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    Member ulrik orcslayer's Avatar
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    dwarves vs bretonnia 1000 pts

    this is my first battle report id preffer comments on how its written to how the battle was fought.

    my list
    thane shield master rune of alaric the mad, rune of cleaving'rune of speed

    master engineer, brace of pistols, rune of stone

    24 warriors with great weapons, full c

    16 quarrelers with great weapons, full c

    15 miners with full c

    organ gun

    my opponent

    paladin with lance enchanted sheild and barded warhorse

    paladin bsb barded warhorse valerous standard

    8 knights of the realm full c conquerors tapestry

    8 knight errant full c errantry banner

    16 men at arms full c

    16 peasant bowmen skirmish fullc light armour

    Special rules
    (put down by me and my opponent for fun)
    if snake eyes was ever rolled in a leadership test the unit would become unbreakable.

    no turn limit., fight to the death or if all units are routing


    the table had no features.
    my opponent deployed his knight units to the right then his peasant bowmen to the left with men at arms in the middle.

    i had a organ gun opposite to the men at arms, my quarrelers in 1 rank to the right of it and my warriors unit to the left.

    my master engineer joined the organ gun (entrenched and extra crew) my thane was in my warriors unit.

    my opponent had both his paladins with the knights of the realm unit.

    Turn 1

    i had first turn because my opponent prayed.
    i didn't move.
    my organ gun fired but was out of range of the men at arms.
    quarrelers shot and did'nt kill anything.

    Turn 2

    my opponent moved all knights 16" forward, he forgot to move his men at arms.
    his bowmen killed 1 warrior.

    Turn 3

    i wheeled my warriors unit so that if the knights charged the qarrelers i could flank them.
    i lined my quarrelers up 5,5,5,1
    i misfired and destroyed my organ gun the engineer died
    ( waste of points

    Turn 4

    my opponent charged my quarrelers with the knights errant and the dwarf warriors with his knights of the realm.

    he rememberd to move his men at arms.

    he had nothing to shoot at

    now the main strength of a bretonnian army is the by all feared charge.
    however my opponent rolled horribly and was able to kill 3 quarrelers with his knights errant. 3 attacks back with great weapons caused 2 wounds (dwarven supremacy).
    combat resolution was a draw.

    against the warriors my opponent fared a little better killing 5 warriors. my thane and unit champion attacked and were able to take 2 knights down. i passed my leadership test.

    Turn 5
    i rolled for my miners hoping that the warriors could endure at least 1 combat more even though the men at arms were going to flank it, they came and imediatly marched 6" forwards.

    in combat my quarrelers killed 3 knights and the knights killed none (no lances or lance formation with the charge). the knights fleed and i was able to over run them (rolling 1,2,4 was not enough to flee from the 3,5 of the dwarfs).

    in the battle against the warriors, the thane called challenge (doing this now because challenging a charging paladin is risky) the opponent accepted and didnt hit any wounds. the thane made 1 wound.
    the knights again due to not having the power of thei charge only killed 1 warrior. the 4 attacks back at them were enought to kill 1 knight (keep in mind that these are the same price as 2 dwarf warriors). the knights passed leadership test.

    Turn 6
    now came the moment i feared for, the flank charge from the men at arms armed with pole arms (halberds)

    the bowmen killed 3 quarrelers (really nice rolling probably the only unit that outdid its points in the end)

    in combat the charging men at arms killed 2 warriors. the knights killed 2 as well. the paladin still dueling the thane didn't wound anything and the thane wouded 2 of its 3 hits killing the paladin.the warriors were able to drag down 2 men at arms. i failed the leadership test and feeld past my unit of miners. the persuing units hit the miners and would fight them in the next combat phase (definitly not the all killing charge i had planned to do but the mos important thing was that they saved my warriors from being overrun and were in combat)

    Turn 7
    my warriors rallied

    in the shooting phase my quarrelers only killed 1 bowman (i didnt care because they had already taken down a unit of knights of the exact same points value)

    the knights and men at arms charge was futile they killed 5 miners but the champion was able to kill 2 knights (luckily i had aimed one of the attacks at the unit champion)
    i passed my leadership test

    turn 8
    the archers killed 1 quarreller

    in combat no miners were killed and the unit of knights suffered 2 casualties and the men at arms 1. the 3 remaining knights fled strait into my quarrelers killing them bur the men at arms stood firm (funny really)

    turn 9
    my vengeful warriors charged the men at arms

    my quarrelers killed no bowmen

    in combat the thane and unit champion wounded all their hits while the other warriors didn't even hit. the 2 attacks back killed nothing and the miners killed 3 men at arms.
    they finally fled but my persue distsance wasn't far enough.

    turn 10-12

    the bowmen were able to kill 5 more quarrelers my army marched

    turn 13
    i charged with all my units
    stand and shoot killed 3 warriors

    in combat i killed 8 bowmen they didn't wound anything.
    my opponent rolled snake eyes!!!

    turn 14
    men at arms rallied with snake eyes

    bowmen killed 3 miners

    my units killed all the bowmen and persued into the men at arms

    turn 15
    all men at arms were killed ending the battle

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    is a Brother of Arterius Bleyden's Avatar
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    Well done! I really enjoyed reading your battle report and Kudos for putting in the effort to do it.

    One thing I would change was the level of detail but this did fine.

    LOVE your snakeyes rules. They add a new element to the game and I might see if I can play some games with that rule.
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    lol i played that battle with his bretonnian models, i rolled very bad so i lost
    : it was a solid victory for him:cry:

    Actually the rule was: when an unit rolls snake-eyes it becomes unbreakable for that combat only otherwise it would be a bit strange....
    Last edited by Skavenblight; May 14th, 2007 at 18:40.

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    That was a nice report and i enjoyed reading it

    I never knew that you could give quarrelers great weapons and crossbows
    I'm Useless :D

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    Consumate professional Sir Theobold the Lame's Avatar
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    Aaah, the old play until everything is dead battles, i remember them...

    nice report, as someone else said a little more detail would help, but it was nice and clear and easy to see how the battle flowed back and forwards which was very enjoyable reading

    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man- S. Johnson

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