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    3000 Tomb Kings vs. Orcs

    popular foes...

    What are the Tomb Kings and Orcs doing so far from home? Deep in the northern wastes of Chaos they met... hordes of the half painted. Laughter abounds from the sight of trees growing out of a lake terrain piece. Rules are confused. Hours vanish from both players lives, never to to reclaimed. It was an easter holiday SLAUGHTER FEST, and this holiday of chocolates and crucifixtions did nothing to calm the fury with which these two lost armies battled. Behold in all its glory,
    Battle Report #2, by J.J. Palos, Tomb King of the Albatross.

    This is the battle field, TURN ONE. I win the first turn with my legions but defer to the grumbling Orcs as I want to see how they are going to move and also give my self the final move to tie up any loose ends...

    note: that wall you see there will be NORTH. Ok?

    The legions of Palos: TK Palos w/flail of skulls, vambraces, armor of ancients, HP Elkenah w/cloak, NEf's plauques, Golden Ankhra, priestess w/x2 dispel & steed, priest w/S.o. Ravening & steed, Prince Metehemnet w/ Spear of Antarhak, enchanted shield, armor, armor, great weapon.
    2xScorpian, 6xCarrion, 3xChariots w/undying banner, 3x chariots, 2x Giants, 20 Tomb Guard w/champion, standard, Rakaphs Icon, 17xBowmen, 20xBowmen, 4 Ushabti.
    15 potential "power dice" & 6 Dispel. I felt that this was going to be a good force, although I wondered how the 440 points of Bone Giant was gonna fare. I usually take Catapults and maybe the Casket but I wanted to get used to playing without them... you never know when disaster is going to strike right?

    Deployment from North to South at the 12'' line: 6x chariots, 4 Ushabti w/the Carrion and the Priestess Qubesenuef just behind. One scorpian and one Bone Giant take up position behind those "Ice teeth," with the Hierophant behind them. Next, more or less in the center of my line are 20 Bowmen and the Priest Tuthmosis, than the 2nd Scorpain, The Tomb Guard w/Palos, the 2nd Giant, and the 17 bowmen.

    The hordes of uh, Charles, the Black Orc: Barrel gut, the Black Orc Warboss(General) with a crazy amount of attacks and Str. 8, a second Black Orc Warboss (let's call him Butta no oshiri)w/sword that doesn't roll to wound and ignores armor!(ouch!) plus a boar, Mudguts the 2nd level Shaman w/Gorks Warpath and a magic missle type spell, stinky stink guts(I am sure that's wrong...), a second level night goblin shaman w/brain bursta(i fink) and eh, something else.
    "Disclaimer": I just know that the Orcs had a buncha blasty stuff and the spell names where sounding similar...sorry about the lack of info.
    Also a black Orc bigboss. The troops(which all had full command) were 2x 20 twenty night goblinsw/spears,(w/surprise fanatic), 5 boar boyz joined with the Warboss, 27 boyz w/spear, 21 Black Orcs, 27 boyz w/spear joined Barrel Gut, 2 Boar Chariots w/extra crew, 10 spider riders, 5 squig hoppers, 3 trolls and 2 strips of cardboard with 3x goblins each, uh, I mean, um 2x doom Diver Catapults.(those things are a pain to be sure!)

    The Orcs North to South: 10 cowardly spider riders in the NW corner(ready for a counter charge?), the 5 squigs are at the 12'' line, just near the hill which is sloped on the northern and part of the western side allowing access. Next is 1x DoomDiver, than the boy boyz with warboss Butta, 20 night goblins with a chariot behind them, 27 spear boyz w/ cheif/lord/general Barrel Gut, on the South Side of the ruins are 21 Black Orks w/ Mudguts the ork shamen, the 2nd Chariot, 2nd Doom Diver w/gob shamen, 3 trolls, 27 more boyz and 20 more night goblins!
    Whug!!! dat's alot uv Orcs that is. Palos was wondering at this point if he should have listened to Elkenahs suggestion/demand to bring the Bone Giants...

    Orcs: all but the Spider riders and Doom Divers(duh!?) move forward... actually, the Northern Doom diver had forgotten to move up the hill it had deployed behind. Magic and shooting destroy a few bowmen from the central unit. Ba-boiing!!!! With nasty screams and spitting the squig(teddy ruxpin anyone?) hoppers bound towards the chariots, well within charge range...
    As I had hoped the black Orcs south of the ruin move into the center of the field to join the warboss and his boyz to the north, the terrain is allowing me to keep the Orks divided.

    Tomb Kings: 3 Chariots creak forward, the silent steeds break into an eerie canter across the ice gliding into and through the chaotic squigs, sqish, splat. Their overrun takes them within range of the spiders and of course the Doomdiver. The Ushabti are prolled into comabt by the combined efforts of the Hierophant and Prince Metehemnet, they destroy all but the boar champaion and wound the warboss twice who flees. The night goblins behind the boyz release a fanatic who fails to cause any wounds and whirls towards the giant sending shards of ice exploding everywhich way and kicking up the snow. My high priest and Tuthmosis take cover in the Ice teeth, ready to send their magic towards the south or north.
    My second unit of chariots stays back before commiting to travel north around the hill... a mistake! I had been hoping one unit was enough to deal with the spiders if backed by magic.
    The carrion are magicked into the ruins to "march block" and be ready to catch any cowards. My south scorpian moves into the woods to sneak up on the 2nd Doom Diver and accompanying shaman. My bowmen down a few goblins and a black ork.

