Well as requested both my first games in a battle report.

First game was aginst goblins it was around 1,000 pts. (Maybe a bit more or less we weren't too picky)

My list (Basically):

Wargor w/ Great weapon, horn of the great hunt.

Lvl 2 Bray- Shaman w/ Chaos Armour, Staff of Darkoth, Lore of Beasts.

8 gors 8 ungors w/ Additional HW, Full command

8 gors 8 ungors w/ Additional HW, Full command

6 Warhounds

5 Centigors

5 Chosen Khorne Knights w/ full command

6 Furies

His list:

2 Night Goblin Shamans (Dont know what he had on them)

1 Night Goblin big boss w/ GW and some other stuff

3x 25 NG spearmen each w/ full command and 3 Fanatics

30 NG bowmen

4 Trolls

We each rolled for our spells I got The Oxen Stands and that one that lets you make a 2d6 movement.

He got Gaze of Mork and the one that gets D6 str 10 hits if the Hero fails its INT test with both his shamans.

Before I go on I would like to say that I am very new and If anything is wrong that I do I am sincerely sorry to the player.

He got First turn:

He moved all his goblin units forward. His trolls failed stupidity and moved towards me.

He cast Gaze twice on my Warhound unit...None were killed.

My Turn:

I took the Drunken Test with my Centigors they become frenzied. I moved Closer with my Knights and Wahounds. My furies jumped out of trees in my deployment zone to behind another forest. My Wargor and Shaman Stayed behind a Herdstone (Piece of terrain).

2d Turn for Him:

Moving Close to my Furies and Cetigors 2 of his Gblin units let loose the Fanatics. Wiping out 4 furies and all my centigors. NOOOOO!!!

My turn:

One of my Beast herds ambushed behind a goblin unit the other in my DZ!
My warhound declared a charge into The goblin SPearman unit as well as my Knights. But to my surprise more fanatics!!! Wiping out both My warhound and Chaos Knight unit...Surely I was done for!!

3 rd Turn for Him:

By now he thought He had easily won me He sat back whislt his fanatics scattered closer to me.

He used gaze of Mork with a magician and miscast...Blew his own head up yay!!

My turn:

I declared a charge with A beast herd into the front of a goblin unit as well as my 2 furies into the rear of it.

I moved facing the flank of another goblin unit with the beast herd that ambushed into my Deployment zone.

With My Shaman I casted Staff of Darkoth and charged the goblin unit in the flank.

The Goblin unit in combat with my Furies and Beast Herd was beaten but got snake eyes, so never broke.

The Other unit was easily broken and pursued into the troll unit (Into the flank)

4th Turn for him:

His fanatics went into my Wargor after I forgot all about him. He died. 3 went through the troll comabt killing 9 Of my models and 2 wounds offa troll. 2 went through the cambat with the furies in and killed both furies and 5 goblins.

He tried to cast the INt test on my Bray-Shaman but he passes. He then shot aroun 10 bows at my Shaman but he only took 1 wound.

The trolls were broke as well as the Goblin unit. Both pursued down.

My turn:

I moved closer to his last unit . One of my beast herd on the left side the other to the right and into a dstroyed building.

5th Turn for Him:

7 Fanatics died this turn either flying into terrain or getting doubles.

He turned and shot at the beast herd on the left. 4 Died leaving only 3 Gors left who passed a panic check.

My turn:

Moved within 12inches of he unit on the right flank of him with my shaman. The unti with 3 models left went fanatic hunting and jumpd on one. 2 of my Gors died but the fanatic was also killed. That one Gor left will now be promoted to my Wargor after his courages acts.

Staff of Darkoth into the flank of The bowman unit. They broke. I never managed to catch up with him but he eventually ran of of the board.

Conclusion: Luck must have really been on my side. I won my first ever game with my Beastmen.

Comments please.