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    2500 pt Woodelves vs Dwarves

    Had a game at my local the other day. 2500 pts Woodies vs Dwarves

    My army

    Wardancer Noble + Moonstone
    Noble + Amber Pendent + GW + LA (general)
    Alter Noble + GW+ LA + SH + HoH + HoDA
    Spellsinger (2 dispel)

    15 Glade Guard + music + standard
    15 Glade Guard + music + standard
    12 dryads
    12 dryads
    8 Glade Riders + music

    6 Wildriders + full command + war banner
    6 Wardancers + music
    6 Wardancers + music
    3 Treekin


    He took

    Lord + Shield bearers + shield + Runic Weapon with Master Rune of Alaric and rune of cleaving and 2 runes of iron (5+ wardsave)
    BSB + Rune of Gromil + Rune of Resistance (+1 save with re-rolls)
    Runesmith + Master Rune of Balance
    Runesmith + 2 runes of spellbreaking

    12 Quarellers
    12 Quarellers
    25 Warriors + full command
    25 Warriors + full command
    20 Longbeards + full command + Rune of Grungi (5+ ward vs shooting within 6”)

    15 Miners + full command
    15 Slayers (3 giant slayers) + music
    Cannon + Rune of Forging
    Bolt thrower + Rune of Burning + Rune of Pen and Engineer

    Organ Gun


    He deployed on a hill central to his deployment zone. Quarrellers and artillery just fit on it. The gyrocopter lurked behind them. In front of the hill the Warriors and Longbeards deployed right next to one another, the slayers on the left of the warriors.

    I deployed most of my army on my right, facing off against the slayers. The gladeguard and riders deployed facing off against his warrior blocks. General in with them. The alter noble hid behind a little ruin ready to do his thing.

    Turn 1


    He won the roll and his army lurched forward. The shooty elements stayed put and got ready to fire.
    Quarrellers had nothing in range, same with the organ gun. The bolter thrower and cannon both fired at a treeman and took 4 wounds of it.


    My right flank surged forward. The wildriders scooted forward about 15” to a clump of trees and hid. The treemen/kin/dryads moved towards the slayers. Moonstone noble with his wardancers teleported to the woods next to wildriders, ready to charge slayers. Other wardancer unit surged forward, ready to do likewise.

    Shooting. Combined fire from glade guard and riders took down 6 longbeards. Alter noble still hid.

    Turn 2


    Miners showed up and looked and ranked up near my gladeguard. Warriors/lonbeards moved forward and slayers reformed to take charge from the 2 wardancer units.
    Shooting. Quarrellers tried to shoot the wardancers but missed. Bolt thrower and cannon both missed their marks and the Organ gun couldn’t target anything.


    My opponent was a little disappointed when my wardancers didn’t charge his slayers and instead charged his left most unit of clansmen. The wildriders were able to support with a rear attack and the second wardancer unit got into the front. I turned my generals unit to face the miners and expanded my frontage so that I had 10 models in the front rank and 5 in the rear. Other glade guard and riders unit stayed put. Dryads/kin/treemen surged towards his Castle.

    Shooting. Generals unit killed 6 Miners. The other gladeguard and riders killed 3 longbeards. Alter fired at the same unit and killed another 4. They were looking pretty sorry at this stage. One treeman ended up being within 6” of the Longbeards and stranglerooted another 2.

    Combat. Wardancers all did Storm of Blades. Wildriders killed 2 dwarves, wardancers killed 8. Lost 1 Wildrider. The warriors broke and ran from the wildriders who promptly chased them down. Both wardancer units stayed put, the slayers couldn’t see them and neither could the longbeards.

    Turn 3


    Miners charge gladeguard. Slayers turn to face wardancers and longbeard+warriors push forward to the archers.

    Shooting. Quarrelers/Organgun/gyrocopter wipe out a unit of dryads. Wounded treeman killed by bolt thrower. Cannon exploded.

    Combat. General kills 2 miners before they strike and I lose 1 gladeguard. Gladeguard win fight but dwarves hold.


    Alter charges the miners. Wardancer noble and his unit his the Longbeards+ general in the flank and the other wardancer unit fails its charge. Dryads charge gyrocopter. Treeman charges bolt thrower and treekin charge one unit of quarrelers. Wildriders move behind the last unit of Dwarf warriors.

    Shooting. Archers shoot at the slayer unit. Kill 7.

    Combat. Alter+general kill 4 miners and lose no gladeguard. Miners flee and run down by Alter. Wardancer noble and his wardancers kill 2 Longbeards (Storm of blades). No attacks back. 3 Longbeards left with the Dwarf Lord. No one runs. Gyrocopter dies horribly as does the bolt thrower crew and the quarrelers hold against he treekin despite losing 4 dwarves. The stand and shoot had taken a wound of 1 treekin.

    Turn 4


    Warriors move forward, should be in charge range next turn. Slayers do the same.

    Shooting. Quarrellers kill 2 wildriders, now only 3 left.

    Combat. Wardancers go for the 4+ward save. Lord Chops the noble apart for no damage. Wardancers loose combat and run. Dwarves pursue but fail to catch.


    Wardancers/wildriders/alter charge the last unit of warriors, Wildriders in the rear and wardancers to the side and Alter to the front. Dryads charge quarrelers and lose 2 to stand and shoot. Treeman moves to help treekin next turn.

    Both archer units and the glade riders line up to shoot longbeards. Wardancers fail rally and run some more.

    Shooting. The firepower kills the last of the Slayers (pretty happy at this stage)

    Combat. Dryads kill quarrelers and treekin force their to break and run. The dwarves just get away and are 1” from their board edged. Warrior unit takes a massive 12 casualties from the Alter/Wildriders/wardancers. I lose another wildrider and the warriors run. Alter and wilderriders chase and catch.

    Turn 5


    Not much left to move. Quarrellers rally and the Lord and BSB leg it towards the fleeing wardancers.


    Treekin charge quarellers. Archers move so they can shoot at the two characters. Wardancers rally. Other wardancer unit moves up behind the Lord and BSB unit. Alter does the same.

    Shooting. Take a wound off the Lord. BSB with is 1+ reroll save is annoying at this point.

    Combat. Quarrelers die.

    Turn 6


    Failed charge against wardancers.


    Alter and the 2 wardancer units charge the Lord/BSB and last Longbeard. Lord challenges and Alter accepts.

    Wardancers killing blow the BSB (reroll that you bugger!!!) and the last longbeard. Lord takes a wound from Alter and then carves him apart. Elves win combat but the Lord holds.

    At the end of it his Lord was down 2 wounds and was the only model left. I think that him thinking I was going to charge his slayers in turn 2 caused him some problems. Overall I was pretty happy with the Woodies.

    Man of the match goes to the Alter. She was everywhere.

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    Fun report, even if the wood elves did win!
    Arena of Death Champion: Nexim of the Guldskullz Tribe. Fear my wrath!

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