2000pt Tomb Kings vs Orcs - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    LO Zealot MobiusPrime's Avatar
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    2000pt Tomb Kings vs Orcs

    Okay, so as always with my reports, this will be less of a play by play, and more of a highlight reel for the games that I played vs my buddy's Orcs today.

    Here's the lists.

    My Tomb Kings

    Tomb Prince (General)
    -Shield, Great Weapon, Armor of the Ages, Talisman of Protection
    Tomb Prince
    -Spear of Antarhak, Enchanted Shield, Light Armor
    Liche High Priest (Hierophant)
    -Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar, Golden Ankrha
    Liche Priest
    -Dispel Scrollx2
    10 Skeleton Archers
    -Light Armor
    10 Skeleton Archers
    -Light Armor
    25 Skeleton Fighters
    -Full Command, Light Armor, Shields
    25 Skeleton Fighters
    -Full Command, Light Armor, Shields
    15 Tomb Guard
    -Full Command, Banner of the Undying Legion
    Tomb Scorpion
    Tomb Scorpion
    Screaming Skull Catapult
    -Skulls of the Foe

    B's Orcs (Note that I'm working off a foggy picture for the Orc army list)
    Black Orc Warboss (General)
    -Heavy Armor, Shield
    Black Orc Bigboss (BS
    -Heavy Armor
    Lv2 Orc Shaman
    -Dispel Scrollx2
    25 Orc Boys
    -Full Command, Shields
    25 Savage Orc Boys
    -Full Command, Spirit Totem (? - banner that adds dispel dice = ranks)
    30 Night Goblins
    -Full Command, Spears, Sheilds, two Fanatics
    5 Goblin Wolf Riders with spears
    5 Goblin Spider Riders with spears and bows
    Rocklobba with Bully
    20 Black Orcs
    -Standard, Musician, Banner of Butchery
    7 Squig Hoppers
    Goblin Doom Diver

    Here's the setup.


    Close-ups on the Tomb Kings' lines:

    Close-ups on the Orcs' lines:

    (The Goblins in front of the Orc unit was a bad decision for deployment. The Goblins failed animosity twice this game, which had the Orc battle line totally skewed, and the General out of pocket to contribute leadership to the rest of the army.)

    (Also, here's some close-up on some of B's fantastic Orcs that haven't seen the field for about five years!)

    (I nicknamed the Savage Orcs 'OogaChuggas' because that's what it looks like they should be chanting.)

    And the first turn of the game!


    Not much goes on the first few turns. The Orcs march up a bit and get blasted by double tapping Catapults and Skeleton Archers. Like I said in deployment, the Night Goblins failed animosity twice and blocked the Orc unit from moving forward. The characters keep disco dancing so I can't get a snipe charge with the Scorpions. Something that had me scared was the Squig Hoppers sneaking around from behind.


    Especially when my Tomb Guard get diverted because are basically charge committed against a fast moving enemy that is just going to flee away.


    I hate charge deverters. And B is really good at employing that tactic.

    On turn three, I finally managed to break the Goblin unit with missile fire and it fled out, clearing the path for the Orcs to move in.


    ...but it was too late. I had an unintentional clip that worked out to my advantage on the right flank that broke and killed the Black Orc unit and put my Skeletons with the Tomb Prince in prime position to wipe out everything else.


    At this point, my opponent conceded.

    (BTW, the item my opponent forgot about was his banner that adds +1 dispel dice per rank of the unit. Three extra dispel dice makes a hell of a difference when facing Tomb Kings.)

    Okay, so a rematch is underway. I set my Tomb Kings up exactly the same, but the Orcs set up slightly different.


    Slightly different on the left flank with the OogaChuggas over there. The main difference is not blocking the Orcs with the Night Goblins in the center.

    Both warmachines did bubkus this game, except for one exchange of fire during turn three.

    I hit his big unit smack dab.


    Unfortunately, I only killed one friggin Orc!
    Then the Rocklobba answers right back!


    And rocks the skeleton unit, killing 12 guys!

    On the left flank, the OogaChuggas dismantle my Tomb Guard after I am charge committed yet again by Goblin Wolf riders.


    However, on the right flank, I manage to set myself up to pull off a flank charge on the Black Orcs after they Waagh into my Scorpion that was strategically placed to divert them from my catapult.


    ...Unfortunately, the Black Orcs fail their fear check and flee when I charge them, which negates the posibility of killing them and overrunning into the rest of the Orc line to stop it from closing with the rest of my army.
    Meanwile, Fanatics are released on my other Tomb Scorpion and generally get in the way as the Orcs continue to advance.


    In the final throws of the game, my Tomb Guard have already been decimated by the OogaChuggas and Squig Hoppers, who then blaze through a line of Skeleton Archers (with the help of some Night Goblins). The Archer line contained a Prince that I didn't move into a fighting block as I thought it was under too much danger from the Orc Boys unit. But the Orc Boys decide instead to charge and kill my Catapult (which just so happened to have a Liche with them). They get bogged in the woods, and I flank charge them with my remaining skeletons but...


    The Warboss and BSB are more than a match to recoup the combat res bonuses I get for flanking.

    The final action of the battle looks like this:


    And I know there's no hope, so I concede.


    I had a blast playing both games, even though I got squashed in the second one. It's amazing what happens if you forget about one magic banner that you bought - especially when that magic banner stunts my army's greatest asset: Magic. Anyway, here's one last photo for your pleasure. Hope you enjoyed my batrep, as dodgy as it may be.


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    /botnobot/ DavidWC09's Avatar
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    Thanks for taking time to post pics! It was fun reading the report and looking at the images.
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    Senior Member Palos's Avatar
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    Nice Scrap book!

    It was cool to see all those pics Mobius,
    (inspires me to do the same vs. ... you guessed it, Orcs today. A 3000 point Slaugher fest just in time for Easter.)
    Strangely enough, your list looks quite similar to mine wargear and troop wise. Looking forward to the next one, pictures always add so much... a way better spread than any Whitedwarf.
    Last edited by Palos; April 10th, 2007 at 22:54.

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    That was fun! ^_____^

    The report is nice and simple, your pics are great and perfectly show each phase of the game.
    Some lines really made me laugh, first of all the squig hopper showing his a$$, I have 5 of those minis and my opponents always laugh at them , plus the final discussion between unpainted models

    Thanx for posting, incoming rep for you ^_____^

    Actually Playing:
    40k : Necron ,Chaos, Space Orks ,Eldar ,Dark Angels, 'Nyds
    WHFB : Orks & Gobbos, Vampire Counts

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    next time, give your TK the icon of rakaph, so that when he charge diverts you, simply use your free reform and then charge whatever you wanted to in the first place.

    good way to just make a person go.


    great against dark elves and their sneaky sneaky DR.
    Eat cheese.
    It's good.

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