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    2k battle report I won using tk

    ok basically ill start with the Neg's some people call me a power gamer but i dont belive in such a term. I just choose things that work and stik with them and discard things that dont if that makes me a "power gammer" then so be it i dont really care but i belive that if you pay to enter a tourney then you want to have a good winning chance. Enough of the crapp onto the battle report.

    Ok my list goes somthing like this
    tk on chariot + flail of sculls + scorpion armour
    tp on chariot + flaming vhariot
    lich priest + cloak of the dunes + heratic jar
    lich priest + casket +2 d scrolls

    3 charots
    3 chariots
    3 chariots + banner + campion + banner of sacred eye or watev
    3 chariots + banner + champion

    4 skorpions

    1 catapult

    Ok my first game went agianst a very good yet annoying player using skaven. 10 jezails, 2 warp lightning canons , 3 engeneers + warlord, 20 slaves, 20 slaves 20 clan rats + ratling , 20 clanrats + ratling , 20 plauge monks + war banner, + 2 units of 4 tunnelers.

    Ok so he deployed everything behind 2 hills terified of what would happen if my casket went off, i took first turn and deployed everything along a straight line 12 inches along the entire table and took first turn (2 skorpions where placed using icfb near his wlc) he depolyed his 2 tunneling team near my casket

    i moved everything 8 inches or so ahead magic didnt do much except waste his 4 dispell scrolls. this ment my magic would start working next turn. which was just fine by me

    He took his turn and did almost nothing except move his slaves foward back up by clan rats and plauge monks on one side while the other slaves where back up by clanrats with teh warlord and 2 ratling guns. I geuss he expected me to charge the slaves so that he's fell and counter charge. His magic didnt do much due to teh -1 of tha casket and my dispell scrolls which i wasted 1 + most of his own units blocked his los. his shooting phase : jezails took out 1 chariot, his wlc took out another 2 all from different units.

    nest turn one skorpion came out which charged to wc and he ran i charegd into his jezails unit with my tk and 3 chariots he failed his fear so his stand and shoot didnt take place , needless to say they where obliterated and i over ran behind his enemy line of defence. I charged my tp and unit at the slaves they obviously ran and i failed charge leaving me within charge of the plauge monks, using my liche priest and tp i managed to make my chariots + tp charge his plauge monks which lost th combat and fled, his caused his leadership 5 wlc to flee. most of his army was now in ruins i had broke his lines on both sides and there was nothing he could do to out mauver my charge 24 chariots (4 units of them). I tried shooting a ratling gun yet failed to wound it, scull catapult didnt do anything usefull till now. casket wasted his dice + scrolls if it went off once it would mean the death of all ratling guns and alot of other skaven but thats just fine for me. i also charged ith a tomb scorpion into a unit of clanrats with an engineer kille dthe engineer and lost the combat after his champion managed to miracioulsly wound the scorpion 2 wounds no fret i have another 3 scorpions. When his wlc ran from my first scorpion charge the crew came just infront of his other clan rat unit with the warlord blocking his flank charge into my tk chariot unit which had just destroied his jezails unit. ok got a bit lucky but if he had charged another chariot unit wa son stand by to flank him next turn my tk would hold easily with his scoprion armour

    his next turn both tunnerlec came up one failed terror and ran the other charged my heirofant which happend to be sunbathing nearby he got killed however i had already destroyed most of his army this meant we would end up getting around 200 points worth of crubling units. he shot 2 ratling guns on the unit of the tk, one misfired the other did 4 wounds killed a chariot & wounded another my tk charged his remaining unit of clanrats + warlord during magic and sent them back to the holes from which they came combined with a rear charge of a skorpion.

    He gave up that very turn making alot of hassel and i ende getting around 2500 points, (lord 2 standards and 3 quaters) he took around 700 points due to that heirofant mishap grr lol well nothing to moap over.

    Anyawy forgive my misdirected battel report & spelling yeah i know its a headache, get used to it lol (just kidding) but its my first one tryin my best after 4 games today and 3 hrs of slp yest (went out got drunk lol )

    more about the other 3 battels later on there are 2 interesting battles one vs dwarfs another vs chaos

    night all guys

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    Grats on the win. One thing though, there is a seperate section for battle reports, so you'll probably want to post future ones there.

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