and I responded by dropping forests in front of them.



    So fortunately I got to pick sides, and forced him to only have 1 super hill. He formed a classic dorf block of “war machines on a hill” (I think Sam Jackson is in this one too). Lined up next to the hill are 3 blocks of powerful dorf infantry, and some thunderers, and finally a lone organ gun.

    I deploy the bulk of my *expendable* army across from his main line. I figure my marauders can take a hit or two. My knights and dogers who rightly fear war machines hide off to one side, hoping to use their speed to get to the fight in time. Champions on foot join up with the marauders, and my lady sits tight in the rear to distribute leadership as needed.

    He gets the first turn.

    Turn 1 Dorfs:

    No movement, no magic. Wheee… Let ze shoosting begin!! The cannon takes aim at Sylvana. The shot is dead on, and crashes right into her! However, with Slaanesh watching carefully over her, the cannonball mysteriously arcs to the side at the last second, saving her from almost certain doom. Two bolt throwers loose their shots at the Bestigors, and 2 drop to the ground.

    Turn 1 Chaos:

    Enraged at the cowardly attempt on her life, Sylvana orders the horde forward. She is slightly dismayed at her company, weak human scavengers, and hideous monsters. At least her prized bodyguard of knights were still with her. Regardless, she had swayed the leaders of the ingrates, and they would serve her.

    The chaos line advances full speed. No magic or shooting. It looks like I’m threatening most of his war machines, hehe.

    Turn 2 Dorfs:

    Movement!! The Slayers creep and inch and a half sideways. In the shooting phase, the cannon fires at Sylvana again, but the cannonball falls an inch short, phew. The left organ gun blasts 2 of my furies apart. The thunderers shoot out 4 of my wolves on the right side. The organ gun takes aim at Sylvana, and puts 2 wounds on her steed. Uh oh…

    Turn 2 Chaos:

    Charges galore! (No more arrows from here out, as it’s getting a bit complicated. Sylvana charges at the organ gun to get revenge for her steed. The crew see the fearsome creature charging at them, and run right off the table before she can get there. My furies charge the bolt thrower on top of the super hill, horsies into the other organ gun, and hounds into the other bolt thrower. My last group of hounds falls back a bit to let the beast herd into place. The Dogers and Knights move up. Both marauder units move forward full speed to threaten his infantry blocks if they decide to move. Bestigors advance as well.

    In combat, my furies fail to do any damage, and lose 2 in return. Fortunately, they make their instability test, and hold up the bolt thrower. The marauder horsemen kill 1 crewman, but fail to break the stubborn dorfs. My hounds in combat with the bolt thrower inflict no casualties, take 2 in return, and run.

    Turn 3 Dorfs:

    Minor movement, as the infantry blocks shift slightly. His Dragon slayer charges into my horsies. No magic, and then back to shooting. His cannon once again fires for Sylvana, and for a second time Slaanesh deflects the shot. The bolt thrower misses, and the thunderers put some wounds on my marauders. I guess he figured the lady was simply too powerful, lol.

    In combat, my horsies get beat up badly and flee. The final fury dies to the bolt thrower crew.

    Turn 3 Chaos:

    Sylvana charges into the thunderers, who don’t even get a shot off before she collides with them. The Dogers charge the lone Dragon Slayer, and the beast herd charges into the cannon which apparently counts as a defended obstacle. The marauders move up and reposition themselves, ready to flank charge some dorfs.

    In combat, the lone slayer doesn’t even get a chance to raise his axe before he is smashed into the ground by the massive beasts who then crash into the organ gun. The beasts fail to hurt the crew of the cannon, but don’t take any wounds in return either. The result is a win for me, and so the obstacle goes away. Sylvana doesn’t do so well in combat, killing only 2 dorfs. In return, a thunderer kills her mount, and she falls to the ground. She holds her ground however, and the dorfs lap around to surround her.

    Turn 4 Dorfs:

    The slayers charge into the flank of my Dogers, sigh. Not much else moves, and war machine fire accomplishes little. In combat, the Dogers are beaten back, and flee. The slayers hold their ground. Surrounding a chaos lord is usually a bad decision, and Sylvana tears 4 thunderers apart. They do manage to hold however.

