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    2250 WE vs. beats of chaos

    So this was my list

    Wild rider kindred
    Spear of Twilight
    Oaken Armor
    Elven steed

    Glamorweave kindred
    Sword of a thousand winters
    Stone of the Crystal Mere

    Alter Kindred
    Sword of Striking
    Helm of the Hunt
    Light Armor

    12 dryads
    Branch nymph

    10 glade guard

    10 glade guard

    22 Eternal guard
    Full command
    Banner of Midwinter

    12 War dancers
    Full command

    7 Wild Riders
    Full Command
    Banner of Dwindling


    His list was

    Lord on a chariot

    3 shamans all Lv 2

    4 beast herds (7 gors 10 ungors)

    4 chariots

    5 warhounds

    2 squads of 5 centigors

    4 dragon ogres

    Set up was from left to right: hounds, furies, centigors, centigors, lord chariot, chariot, chariot, chariot, chariot, dragon ogres, shaman beast herd, shaman beast herd, shaman beast herd, beast herd

    My set up was from left to right: alter noble, glade guard, wardancers, eternal guard, Treeman, spellsinger, glade guard, wild riders with lord, drayads.

    the special rule for this was assasination. whenever a general dies, the army whose general dies need to make panic checks. all of them. even if immune to psycology.

    Turn 1

    Me: everything moved up. spellsinger casts ariels blessing on treeman with irrisistable force. alter noble takes out a hound, glade guard 1 shoot the dragon ogres and put a wound on them. Glade guard 2 take more shots at the dragon ogres and put another wound on it. the spellsinger hits a chariot but fails to wound.

    Him: everything moves up. no unruly or drunken stuff happens. magic phase sees that 2 of my wild riders die:cry:. he dispels ariels blessing

    Turn 2

    Me: everything moves up more. Treeman goes to confront all the chariots and dragon ogres. magic us univentful. my alter takes another hound down. glade guard shoot at the lord chariot, wound the chariot once and put a wound on the lord. (he failed his 2+ save and 4+ ward):w00t:. second glade guard shoot another chariot and take 2 wounds off it. treeman strangleroots the dragon ogres, and gets a whopping 10 hits.:w00t: then he procedes to wound 6 times, killing 1 and dropping one more down to 1 wound. mage fails to hit.

    Him: lord, and dragon ogres charge my treeman. magic sees that 1 wild rider dies. im down the the lord and the champion now.:cry: in combat, the lord hits once on the treeman, but fails to wound. the dragon ogres hit 6 times, wound 4 times. i passed 3 of my ward saves. :w00t: then my treeman then puts 4 wounds on the dragon ogres dropping them down to 2 guys. i win combat, the lord flees, but the dragon ogres stay.

    Turn 3

    Me: my alter noble charges the hounds. my wardancers hit the side of the dragon ogres, my drayads hit one of the beast herd. eternal guard move up more to protect the dancers. magic is once again univentful. Glade guard shoots the furies and drop 2. the other glade guard shoot the chariot and pop it, with lots of wounds. in combat, i destroy the dragon ogres, and the wardancers pursue, and are just short of hitting a chariot. alter destorys the hounds and overrunns into the centigors. the drayds kill 4 of the beast herd, but lose 4, then fail break test and are caught.

    Him: his general rallies. 2 chariots charge the wardancers. his magic doesnt work because he was targeting the spellsinger, which was magic resistance 2. i do my 4+ ward save, and lose only 3 total. i do 2 wounds in return. i hold.

    Turn 4

    Me: Eternal guard hit the side of the chariot, while the treeman moves up to hit the chariots with strangleroot. my spellsinger hits a chariot from the front. wild riders cant charge anything. in combat, i break the chariots, and destroy both, and the wardancers ovrrunn into the general who rallied. the unicorn causes 2 wounds, while the spellsinger causes another. the chariot does nothing, breaks, runs into another chariot, and causes 6 impact hits. the chariot takes 3 wounds. i dont catch the chariot though.(

    Him: beast herd hits the spellsinger. his chariot failed to rally and runs off the board. magic sucked for him, cause he miscast twice, and rolled 7's so he didnt get wounded. the third one hit my treeman by couldnt wound it.:w00t:
    in combat, the herd breaks the spellsinger, but she manages to keep at a safe distance. my wardancers manage to wound the lord once. so combat is deadlocked.

    Turn 5

    Me: my spellsinger fails to rally and runs into the lord and dies. my treeman moves to intercept the beast herd, and so does the other one. in the mean time, my glade guard have been hitting the centigors and furies. alter kills one of the centigor herds, and the other beast herds hit my right glade guard and killed it. ( this happend over 2 turns, i just forgot to mention it.) The treeman stangleroots the herd, and causes 7 wounds. they panic and run away. the are 2 inches away from the table edge. my wardancers kill the lord.

    Him: the furies and beast herds get to the leftmost gladeguard. they leave it with 2 members. but i get INSANCE COURAGE. magic sees that 3 wardancers die.

    Turn 6

    Me: my wildriders finally get to charge and charge the furies which are down to 2. my alter noble tries to charge aswell, but he is 1 inch away too much. my treeman stangleroots again but misfires. in combat, i destroy the furies and overrun into the beast herd. and i kill 4 more of them.

    Him: his herds try to take as many table quarters, and try to hurt the treeman with magic but cant. thats about it


    after calculating victory pts, i won by 315. i needed atleast 300 for a marginal victory. it was so close that we checked again to be sure, and it turned out that i had won by 310 victory pts. so it was even closer. it was a great game. the problem i had was that he passed all his panic checks, while my Ld 9 mage failed hers. wild riders did absolutly nothing, while the treeman made his points around 2 times over. overall it was such a close game.

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    Shame about the wild riders. These guys can be tricky to use against some armies. Sounds like your treemen absolutely dominated this game though. Very close game indeed. Well done pulling out the win.

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