I wrote this a couple weeks back for a battle report on my first match in this warbands campaign I'm in. Eh, I decided to post it here, hope y'all enjoy.

The noble Highborn gazed out of the window of the wooded forest fortress and spotted the young wild rider and his 4 companions riding up. He went down to meet the youngling and congratulate him on not dieing in his first patrol.

“My Lord Elensar, I have returned and the dryads detachments have gone to rest.”

“Very good. You must tell me of your first patrol. What news do you bring?”

“My Lord, my force encountered two enemy scouting parties while patrolling the north western border. First an Empire patrol and second an Ork warband. While making our way east about to turn south, we spotted the Empire’s patrol led by a fearsome war priest. We ran into the Orks just two days south of there. It looks like they were attempting to claim part of the forest as their own! Any later and some of our trees may have been cut down.”

“Foul creatures, Orks are.” Elensar sighed and continued, “Well, tell me of this priest and then of the green skins.”

“The priest commanded a force with swordsmen and halberds with a small detachment. The priest and his unit of swordsmen lined up on my left while the halberds and detachment lined up on my right. I rode hard with my riders down the middle to the glade in the middle and to prepare to flank on either side of his force. I commanded the dryads to follow and provide support up the middle. His detachment saw me hiding in the woods and charged me, in turn moving the halberds up. His detachment was able to inflict damage on my unit, two of my men’s armor failed them and they were out for the battle. In the ensuing rounds of combat our horses forgot to fight!

One unit of dryads ran around the back of the priest’s unit to draw him away from his objective of taking control of our lands (his objective: invade) The second unit of dryads got antsy and charged the unit of halberds. In the second round of combat, with two dryads wounded they unit fled away into the safety of the woods. This is when we finally over ran the detachment and flanked charged the halberds. We quickly broke and destroyed this unit; our horses finally remembered that they could attack!

Throughout this my other unit of dyads teased the swordsmen, running around them. My other unit of dryads had rallied by this time and had enough time to reorganize and joined my unit of wild riders running towards the halberds’. We ended up on our deployment side of the unit (his right flank) and the other unit of dryads ended up at his left flank. He turned to face the other dryads, giving me his rear, and we charged smashing into his unit! The priest was able to keep the group together but we made them run the next round and galloped over their remains!”

“I see that your fellow wild riders recovered from their wounds, how about the two dryads?”

“Well one of the two was too badly hurt by the end of the battle. We couldn’t do anything for her. She rejoined the forest.”

“You did well youngling. You have proven yourself in combat and as a viable commander. Now, tell me of these orks…”


Result: Massacre and objective (Control more table corners)