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Thread: Just A Question

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    Um, hi. I was just wondering, which units from Storm of Chaos can be used in their 'parent' army list? I know that the Hellcannon is a 0-1 Mortal chaos unit, and the Malakai's Goblin Hewer is a Dwarven Dog of War, but what I'm truely interested in is some units from the Daemonic Legion.

    Originally, the Slaanesh Mounted Daemonettes were published in White Dwarf and were simply a Daemonic unit, which meant they can be used in Mortal/Beasts armies. What I want to know is; are any of the following units Daemonic (meaning; can they be used in normal chaos hordes or only in Daemonic Legions?):

    Daemonic Cavalry (can't remember the names)

    Daemonic Chariots

    Daemonic Herald (err... the Daemon Standard Bearer)

    Plague-Beast of Nurgle (the Nurgle Daemonic Mount in the top right corner of the army lsit).

    I would really appreciate it if anyone can get back to me on these.

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    The mounted Daemonettes can be used in a normal HoC/BoC list as they are released in the Annual, the rest cannot. Everything in the daemonic list is for daemons only, so these new units there can only be used in that list. The Daemonettes being the exception.


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