My friend just got a Skaven army, and he had managed to glue together about 1000pts worth for the battle. He was missing a lot of key support units, but this was only the second time I'd played my army, so I thought it wasn't too bad.

My army:
Exalted Champion: Helm of Many Eyes, GW (with Marauders)
Bray Shaman: LoB (with herd)
Bray Shaman: Lvl 2, LoS (alone)
24 Marauders
5 Marauder Horsemen
2x 5x Warhounds
5x Furies
Battle Herd
3x Minotaurs

Chieftan: GW
Assassin: Str 6
2x 30 Clan Rats
1x 20 Plague Monks
30x Giant Rats
3x Rat Ogres

Terrain: Two forrests to the left that weren't used. A forest in the centre and a hill on the left.

Deployment: Fearing for his flanks he put (all to the right of the middle terrain, as I could see it) Clan Rats on the left, Plague Monks in the middle, Giant Rats, other Clan Rats behind the hill, Rat Ogres on the far right.
I deployed my horsemen and warhounds on the left to come around the middle forrest. The Beast Herd was behind the forest. The Marauders were in the alley between the hill and forest, the lone Shaman, my minotaurs to his right, and the furies behind them.

Magic: I rolled Steed of Shadows, Unseen Lurker for Shadow. I rolled Crow's Feast, Bear's Anger for Beast.

Turn 1 (Skaven)
Movement: He moved everything slowly forward, but splinterred the leftmost Clanrats off to meet my flankers.
Combat: None.

Turn 1 (Chaos)
Movement: I rushed my left units all off. The Horsemen and Warhounds flew around, and the Herd went right up the middle. The squads on the right all moved up slightly, and the furies flew up in front of the Marauders. I marched my Shaman up so he would be closer to the middle of the field.
Magic: None.
Combat: None

Turn 2 (Skaven)
Movement: Again, he moved everything up. He moved his Giant Rats into charge range of my Marauders.
Combat: None.

Turn 2 (Chaos)
Movement: I moved the Horsemen, Warhounds to face the clanrats. The Herd moved up. The Furies flew behind the clanrats on the left. I charged the Giant Rats with my Marauder squad.
Magic: I cast the missiles on the left clanrats. Killed a few.
Combat: The Marauders and the heroes did disappointingly against the Giant Rats, killing 4 or 5. Though it was a tricky roll, he made it.

Turn 3 (Skaven)
Movement: He moved his clan rats further up on the left. His other squads moved menacingly over the hill. He moved his assassin out of the clan rat squad on the left.
Combat: His Giant Rats actually took killed a few marauders, but I took a few wounds. Again, combat was won by me, but only just, so he made the leadership check.

Turn 4 (Chaos)
Movement: I charged all my squads into his left clanrats, so they had the Horsemen on the front, Furies at the back, and a Beast Herd in the side. I charged his Giant Rats on the right.
Magic: Bear's Anger on the Shaman in combat.
Combat: I butchered those clan rats. Everything cut, slashed and swiped. I won by a huge amount, but he rolled two ones! The Minotaurs made easy work of the Rat Ogres, who fled off the board, with me in pursuit. The Giant Rats finally broak, were chased, and I just clipped the other Clan Rat squad, lucky me.

Turn 4 (Skaven)
Movement: He charged his Assassin into my Furies.
Combat: On the left he managed to kill a the puppies, and the he killed 4 furies. But, I won the combat, and I chased down his rats with my Horsemen, and I caught his Assassin with my last two furies. After this he conceded.

I had left:
3 Characters
20 Marauders
5 Horsemen
5 Puppies
3 Minotaurs
Battle Herd
2 Furies

He Had:
20 or so clan rats

Result: Massacre!

I was again very pleased with how I did. I love my fast moving units. I really can't see how Chaos Warriors could work anywhere near as well as Marauders. I'm tempted not to take them in my 2000pt list at all, instead having another 25 Marauders. It would free up some points. I felt sorry for my friend, he tried hard but he just didn't have the units to stop my flankers. Next week he'll have assembled his whole 2000pt army and I'm sure Jezzails, Globadiers, Rattling Guns and Warp Cannons will make me think again.