1500 Wood Elves vs. Lizardmen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    45 (x2)

    1500 Wood Elves vs. Lizardmen

    After my abysmal placing at the Colonial I decided my Wood Elves should get another big tourney to prove themselves. I am taking them to Baltimore Games Day Tourney so I decided to get some practice in. This game was against my friend, he was the first person to beat my Wood Elves.

    My Wood Elves

    Wardancer Noble
    Moonstone of the Hidden Ways

    BSB Noble
    Oaken Armour

    Scroll Caddy

    X2 8 Dryads

    X2 10 Glade Guard

    5 Glade Riders

    5 Wild Riders

    7 Wardancers

    14 Eternal Guard
    Full Command


    Scar Vet
    Great Weapon
    Nike Shoes
    Glyph Necklace

    Skink Priest (Portent of Far, thunderbolt)
    Level 2
    Cube of Darkness

    Shaman (same)
    Level 2
    Blood Statuette of Spite
    Mark of the Old Ones

    20 Saurus
    Full Command

    10 Skinks

    X2 3 Kroxigors

    5 Chameleons

    3 Salamanders

    Deployment (from my view)
    ....Shaman.....shaman...................................................... .............................................
    Sallies..Krox.Hill(saurus).scar..Xrox,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    ................my trees....................................................Trees(chameleons). .........hill.skink
    .................dryads..EGhill(GG)..........GG............................ GR........WR.............................
    .............................dancers...Dryads.............................. ...............SS.............................

    Turn 1 Lizards-
    Move- He made an advance with his main line towards mine, slowing down to allow the saurus to keep up. The chameleons move to fire on the glade riders and the other skinks bide their time.
    Magic- I dispell one thunderbolt while the other fries 3 glade guard on foot.
    shoot- The chameleons take out 2 Glade Riders, I pass panic.

    Turn 1 WE-
    move- I charge my GR into the chameleons they hold knowing they can't possibly get away. My WR are then march blocked by them so they move into the woods, ready to join the rest of my line. My wardancers move from behind the EG and the dryads from behind the GG. The other dryad moves to the bottom right of my wood.
    Magic- hehe
    Shoot- The glade Guardmanage to put a wound on the krox.
    Combat- The glade riders kill 4 chameleons and lose none. They run them down an impressive 16 in.

    Turn 2 Lizards-
    move- He moves into position so he can charge me and I can't with his right krox. The saurus move up to the edge of my woods. The sallies and krox march down my left flank. The skinks move to blowpipe my Glade riders.
    Magic- I dispell neither thunderbolt, one kills 2 dryads and the other fries two of my GR.
    Shoot- The skinks single tap and put two wounds on my GR but they don't realize that he is super rider and he passes both 6+ saves.

    Turn 2 WE-
    move- My wardancers invite the right krox to charge them. The WR march blocked again move to flank the saurus. Super Rider moves to try and snipe one of his priests. The dryads make sure the scar Vet doesn't charge my fragile GG. My EG move to protect my left flank (mistake).
    Shoot- The glade guard fail to wound the krox at short range. But, super rider hits and wounds a priest.

    Turn 3 Lizards-
    Move- He charges my wardancers with the krox and Super Rider with his scar vet, I flee and get away just at the table edge. His saurus move to face the WR. His skinks aim their pipes at the WR. The left krox stay where they are and the sallies move to shoot the EG.
    Magic- He miscasts two spells in a row. One lets me cast treesing but I fail to roll high enough to block LoS to my WR. The other means the other priest is wounded, loses a level, and forgets the spell.
    Shoot- The skinks fail to put any wounds on my riders, however the sallies burn 7 EG and eat 3 handlers.
    Comabat- Thanks to 4+ ward, my dancers lose only one while I finish the wounded one. He passes ld.

