King Palos vs. the children of Elron - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    in progress

    "An elfin host was on the horizon winding between the rays of the seeping light of dawn, breaking through the cracks and crags of the high cliffs about a river valley. A forgotten crypt and shrine, a destination for pilgrams of the empire, perched on the edge of the badlands.

    Palos, a great king of Khemri in the old days, was bringing his army to meet his High Priest Elkenah who had just defeated the heart of an Orc horde, liberating lost texts, star charts whose depictions of the heavens might enable one to draw on energies as of yet unknown to the modern world. It was for this reason that the children of Elron came to this valley, a strike against those who might upset the delicate balance and invite more chaos into the world. They meant to sever the hand that matched Elkenahs sorcery.

    The two forces had met before, in various incarnations, but never their leaders, and they had always been delicate manouvers, neither side seriously wanting to commit to a war with a foe with whom they had no real quarrel. This day however, much blood would be split, but whether that meant war would erupt between this ancient King of Khemri and the equally old house of Elron remains to be seen... Qubusenuef the Falcon, a priestess of Elkenah, has speed towards the force of Palos with her masters cloak, to warn the King of the approaching elves."

    This was a 2500 point game that, because of a late start, ended after the third turn.
    My Tomb Kings army consisted of,
    TK Palos: Flail of skulls, Scorpian armor, Vambraces. Lich priestess the Falcon: cloak of the dunes, hieratic jar. Bes, the luck bringer: Casket of Souls, nefferas plaques, Enkhils canopi. Tethmosis: 2xdispel, steed. 25 bowmen w/banner of undying, 9 chariots(3 per unit), 20 Tomb gaurd w/Rakhaphs Icon, 4 Ushabti, 6 carrion, 2 scorpians and a catapult.

    The elves army was,(and sorry for the missing of magic items, and don't the names of my friends elves sound familiar?)
    Elron of the 4th Circle: some fireball ring, Lore of Light. Tanis of the second,lore masters cloak, sliver wand., ? Lore of fire. Elothonar of the second: Lore of fire,. Legolas: Lore of fire, 1 extra power dice. 2 units of 10 Bowmen, 10 shadow warriors, 2 bolt throwers, 10 dragon princes w/warbanner and some undead/daemon killing banner, 10 silver helms, 15 phoenix gaurd with arcane(?) banner(adds d3 power dice). I Chariot with 2 extra steeds.

    The battle field looked like this,--->(on a 6x4)(if someone can help me add my photo's, I will be very grateful.) South is ----> x=single trees that block LOS/cannot be entered

    The army of Palos was coming from the west...
    six chariots(10") deployed between the forest and river hidden from the elfin bolt throwers, one scorpian in the forest to their north. The bowmen were at the 12" stretching from the river nearly to the crypt, with the Tomb Guard just behind their center and to the south. The casket used the crypt along its right flank(south), the carrion took up west of the crypt, and on the south side, were 3 more chariots, a catapult, the 4 ushabti and a scorpian.
    The elves deployed the Silver helms(w/elothonar) on the north edge hidden behind the pilgrams hut, the shadow warriors deployed nearby in the river, hidden behind the bridge.


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    Upload your photos to a webhosting service like Photobucket or to your own space if you subscribe to an ISP that provides webspace.

    Then enter the URL of your image by clicking the small icon of a mountain with the sun in the background.

    I look forward to reading the rest of the report. The last one was really good.
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