    Turn 4 Chaos:

    The knights charge into the Slayers, and the Bestigors charge into the warriors. I didn’t think they’d win, but I was hoping that they would be able to at the least hold, and get his big hammerer unit to flank charge them. Then, I could go at his longbeards care free. The fleeing Dogers cause both the horsemen and hounds to panic and flee as well, doh.

    In combat, the Knights maul 4 slayers, and deflect the return blows. Sylvana murders another group of thunderers, and they flee off the board. The beast herd is still failing to hurt that cannon crew.

    Turn 5 Dorfs:

    The warriors charge the flank of the beast herd, (talk about a plan backfiring, lol) His other 2 large infantry blocks advance, maneuvering slightly to prepare a flank charge. Shooting shows 2 bolts deflected by Sylvana who now regarded the dorf war machines as little more than a nuisance.

    In combat, the warriors beat the beastmen badly, and they flee, and are cut down. The dorfs then overrun into the rear of my knights, who were in the process of cutting down the slayers to 2 men.

    Turn 5 Chaos:

    The big charge! Both units of marauders charge into the longbeards. One in the front, one in the side, and Sylvana joining the fun from the rear. That’s like 45 marauders, a chaos lord, exalted champ, and aspiring champ all beating down on one unit of dorfs, hehehe… In sadder news, my Dogers fail to rally, as do both fleeing hound units, and horsies. The hounds both run off the planet, while the Dogers and horsies barely hang on. The Bestigors however, do hold.

    Combat is brutal. The dorf warriors charging into the rear of my knights find their axes of no use against the armored beasts. In response, 6 of them are cut down in addition to the 2 remaining slayers. They manage to hold however. The combat with the longbeards is a massacre. How often to Dorfs lose any combat by 8? The longbeards break, and are almost caught. Sadly, Sylvana only pursues 3 inches. The rightmost marauder unit thus can’t catch them. The other unit overruns into the hammerers.

    Turn 6 Dorfs:

    His only movement is rallying the longbeards. Shooting proves once again that Lady Sylvana is absolutely immune to war machines. Two bolt throwers and a cannon inflict a single wound. She is truly favored by Slaanesh!

    In combat my knights hack the remaining warriors to pieces. A single unit of marauders led by an aspiring champion proves inferior to hammerers led by a dorf lord. My chieftain bravely accepts the dorf lords challenge, only to be killed 4 times over. The marauders flee, and get away by 1 inch.

    Turn 6 Chaos:

    Sylvana charges the rear of the hammerers, while the Bestigors charge the flank. The marauders charge into the longbeards. My Dogers and horsies rally just in time, phew. My knights are already contesting the last corner, and so they just chill where they are.

    Combat is another massacre. The wargor and bestigors inflict 4 wounds on the hammerers, and Sylvana kills another 3. However, the stubborn LD10 dorfs didn’t break. The marauders led by the exalted champ ravage the longbeards who now lack both their champion and standard. The longbeards flee and are run down.

    The game ends here in what appears to be probably a major victory in my favor. A very good and enjoyable game. A funny thing to note is that dispite charging 4 war machines 5 times, only 1 of them even went down.

    Hero’s of the match:
    -Sylvana, who deflected like 3 cannonballs, and a number of bolts, only taking a single wound.
    -Knights: these guys destroyed everything they touched.
    -Marauders; This game made my new anti-dorf plans look very promising. Dorfs are nigh impossible to kill, but they only have 1 attack. If I outnumber him, I’ve got a chance of winning.

    Failures of the day:
    -Dogers… Kill 1 dragon slayer, and run away for the rest of the game, triggering panic on 3 friendly units.
    -Beastmen… fail to inflict a single kill all game, and are killed by dorf warriors

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    Good job, you did well against the 'Dorfs', despite your unluckiness in some places. Another great battle report, keep it up !

    "Well... that hurt" - Vampire Jon Skellan (Mannfred's right hand man) after being beaten up, falling down an underground waterfall and being impaled by a stalactite.

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