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    my idea for a campaign

    I’ve had an idea for running a small campaign for fantasy battles and I wondered what you guys thought
    Ive told my gaming group that I'd like 2 vs 2 good vs evil armies
    Good = HE, WE, Dwarf, Empire
    Evil = O&G, DE, TK, Chaos, Skaven, Daemons
    Each player would pick an army, and I would play the NPC armies as and when one was needed.

    My idea is as follows and subject to change depending on feedback etc.

    Army Composition
    Each player chooses one 8th edition legal 2500pt list. Proxies are acceptable provided the base size etc are the same.
    From that list, create 1000pt, 1500pt and 2000pt legal armies.
    Once you have equipped a character, he remains equipped in that way and cannot change equipment.
    Lastly, and also probably most controversially, I would like you to only have 1 Lord in total. He must fit into one of the sub-lists. You choose which army he goes into (provided the army remains legal), and come the final battle he must be your General.
    The size of the final battle will be dependant on what happens in the previous battles regarding survivors etc but will be a maximum of 2500pts per player, so 5000pts per side.

    Game Turns and Movement.
    Each player has a capital.
    Every game turn, the player’s capital generates 250 army points to use for troop replenishment/reinforcements. These troops can move 2 hexes per turn to catch up with your main force (smaller forces can move much faster than big armies). You cannot create characters unless one has been lost in battle, see below.
    Each tile controlled also gives a gain to the amount of troops your capital creates depending on the tile type and also your race.
    Each tile outside of your capital only counts as controlled if you leave a minimum 250pts of core troops with at least 1 champion. You can use reinforcement troops to control a tile if you wish, but they have to arrive within 2 turns of you conquering the tile or it will be considered lost, they also cannot attack a new tile – only your main force can do that. The route the reinforcements take must be though controlled tiles.
    Your main force moves 1 hex per turn.
    If one of your heroes/lord is lost/injured in a battle, the force cannot move in the next turn as it takes that long for the character to recuperate.
    Your Hero/Lord has a health value equal to his starting wounds. Each time he/she is lost in battle, one health token is removed. Once his health value reaches Zero, the character is truly dead. Once that happens, the force can only move through controlled tiles until the character has been replaced at the capital, and has caught up with the main force.
    If the main force cannot field your legal 2000pt list then it cannot attack a new tile, but can still move through controlled tiles.

    Attacking an unoccupied tile.
    When you move into a new, unoccupied tile, I roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 the tile is empty and no battle needs to be fought. 2-3, you fight a 1000pt battle, 4-5 = 1500pts and on the roll of a 6 you fight a 2000pt battle.
    The opponent army will be determined randomly depending on your army and the tile type. For example, a forest could contain Beasts of Chaos or Wood Elves, a mountain could contain dwarfs or orcs and goblins etc.
    Attacking an occupied tile.
    Your main force can attack an occupied tile if it wishes. If the tiles occupant is friendly, the controlling troops are allowed to withdraw to a neighbouring tile if they want to. If the occupant is from an opposing faction or they do not wish to withdraw, then the following occurs:
    If the defending force is less than 500pts strong, then it is automatically destroyed and the troops are killed (bearing in mind that the attacking force cannot attack a tile if they are unable to field their 2000pt army list or if a character has died).
    If the defending force is between 500pts and 1000pts then the attacking player uses his 1000pt list and the defender uses everything he has – this does not need to be a legal list.
    If the defending force is 1001 to 1500pts then the attacking player uses his 1500pt list and the defender uses everything he has – this does not need to be a legal list.
    Finally, if the defending force is greater than 1500pts then the attacking player uses his 2000pt list and the defender uses everything he has up to a maximum of 2000pts – this does not need to be a legal list. However, if the defending army is the main force of the player, then he uses his 2000pt list as well.
    The survivors from the losing army is forced back 1 tile into another tile he controls.

    The End Game
    Once all the tiles have been occupied, or if we ever find a situation where all 4 armies are adjacent to each other, then we have the final battle. The winner is chosen from the victors faction based on the total number of army points they have on the map.

    Questions? Comments?

    My WoC Painting Blog updated 3rd Oct 2010

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    Sounds good. Good luck man.
    Last edited by sirkently; November 7th, 2011 at 23:14.
    Screw the spray gun. I paint my own models!

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