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    The Rise of a Kingdom - Narrative- help me

    okay well the basic idea of this is a 2 player campaign with the possiblity of a 3rd player on occasions
    and no reason not to mix it up a bit more but the principle is a 2+ player campaign based around 1 player and the other being sort of like a Game Master
    the idea is a bit RPG-esk and for the purposes of explaining the game master is the Orcs and the player is the Empire.....

    the Empire player is a young noble
    and picks to represent himself as a general on of the following:

    a Captain

    a Warrior Priest

    an Engineer

    a Wizard

    the idea is that these all start with innert bonuses because they are a young leaders who have grown up knowing their soliders and to represent this they have bonus'

    this is a part i need help with and would appreciate suggests...the idea is not to be game breaking

    my ideas so far is that if you choose to be the captain you could get a troop based inert bonus you would only have 1 and it would be set but im not sure what it would be my ideas so far would be things like:

    inspiring presence being 18"
    or maybe all friendly combats within 12" get 1+ combat rez (non stacking) if you have 3 units in 1 cambat they only get 1+
    or maybe he could have a veteran unit that gets a free upgrade to WS by +1 or something

    anyway thats the captain with less explaining my ideas for the possible set bonus for the others

    Warrior Priest

    hatred to the unit he is with
    Frenzy to the unit he is with


    Ignore the First Misfire per game in a phase for a a cannon misfires in the first shot it counts as being fired fine and then if it misfires again it bounces as normal but only applies to the model that misfired first so any mroe misfires by other models will still be misfires

    Decrease misfire table result by 1

    Free Cannon/mortar


    extra spell
    1+ power and dispel dice
    6" increase in spell ranges

    but i would like any suggestions on what you think would also work or critisim is good...

    anyway in RPG goodness this character is your general regardless of LD and you start with a small army maybe 200 points of which your chosen general only costs default price and starts with basic armour options ie, light armour, shield, handweapon (he is going to earn more) this army size and character with all grow eventually your character will become the lord version of themselves and will cost the price of the lord default

    and to clarify coz that might not have been clear your character will get more skills, increases in stats, and weapons.
    and when i perfect the idea units may become veteranized if they kill enough or survive long enough..but only minor increases....

    anyway the way i see it there is great scope for a narrative progression from rescuing a village from maurading orcs, to having your supply lines under attack...all sorts and to round off the end you can have the orcs waaaagh-ing on your capital/ keep and even have guest appearances from plausable allies such as dwarfs and high elves trying to help the poor HUMIES maybe chaos could be helping the orcs i dunno like i said the scope is huge

    anywayto sum up i would like suggestions on hero passive bonuses...maybe even some leveling up bonus'

    and let me know what you think..i have never tried a campaign and i think it sounds quite a fun idea to have a narrative one.....positive and negative comments welcome i can only learn =]

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    Possibly, for the leveling up bonuses you can earn new wargear. Such as if he gains a level form 1 to 2 he can choose a bit of war gear worth 10-15 points. And the next level, 15-20 points. And make it grow progressively.

    For hero passive bonuses, just keep it simple, maybe any unit within 6inches of him earn a +1 toughness whilst the leader is alive, but if he falls all units within 6 inches loose one toughness.

    Also, that 6 inches increase in spell distance is a tad to far. I would drop that and change it to something else...

    Anyway good luck, looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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