1500pt Chaos vs Lizardmen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Chaos vs Lizardmen

    I always went badly against this guy when I had my Ogres. Now with Chaos I was hoping the tabled would turn. I went a heavy Magic Slaanesh route, but in the end it didn't pan out. I got off no magic! Not only that, but he took none, and his characters were beefy fighters that caused me a lot of problems.

    1 Mounted Sorcerer
    2 Bray Shamans
    25 Marauders (with one Shaman)
    Battle Herd (with one Shaman)
    5 Chaos Chosen Knights
    5 Marauder Morsemen
    3 Minotaurs
    1 Giant

    Two big Saurus blocks with fighter characters
    6 Saurus Cavalry
    3x 12 Skinks
    3 Kroxigors

    I can't remember the exact goings on, so I'll point out the major features.

    On the right, my flank collapsed to his damn skinks. They killed my hounds, danced around and killed my Minotaurs. It was truly irritating.

    On the left, on the second turn, he charged my Giant with his Saurus cavalry. They did a wound, but he swung with a club and killed 4. The others ran off, never to recover.

    The Saurus on the left charged my Marauders, but proving how superior ranks are to Elite Infantry, they broke the Saurus and ran them down the next turn. I have yet to play a game with my Chaos Warriors, and I doubt I will now.

    There was a huge melee in the middle that decided the game. In the end there was my Chaos Kinghts, the Giant and my Beast Herd. Against them were the saurus, Kroxigors and the Stegadon. He looked like he would win the whole time. I forgot my Knights were chosen, so they did little damage. The Beast herd could not hurt the Stegadon. I was winning combat as I had so many ranks and outnumber, but he kept making his Ld. And more and more Knights went down to his General w/ Great Weapon. The charges had done little, even the Stegadon failed to injur my Giant when it charged in. In the end my Giant Yelled and Bawled, ending the combat. It was a blessing. Because of the few wounds I had done with my Herd against his Saurus, he was at -4Ld. His Saurus broke from bombat and he was chased down by the Knights (only two left, sweet revenge). His Stegadon broke, and the Giant chased him down. His Kroxigor broke and my Beasts chased them down.

    After this he called it, having only Skinks left.

    Result: Massacre!

    The thing I learnt from this is that I should never forget my Knights are chosen They have two attacks, and I should remember that. But what I really saw was how useless heavy infantry is. Those Skinks completely ruined a whole flank, while his Saurus crashed up against my units like wind on a wall. I was very scared of the Stegadon, but in the end it did very little. If it had done more impact hits I think that combat would have gone very differently.

    But chalk another one up for the powers of darkness! A good weekend with three massacres.

    Current Armies:
    Beasts of Chaos (4000)
    Chaos Marines (3000)

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    I have never (as a lizatdmen player myself) heard of someone being stupid enough to hit the stegadon into a giant instead of the warriors. finishing off that warrior group would have given him another chance to get the impact hits, and his general with great weapon could certainly have done some damage to the giant too.

    good playing though, if you had remembered the chosen thing, they would have had much less trouble against the saurus. Chaos are well matched against combat-heavy lizardmen, and you took full advantage of that.

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