    Orcs:[/B] Duhh! The trolls suffer from stupidty and bulnder 3'' forward slowing the boyz to their south, the goblins nearby squabble. The black orks continue, slowed by the threat(!?) of the carrion who are screeching up a storm. the north mob of boyz seems to want to get the birds and Barrel Gut has to restore order by killing 2. The northern unit of Gobz charges the Ushabti and the Prince can't help but smile, they are just the thing to "feed his spear and repair the constructs, in rez the gobs heed the "sugestions" of Barrel guts and hold. Spiders charge the chariots and kill one with rez, the magic spells are fading. The fanatic wounds the nearby giant once. Doomdiver to the south crushes more bowmen. The goblin shaman sneaks along behind the Black Orcs unaware of the scorpain scuttling though the frozen trees...

    Tomb Kings:The carrion leave the ruins to feast on the spiders while Elkenah flies and lands on the hill to weave an incantation of ugency. The 2nd unit of chariots now advances followed by the priestess. Shooting drops another few gobz and boyz. The night goblins flee now from the "wet with gore" Ushabti. The spiders destroy the last 2 chariots. My Carrion can't get at the doom Diver, the incantations fail.


    Orcs: The spiders want to charge my Hierophant who failed to clean up, but thankfully, oh so thankfully, fail their fear test. The Warboss Butta leaves the boar champion.

    The boyz and black Orcs in the center continue to advance towards my center. The trolls are still stupid. The south goblins and boyz move to adjust their line even with the trolls. The goblins fleeing from the Ushabti, now rally.

    Tomb Kings:Palos leads the Tomb Guard and Giant into the trolls, where, after the brutes regenerate all but one wound and even puke on the giant, are beaten by comabt rez and fail their leadership(ya think!?). The giant gives chase and beats them into a paste. I was a fool not to pursue with the Tomb Guard as well, as with their Icon of Rakahp they would likely have ended up in a rear, or at least a flank arc of the boyz next round...
    Both units of bowmen are reforming in the movement and firing in the magic phase, preparing to fight. I have abandoned the center, leaving the Black Orcs and Barrel gut n' friends to waste time against the single unit of bowmen, now a fighting block. My carrion destroy the north Doom Diver and the 2nd unit of chariots crushes the spiders, and uses to overrun move but goes to far.... off the board.
    The Ushabti charge the goblins who are now too far from barrel gut and run again. The chariot is also sent lumbering away. The scorpian kills the last boar boy.
    My North Giant charges the warboss Butta and is killed by rez...the triumphant Orc stands atop a pile of smoldering bones.

    Orcs: Terror caused by the south giant sends the nearby Orcs off the board. The Warboss Butta charges my priest Tuthmosis and knocks him into 45 or so pieces. Barrel Gut leads his boyz into my bowmen but only caues a single wound!
    The Black orks stumble around a bit, seeming unsure if they should support their general or chase my King. The doom diver tears a chunk from my giant and Gorks warpath cause havoc, killing the south scorpain, wounding the giant, hitting the Tomb Gaurd, crunching some bowmen and wounding my Hierophant! The goblin shaman sneaks into the ruins and begins taking pot shots at my Hierophant.

    Tomb Kings: The carrion fly to the west, circling the sky above the lone black orc warboss. Elkenah and the Priestess Qubesenuef head towards the ice teeth, keeping out of the way of Butta. the goblins are caught by the scorpian and snipped into messy little piles. The survivng giant, hanging on with just two wounds, charges the goblins who hold and somehow don't flee for their lives, but. Palos turns the Tomb Guard to face the black orcs, but I mixed up my casting order and wasn't able to use the Kings "My Will." The gobs flee from the giant in rez. (In was a draw, we rolled for a winner...)

    Orcs:The black Orcs turn towards the Tomb Guard, barrel gut is locked in combat with the bowmen who are being extra stubborn today, Elknah is poring magic into them and the last scorpian, carrion and Ushabti are drawing near. The north Chariot flees off the table, and the south one flees from the Terror of the giant. The last Doom Diver pulls itself apart!

    Tomb Kings:
    The Ushabti begin to move towards the center of the field just incase the warboss runs, they will be there to catch him. The carrion are spirited into the fight, and the scorpian charges in. The bowmen are still holding on and the orcs almost flee but pass the leadership test. Palos and the Tomb Guard charge into the black orcs but little happens in the fight, I lose rez and a tomb guard crumbles.


    Orcs: Some Carrion get crunched and crumble with lost rez. The bowmen finally fall apart.

    Tomb Kings: The carrion are brought back up to full wounds, thus stealing the rank bonus of the Orcs again and getting a flank. Prince Metehemnet leaves the Ushabti to charge into the ruin and chops the goblin shamen into bits.

    The game ends with the victory points giving the Tomb Kings a minor voctory, 1815 vs. 973.

    It was an interesting game for both of us. The terrain forced us to make telling decisions and my opponent was sure that my use of it is what beat him. seems like we made a few mistakes, and he insisted on bringing back his south goblin unit because "oh yeah! they had a musician..." (why couldn't have a redo for my magic than?!)
    I like this size of game, but likely next time will not take the giants and instead more foot troops and maybe that catapult.

    Last edited by Palos; April 8th, 2007 at 19:27.

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    great battle report, but i couldn't quite understand the changing font and use of the word "scorpian"...is it not a scorpion? Tbh the game sounded like it was his fault....who would pit goblins against fear causing enemies?
    "If a jobs worth doing, its worth dieing for"

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    edit: nevermind... your prince was with the ushabti.
    Last edited by Sarcasmic; May 28th, 2007 at 12:39.
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    It's good.

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