1500pt each Beastmen+Skaven vs Tomb Kings+Dark Elves - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt each Beastmen+Skaven vs Tomb Kings+Dark Elves

    It was a 6000pt game so I can't remember most of the details of what actually happened. So instead I thought I'd go for a rant about various armies and post some highlights of the game.

    Firstly I think Beasts of Chaos are a hugely underestimated army. If we believe the post count on these forums then Beasts are the least played army (bar Chaos Dwarves and Doggies), and yet I see them as being an incredibly balanced list. We absolutely dominate the movement phase against any army with our M5, skirmishing and 360 deg line of sight as well as ambushing. More than any other army deployment really doesn't matter. We can run around units and through terrain to come forward.

    We have a small rank bonus with +2 for our Beast Herds (only 1 less than the rest of you) and yet they are hugely benefited from their superior LoS and manouverability, and their ungor screen. Add to that the solid support troops we have with Minotaurs, Furies, Centigors and Chariots and we have a fast, hard-hitting army.

    One thing we do lack is ranks, but in this game I didn't think it would be an issue because of the Skaven support. And shooting is our other disadvantage, but again, this didn't come into play. I felt that Tomb Kings and Dark Elves didn't go as well together, but using Tomb Kings in the middle and Dark Elves supporting flanks and providing a fast edge, I think they wouldn't have gone badly.

    My army was:
    2x Wargor (GWs)
    2x Shamans (1 LoB, 1 LoD)
    2x Battle Herds
    2x Ambushing Herds
    2x 5 warhounds
    3x Minotaurs
    1x Chariot
    6x Furies

    1x Chieftan (or whatever the hero lvl one is)
    2x Engine Seers
    3x Clan Rats w/ Rattling
    2x small Slave Rat squads
    2x Giant Rat squads
    3x 4 Globadiers
    1x Warp Cannon

    Tomb Kings:
    1x Prince
    2x Priests
    30x Skellies
    10x Archers
    20x Tomg Guard
    3x Ushabti
    1x SSC
    3x Chariots

    Dark Elves
    2x Sorc
    3x 5 Riders
    5x CoK
    10x Executioners
    1x RBT
    2x 25 Warriors

    The highlight for me was the left flank. He had 2 units of riders, the CoK and a squad of Warriors staring off against my super herd (with LoD shaman and general) and 3 minotaurs. A scary proposition. I moved up in turn one and on turn two I moved up further and ambushed two small squads. On turn three he still refused to charge. With LoD I gave his CoK -3Ld and then killed 2 with magic missiles. He fled into my beast herd. The other herd charged into the Dark riders and killed them off. After that the warriors and other riders came down, but my battle herd and minotaurs took care of them (despite the 5 wounds done to my minotaurs from the bolt thrower).

    On the right flank was his SSC with 10 archers, ushabti and chariots. I originally charged my furies up there to kill the SSC, but they stayed because the warmachine doesn't disappear until the next turn. So he charged with the chariots and wiped them out. I charged them with my other battle herd (with a wargor) and wiped them out. But he combi-charged with the ushabit and archers. Because of how many archers I killed I won the combat, then proceeded to wipe out the ushabti.

    In the middle my other ambushin herd and the warhounds finished off the RBT and the squad of warriors were rear-charged by the hounds who won combat (killing 3), and the herd then flanked the squad, who then broke and I ran them down (with the general).

    The best thing they could muster was to kill by hounds on the first turn, have them flee, and panic my chariot off the board in turn 1.

    The middle was a complete stand-off because all of his big squads were there, and all of the skaven squads were there as well. So very little combat occured in the middle until the last turn, which ended with about 2 kills per side per combat, and everyone passing their -1 modified leadership tests.

    Skaven shooting is very ineffective at this level. It was hard to get LoS and the Skaven player was just moving far too slowly. He should have moved up and received charges.

    Their hope was that the TK fear would be able to keep my ambushers particularly in check, while his Dark Elves would be able to flank the skaven. In the end it worked out the exact opposite. Skaven can out-speed TK and I can out-manouvere Dark Elves, so it would be us dictating the battles. I threw all my squads into crushing the Dark Elves, knowing that my speed and CC prowess would beat their low T and Sv, while Skaven whether psychologically (in turns 1-5, as it turned out), or in combat (in turn 6) would be able to stale-mate the Tomb Kings (not being able to out-number with fear).

    So in the end I considered it a glorious victory for the Beastmen. Out of everything killed (on either side), the Beasts had killed about 80% of it. That's not to say the Skaven didn't do their trick. They were terrified of Skaven ranks and shooting (magical or otherwise).

    15-20 Ungors (meh)
    1 Minotaur
    1 Chariot
    8 Puppies
    Points: c. 250

    1 squad Slave Rats
    almost 1 whole squad of clan rats
    various other clan rats
    Points: c. 300-400

    Dark Elves:
    15x Dark Riders (Beasts!)
    5x CoK (Beasts!)
    10x Executioners (Beasts!)
    1x RBT (Beasts!)
    40x Warriors (Beasts!)
    2x Sorc (Beasts!)
    Points: c. 1300

    Tomb Kings:
    1x SSC (Beasts, with help from Warp Lightning)
    3x Ushabti (Beasts!)
    10x Archers (Beasts!)
    3x Chariots (Beasts!)
    10x Skeletons (Skaven)
    12x Tomb Guard (Skaven)
    Points: c. 800

    Margin: 1500-1700 points

    A gret victory for the warped of Chaos, and a glorious display of martial prowess by the chosen children of the Dark Gods: The Beastmen!

    Last edited by Tones; November 10th, 2006 at 03:43.
    Current Armies:
    Beasts of Chaos (4000)
    Chaos Marines (3000)

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