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    Tournamnet Report

    my list:
    Exalted - MoN, lvl2, spell breaker diabolic splendor
    17 plague bearers - full command
    16 plague bearers - full command
    2 nurgling bases
    3 plague riders
    chariot of nurgle - 2 daemon beasts

    Game 1 v Jason Moore
    jason was runnign a high elf army with
    commander on horse
    2 level 2s
    25 spearmen
    15 swordmasters
    6 helms
    2 RBT

    setup had the reavers on one flank a fair way out of the early stages the RBT, spearmen and swordmasters in the centre with the helms and the chariot on the right flank. I set my plague riders opposite the chariot with my ranked units and riders in the centre. The early stages were predicatable with the magic and RBT thinning one unit down. The exalted charged one bolthrower wiping out the crew and overrunning the second. One mage failed a terror test and fled from the daemon only to fail to rally and run in front of the overrunning exalted he fled from in the first place. The spearmen chargedthe depleted unit of plague bearers and proceeded to wipe them out over 3 combat rounds - fighting in 3 ranks is nasty - even on 5's to hit! Jase was a bit too cautious with his helms which ended with them failing a fear test on the chariot only to be charge by the chariot and plagueriders next turn and wiped out. The swordmasters and reavers managed a combined charge on the other plaguebearer unit and proceded to win combat by 11! fortunately the unit survived with 2 members left - only to result in a rear and flank charge from the chariot and plagueriders - with the nurgle boys winning the next round by 11!

    By the end of the game the high elves had one unit of spearmen left - which proceeded to fail their terror test at the start of turn 6!
    Ended up massive win to the nurgle boys by 2200 odd victory points 20-0

    Game 2
    Joe bellavance's Tomb Kings
    prince in chariot with in a unit of 5 chariots
    priest on foot - cloak, jar
    priest on horse
    25 warrior
    2 x 10 bowmen
    3 ushabti.
    The skellies and bowmen setup in the centre with the scorp and ushabti behind to counter attack - the prince and the chariots went to the far flank, but had to ro around a large forrest to get to my deployment zone.

    This game was pretty much over by the end of turn 1. Previously I;d suggested to joe to give his heirophant the cloak to aid mobility. In his first turn the heirophant joined a unit of archers directly opposite my plague bearer unit with the exalted in it, and then proceeded to move forward into charge range in my turn 1 the exalted flew into combat with the archers and btb with the heirophant and went on to lay some nurgle-style smack down onto the liche = dead liche start crumbling from turn 2. In the TK turn 1 the chariots declined to charge the nurglings who were partially in a forrest - whcih would have drawn the chariot into the forrest as well. The magic and archers thined out one plaguebearer unit, with my magic defense stopping the skeleton unit charging the exalted fighting the remaining bowmen who, thanks to the exalted and crumbloing were wiped out completely.

    In my turn 2 the plague riders and chariot charged and wiped out the other bowmen unit, with the plague rider's overrun taking them into the scorpian behind. In the TK turn 3 more modells disappered due to crumbling, the skeleton warriors suffering heavy casualties. The ushabti flanked charged the plague riders while the TP chariot unit was out of range of the rear of a plague bearer unit. TK magic was again ineffective with the TP rolling a 1 trying to charge the PB's (when its not your day....). The ushabti failed to damage the plague riders and ended up loosing the combat by 4 and remaining with only 1 ushabti left.
    At this point Joe decided the writing was on the wall and conceeded. I'd lost half a unit of plague bearers and that was it. 20-0 win

    Game 3 vs Darren Poke (Pokey)

    Darren had a great looking dwarf army that was very well composed
    20 odd warriors
    15 warriors w/ gw
    10 thunderers
    10 quarallers
    15 ironbreakers
    15 slayers
    canon with rune or re-roll
    organ gun

    Victory points for destroyed stuff only scenario

    I castled my deployment with the 2 PB units behind a hill on my left flank with the chariot hugging the left flank table edge and my plague riders on the far right flank. Darren depolyed his cannon and organ gun facing the PB's and chariot backed up by the GW warriors and thunderers. The IB and warriors held his centre while the slayers and quarrellers lined up against the PR.

