2250 Dwarves vs. Chaos - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Dwarves vs. Chaos

    Hi all,

    This is less an entire battle report than a warning.

    WATCH OUT if you ever have the misfortune to fight vardek crom and a hellcannon in the same army. My Dwarves got themselves mauled badly.

    Chaos forces: Crom w/ 21 marauders, Sorceror of Chaos w/ 21 marauders, 12 chosen warriors with BSB with Banner of the Gods, 5 chosen knights, 2 beast chariots, 1 small beastherd, 5 warhounds, 3 chaos ogres w/ great weapons.

    My Dwarf forces: Shieldbearer Lord w/ hammerers, BSB w/ Longbeards, 2* 25 dwarves w/ hand weapon and shield, Runesmith with master rune of challenge, dragon slayer, thunderers, 2 bolt throwers w/ engineer, grudge thrower, organ gun, gyrocopter.

    Chaos deployed:

    hellcannon, chariot, marauders, warriors, marauders, chariot, beastherd, ogres, hounds, knights

    He had enough units to deploy both the chosen knights and the hellcannon after I deployed everything, so I didn't deploy properly to minimize the threat. I tried to bait the hellcannon into his lines with my gyrocopter, but it rampaged full distance twice in a row, and ended up in combat with my hammerers and Lord. It ate them over three turns, and gobbled up the organ gun as a desert. My attempts to guard my war machines with warriors and the dragon slayer were thwarted because I dispersed my forces to try and avoid death by hellcannon. So he basically ran through my lines killing things at will.

    Lessons: either disperse the dwarves to avoid the effects of the hellcannon, or bait it with the gyro, but not both. Doing both just baited it into my lines. If I'd baited it and had my infantry blocks far enough away to avoid the thing, that would have been ok (although difficult to accomplish due to deployment).

    Also, I MUST MUST MUST protect my war machines better, they keep awarding VP, and creating paths for enemies to march right down my lines after they smash the machines. I hate playing 'defend the hill' but I guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and do it more often if I want to succeed with dwarves. Especially since I want to avoid using an anvil.

    Oh well, first time I've fought against chaos as dwarves, and this guy was pretty experienced with his army. It was a fun game, but disheartening to learn that even hammerers w/ Lord die pretty easily to the hellcannon...

    If you've got thoughts for me I'd appreciate them.

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    Suggestions on how to protect warmachines… I’m still working on that myself to be honest. One idea I’ve been playing with is to avoid putting them into batteries and spreading them out inside my battle line for the short ranged guns ( organ gun, flame cannon) or outside on my flanks ( cannons, BT's).

    Battery grouping never seems to perform for me and more often than not presents an easy target for enemy counter fire, flyers and fast cavalry. Also to round if off you end up blocking your own line of sight with the other warmachines.

    Placing an organ gun in my line however means it’s a deadly prospect to try and attack the formation head on and protects the war machine from enemy light units thanks to the large number of heavy infantry near by. Cannons and bolt throwers work best when hitting the sides of units so a logical idea is to have them work in tandem and have them blasting inwards on enemy flanks or shooting at flanking units. This does of course leave them vulnerable to enemy attack mind you. A work in progress.

    I’ll be starting work on an article regarding war machine placement once my exams are over anyways so ill post the results of my experiments then.

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    Has anyone tried entrenchments? I haven't but it seems like it could work well.
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