    Turn 3 WE-
    Move- I charge both the WR and the dryads into the front of the Saurus, US 18 fear is very nice. Annoyed, I move my EG to make sure the Krox commit, but I plan to flee as I move my dryads unengaged to counter charge. Super Rider moves to finish what he has begun. The GG on the hill move to get a bead on the sallies.
    Shoot- The GG fail to cause any wounds and despite hittin, my Super rider fails to wound and finish of the priest.
    Combat- The dryad and WR combo kill 4 suaurs meaning they outnumber, he breaks (go fear) and my my WR catch them pursuing 15 in. and my dryads are in a position to rear charge the krox. In the other combat, my dancers put 5 wounds on the krox but the stupid champion kills my noble and rolls snakeeyes for ld.

    Turn 4 Lizards-
    Move- He recharges super rider but this time I have no place to go and hold. His Krox charge my EG but I flee setting the krox for a front and rear charge. The skinks move to the edge of the forest ready to shoot or charge my SS. The priests move out of Los of my Wild Riders.
    Magic- I scroll the thunder bolt on my WR.
    Shoot- The Sallies eat 4 handlers and burn 2 Dryads leaving 4 to charge the krox in the front.
    Combat- I kill the annoying krox champion with the dancers. My Super Rider dies nobily :cry: .

    Turn 4 WE-
    Move- I double charge the krox with dryads. My wardancers and SS move toward each other so if he tries to mess with the singer he messes with the wardancers. The Wild Riders move to face the inevitable charge from the scarvet. My EG rally.
    Magic- I forget to cast treesinging on the skinks but he cubes it.
    Shoot- My GG fail to wound the handlers (5 hits) but put a wound on the sallies. MY SS misses.
    Combat- I do an amazing 7 wounds on the Krox and the champ kills 1 in return. I run him down leaving me in a good position to trap the sallies.

    Turn 5 Lizards-
    Move- He charges my WR with his scar vet and my SS with his skinks, The Sallies move back into a corner and that is all he can do.
    Magic- I scroll the thunderbolt on my dancers and dispell the portent of far on his vet. The statuette fails to wound my bsb.
    shoot- The sallies burn 2 more dryads leaving one in the small unit.
    Combat- He puts a wound on my singer who then kills a skink, I pass ld. The Scar vet kills a rider and I fail to wound (stupid necklace), he passes ld.

    Turn 5 WE-
    Move- I charge the dancers into the skinks. The dryads corner the salamanders leaving them with no place to go. My other guys chill, should have been taking the upper quarters.
    Shoot- I fail to do anything again.
    Combat- No wounds done in the Rider combat, however, the dancers kill 5 skinks while the singer kills one, they get away but face another charge if they rally.

    I had to leave at this point so we called it in my favor

    Remaining WE forces
    .5 Spellsinger
    X2 Glade Guard
    Eternal Guard
    1.5 Dryads
    Wild Riders

    I gave him (including general) 487 Victory Points

    Remaining Lizards
    X2 .5 Priest
    Scar Vet (Oh cmon I would have broke him eventually)
    .5 fleeing skinks (effectively dead)
    .5 Sallies ( effectively dead)

    At the end I would probably have had, including standard, general, and all table quarters 1947 Victory points, a 1460 difference. Does that constitute a massacre?

    I beleive the list is solid and I know it is not the strongest but it requires you to think a lot and it defies the stereotype on the cheese of Wood Elves. I believe I could not have played that better except for maybe my usage of the EG (it was my first game using them), but it still worked out with the bait and flee. Therefore, I see no reason why my Wood Elves and I should not have a very high placing at Gamesday Baltimore.

    2009 Tourny records (W-L-D) (20-4-4):
    9/56, 1/12, 2/14, 4/14, 32/82, 1/6, 16/72

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    Nice battle report. I noticed that you missed out on your magic phase every turn, is that because all you did was treesing to no effect or were you just dispelled all the time. I dont understand why your friend took chameleon skinks as I think they are one of the most pointless units out there.

    Well done on winning though
    Best Oxymorons:
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    45 (x2)

    No I skipped my magic phase because nothing would have really benefited me except when the skinks were actually in the trees. I am pretty sure he anticipated on me briging a treeman so he wanted to put a few wounds on it. Also the march blocking was annoying.
    2009 Tourny records (W-L-D) (20-4-4):
    9/56, 1/12, 2/14, 4/14, 32/82, 1/6, 16/72

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