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    Your opinion if you please

    Has anyone else read the stuff they posted on the GW website? It's like they woke up a week or two ago and one developer said to another, "Oh crap we have to come up with something. Ok how about this. There's an artifact, and it was made by a dwarf... oh yeah that's good, and like everyone will want it." "Oh yeah man that will be so hot. It's so simple we won't have to do much thinking about it. Now we can get back to napping, that took a lot of effort."

    I know it's hard to come up with new ideas and such, but seriously. How long ago was Storm of Chaos? How long have they had to brain storm something new? That's my 2 cents. If anyone else wants to chime in, maybe I'm totally whacked in the head. I just expected more from a company that I repeatedly toss 35 bucks to for some bits of plastic.

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    Complaining about GW's poor campaign choices can be made in the general discussion forums with all the other complaints. This forum should be reserved for positive discussion of the campaign.

    *thread locked*

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