    The stunties went first with no moving on to shooting. I'd placed the chariot on the far left in the opening and figured it would take the most heat allowing my ED PB unit to move forward to allow a ED "out of unit charge". The cannon was spot on for the chariot with a good guess and good bounce - but a 1 to wound - yeah! already it had lasted longer that I'd expected!. In my turn my whole army advanced with the chariot and PB'S moving up onto the hill in front of them aiming to threaten the centre and war machines. The plague riders moved into charge range of the slayers.

    In the dwarf turn 2 the resolute stunties moved up to face the upcoming threats, with the slayers moving forward to meet their glorious demise against the plague riders next turn. Again the chariot's charmed live continued - the cannon guess was good, but a misfire on the first roll activated the rune of forging, unfortunately the bounce was also a misfire which couldn't be re-rolled, so the chariot lived! The thunders thined out the PB unit with the ED in in, while the organ gun managed a few more wounds. On the right the quarrallers took a wound off the plagueriders.

    In my turn 2 it was on! the plague riders charged the slayers and the ED charged the cannon crew, while the chariot charged the ranked warriors unit with GW. My Pbs unit moved forward again to threaten the warriors and ironbreakers, while the nurglings ran forward to get shot by the thunders. Combat was messy with teh ED wiping out the cannon and overrunning into the organ gun. The chariot wiped out the front rank of the GW warriors but the stunties held. On the far side the plague riders killed 10 slayers! leaving no attakcs back.
    Turn 3 - The dwarfs were under the pump now with the ironbreakers charging the depleted BP unit and the missile units moving to try and minimize overrun damage. Shooting did nothing, in combat the ED wiped out the organ gun crew while, the GW warriors wounded the chariot and won combat, put the chariot held. The plague riders wiped out the remaining slayers leaving them free from combat and ready to charge the quarrellers next turn. The IB v PB battle continued with the IB againing winning but the PB holding. In my turn the undamaged unit of PB charged the thane and runesmith containing warrior unit while the plague riders collected the quarrellers, the nuglings charged the thunders. the ED moved behind the dwarf army to get a charge off next turn. The chariot won combat finally over the GW dwarfs and chased the little stunties ran off the board. The PB unit fighting the ironbreakers finally popped while the PB unit that charged the uber-warrior unit predicatably lost combat but held.
    Turn 4
    The iron breakers charged the nurglings fighting the thunderers and that was it for the stunties. The nurglings popped and the IB again overran to try and distance them selves from the chariot and plague riders behind their ranks. The combat between the uber warrior unti and PB again finished with a stunty win, but again the PB held. My turn 4 the chariot and plague riders moved to face the rear of the thunders while the ED charged the rear of the uber warrior unit. Suprisingly the plaguebearer-warrior-exalted unit finished in a stunty win, but again low instability rolls kept everyone fighting.

    Turn 5 the ironbreakers turned to face the oncoming plague riders while the thunders turned to face the other way. The big combat again finished in a win to the stunties, again the nurgle boys held (how many lost rounds was that?). In my turn 5 the chariot and plague riders wiped out the thunders but failed to reach anything else. The ongoing combat was again won by the stunties (bloody 3+ saves), while my plague bearer unit was reduced down to just 5 models.

    Turn 6 the ironbreakers had no range to anything and moved backwards to try and get away from the plague riders and protect the flank of the warrior unit. In the ongoing combat ended in a draw, thankfully the warrior unit was looking a little lighter thanks to some good damage from the exalted. The game was still close with the warrior unit a lot of points including the runesmith and general, with my general wounded, nurglings gone, one PB unit popped and the other down to 4 models. In my turn the chariot charged the flank of the ironbreakers while the plagueriders charged the front. I chose to do this combat first, and it didn't go well for the stunties - 6 impact hits! and even with a 2+ save a significant number of ironbreakers dropped. Darren needed insane courage to hold - he rolled the dice and I saw the 1 first - and I screamed - fortunately the other dice was 6 phew! the ironbreakers ran, and were run down by the chariot with the plague riders pursuit taking them into the rear of the uberwarrior unit :armata_PDT_11: . With no ranks, a rear bonus and a few wounds it spelt the end for the warrior unit who broke and were caught by the ED.
    In the wash I had lost one PB unit, the nurglings, had one unit reduced to 2 models, 2 wounds on the genral, 3 wounds of the chariot (bloody GW dwarfs) and the plague riders.
    With the dwarfs routed from the field and victory polints for destroyed units only it was a big win for the nurgle boys, although it felt a lot closer. This was easily the best game of the tournament and literally came down to the last combat of the game - darren was a great sport and did dwarf generals proud!

