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Thread: 2250 Tournament

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    2250 Tournament

    Well today was the RTT down at Dark Towers. This was my first tournament in fantasy and 5th, 5th, and 6th game in 7th ed. It was a small turn out (8 players) but it was great fun. There was my Woodies, another cheesy wood elf player (mostly trees, 4 terror causers), A Dwarf gunline (7 warmachines), Clan Pestilence (no Nurglitch), Tzeentch Beasts ( a fairly weak list), Tomb Kings (basic), Dark Elves ( very unlucky dice), and a tzeentch Flying Daemon Legion of Doom.

    I took the following list
    3 scrolls
    Ranu's Heartstone

    Wardancer Noble
    Blades of Loec

    level 1

    X2 10 GG

    X3 10 Dryads

    5 Scouts
    banner of Zenith (useless)

    9 Wardancers

    5 Wild Riders

    6 Wild Riders

    6 Waywachers

    Voland's Venators
    2 more knights.

    Game 1 Breakthrough vs. Dice Dog Pete's Dwarfs
    Pete had a true gunline and was testing out the Anvil, still a great game,


    Master Engineer (stupid BS5)


    20 Warriors

    X2 10 Thunderers

    X2 10 Quarellers

    10 Rangers

    X2 Bolt Throwers
    one flaming
    one engineer

    20 hamerrers
    immune to fear and terror


    Grudge thrower

    2 Organ Guns

    His First turn was crazy, we both lost more than 400 points. His Anvil went pop while his bolt throwers killed the Venators and the big wild Riders. My waywatchers charged and got killed by a unit of quarellers, then the WR had their revenge, killed the quarellers and left the board. The wardancers managed to die. And my glade Guard did as they were supposed to killing a unit of thunderers and an organ gun and 5 or so warriors but I just mainly left his ranked units alone. I managed to get the hidden path of a couple of times then I learned his guns were magical bye bye dancers. However it was mainly my Dryads that did the job. two units left the board as well as the wraith. In total they destroyed 10 thunderers, Organ Gun, Cannon, master engineer, both bolt throwers, and the grudge thrower. In the End he had 10 Quarelers, 15 warriors, thane, 10 Rangers, and 20 Ironbreakers. Ihad 2 and a half units of dryads (2 left the board), small riders (left), both GG units, weaver, and wraith. In the end it was a tie before we counted my units of the board. That put me in the lead and gave me the win at the conclusion of a great game with a great guy.

    16-6 to the Wood Elves.

    Game 2 Messengers vs. Dice Dog Ben's Tomb Kings.
    The mission kinda screwed him because he had to drop a chariot. I had plenty of Core choices.

    He ran
    Tomb King
    Spear of Antharak
    Vambraces of Sun
    Chariot of Fire

    Liche Priest
    2 scrolls

    Liche Priest
    Staff of Ravening

    hieratic Jar
    Cloak of Dunes

    16 Bowmen

    12 Bowmen

    3 Chariots
    undying Legion

    3 Carrion

    3 Ushabti

    Tomb Scorpion

    20 Tomb Guard
    Banner of Reform

    Bone Giant


    He put his messengers up front to use as tarpits. He also deployed everyone behind the bowmen screen exceppt for the spider and cahriots. The catapult went pop and my scouts shot down one messenger. The others took forever too kill while I moved mine up some terrain and got two of them off. Thanks to my 6 dispell dice and 3 scrolls he got no urgency spells of, however with smiting his bowmen did crazy stuff. But i managed t charge his chariots with my big rider unit and wardancers, they killed them, the king, the scorpion that charged, the carrion that rear charged and the last messenger that charged. that combo is sick.The big bowmen got ripped by dryads and the samller one got killed by, get this a lone dryad and a lone rider, the lone riderthen crumbled a liche priest. The dryads that killed the big unit was killed by the ushabti after putting them down to one wound. The last dryads were killed by the tomb guard when my venators failed their LD 9 fear check, they did nothing all game. My last dryad unit were charged by a bone giant after finishing the last messenger. They brought it down to 2 wounds and were ten flank charged by the omb Guard the last turn and performed some insane courage, only the wraith was left and she held. But it was all over by then because I had just snipe the Hierophant with two waywatchers, gotta love killing blow. I had the branchwraith, spellweaver, the wardacners (no noble), 2 waywatchers, lone rider, my heavy cav, both GG units. He had, one priest, ushabtiu down to one wound, and the Giant down to two wounds. Again a great guy and awesome game.
    17-5 Victory to the hippies.

    At this point I am the only one undeafeted as we await the end of the last game. This would decide the finals. I knew I had very, very, little chance against both the Tzeentch legion (I have never played Hordes of chaos) or the really cheesy Woodie list. I ended up playing the Legion.

    Game 3 Gain Ground vs. Dice Dog Joe's Tzeentch Flying Legion of Doom.

    He ran
    Lord of Change

    Exalted Daemon
    Blade of Ether

    X2 10 Horrors

    X2 4 Screamers

    X2 3 Changebringers

    X2 Tzeentch Chariots.

    I tried my best to make this a draw and it was good that I took lore of beasts (the beast cowers is sick). However, after deployment I knew I messed up big time, I was spread out, he loaded up on one side. He ended up just running me over. I had the wraith dryad unit fdo well and survive a lot of charges killing 4 screamers and a chariot. Again the rider dancer combo whupped a$$ killing 4 screamers and 10 Horrors, they would have killed more but I couldn't get to them on time. In the end all I had was the dancers, Riders and scouts. He had4 Changebringers, a chariot on its lasst wound, 6 horrors, the Exalted, and the Greater down to 4 wounds. Another fantastic game against a great guy.

    6-16 Loss for the Elves

    Well my dice were on a roll in the first two games so I knew they were going to cool down game 3. The tourney was ran well and I learnt a lot and I still have to find out how to use my Venators properly, they are 243 points and killed exactly 0 points the entire game. The Dice Dogs are great guys and I am thinking of maybe joining them as I am not fully dedicated to a club. In the end I was 2nd place behind the legion. Another awesome tourney with fantasticand fun opponents. Hope you enjoyed the report.

    Last edited by Orkimedes41792; October 22nd, 2006 at 03:39.

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    Thanks for posting, Orkimedes. I enjoyed reading the report. That Tzeentch battle sounded ugly. I have a friend who plays them, something like 43 models, and it's a tough nut to crack.
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    With the way the Tzeench list is set up, it seems like a list where you will either kill a critical unit or two and grind him too dust, or get crushed by the hugh mobile creatures.

    I have played a Tzeench list with a Lord of Change, exaulted champ in a tzeench chosen squad, two units of 20 horrers, and 6 or so screamers. The first game I was crushed as the horrers magiced my zombies to death and the LOC flew around casting magic and throwing his weight around. The second game I played against him I had a good round of magic against him and got two spells off which won me the game. #1 was hand of dust on my infinate hatred Strigoi count. The second was dance macabre which let me charge him (after I had turned to face him in the movement phase). I just disintergrated him and without the LOC's CC and magic power the rest of the army was meat for my rank and file troops.

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