    Game 4 Richard Anear - Ogres
    Richard had a great looking snow-themed ogre army with bruiser (w/o tenderizer - I didn't realise that was allowed )
    2 butchers
    a couple of bull units
    2 gnoblar units
    2 leadbelcher units
    2 rhinox riders

    at this point I had a feeling I had to be up in contention and figured short of getting absolutely pantsed I should figure up there. With that in mind I depolyed very defensively with impassable terrain on my right flank a forrest in my centre with a hill on the other side of it and my pb units and general on my left flank. I put the plagueriders way out on the left again to see if I could draw off some of richards heavy hitters. The chariot deployed in the gap between the impassable terrain and the forrest. Richard deployed his ironguts opposite the plague riders, with the rhinox inwards. bulls, leadbelchers in the centre with gnoblar screens and bulls on the far flank.

    The first turns were fairly cagey with neither of us wanting to commit, the ironguts head towards the plagueriders who'd crested a hill and shuffled back each turn to stay out of range, while the rhinox riders headed towards the chariots, which I also kept shuffling back since the riders had the extra range. The leadbelchers mauled a nurgling unit while on the left my exalted flew out to threated the smaller bull unit, but had to be really careful not to get into leadbelcher range. Richards magic did very little against me, and I used all my power dice to dispell his RiP as I saw fit.

    The game looked like in might be heading for a stalemate until richard made 2 very important mistakes - he moved a bull unit containing the general and a butcher up onto a hill facing down a PB unit and moved the rhinox forward to threaten the chariot, unfortunately in both cases he'd misjudged the distance by a gnats winky putting both units in charge range of the PB and chariot respectively. In my turn the PB charged the bulls and the chariot the rhinox. My other PB charged one of the bait gnoblar units who were next to the bulls on my left, with the intention that when I won combat I'd get flanked by the bulls. The PB smacked the gnoblars and with a high overrun managed to get out of charge arc of the bull trap. In the centre the the plague bearers mamaged a couple of wounds on the bull unit, the ogre general smashed the PB champ in the challenge and at this point it went to crap for richard - the rest of the unit and the butcher all failed to hit (hitting on 5's saved me here). The nurgle boys were up by 2, richard had 2 attempts at his break test (fistfull of laurels) and failed both, the ogres ran and were run down by the plague bearers, with the resulting panic seeing off a leadbelcher unit who failed to rally and ran off the board. The chariot hammered into the rhinox riders and caused a couple of wounds but took 1 in return, despite losing comat the chariot held.

    On my right I decided to sacrafice the the plagueriders to keep the ironguts out of the way, and next turn they got hammered by the ironguts. The remaining leadbelchers charged the nurglings while the bulls played ring-a-ring-of roses with the exalted who kept flying around them. A unit of gnoblars failed their terror test and never rallied. In the ironguts-riders combat the ironguts hit a disgustingly high number of times (despite needing 5's) and caused 5 wounds, they took 3 wounds in return, but won combat and popped the plagueriders outright. The leadbelchers beat the nurglings who held them up for another turn before finally popping. The rhinox- chariot combat ended with a win for the chariot, with the remaining rider fleeing never to rally. In my next turn the chariot charged the remaining ironguts who lost combat, broke and were run down. In richards last turn his leadbelchers failed to rally as did his rhinox.
    In the wash up I'd lost the nurglings and plague riders, while richard had lost everying bar the 3 strong bulls unit and the leadbelchers.
    As I said at the start, I'd deployed for a draw but ended up with a 20-0 win

    Overall I finished on 80/80 battle points, with a final score of 142 and was very happy to take out FIRST PLACE!.

    It was a great tournament, a fantastic air conditioned venue (which was a god-send considering it was 37+ degrees outside) and a good turn out of players.
    I had 4 great games and enjoyed every single one of them.

    I'm looking forward to playing again next year.

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    Great report, Saxon_Aus. And thanks for taking time to type it up. Good playing and congrats.
    And gnat's winkie. I've gotta remember that one.
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    Actualy I could have done without that... now it's in my head and won't get out.

    Good games, I thought the tombkings army looked strong when I looked at it, but I guess in WHFB all it takes is a little mistake sometimes to send everything crashing down aroud you.

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