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    Combat Resolution and "killed outright" on multi wound models.

    Next curly question....

    I did do a search on this with the key words - combat resolution killed outright - and got bubkus. So here goes.

    In the VC book there is an item, the Frostblade.

    It has the ability for multi wound models wounded by it to be "killed outright" on a test.

    The questions are;

    1 - If I arm a Lord with this weapon and have 5 attacks, 4 hits and all wound against a unit of ogres and the ogre player fails two tests for the Frostblades special ability. Are 2 ogres killed outright and two wounds are applied to another?

    2 - If the above is true, what are the results when it comes to Combat Resoloution? +4 just for wounds caused? Or +8 for killing 2x3 wound ogres and 2 wounds on another?

    This is going to annoy a ogre player so a reference would be appreciated.


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    I've been looking through both the rulebook and the FAQ, but haven't found anything. Where I play we would play it like killing blow or a chariot hit by S7, you get as much CR as the wounds the model you killed had left.

    So in your example you would kill 2 ogres and put 2 wounds on another, and get +8 CR. Crazy CR, but it is a very expensive sword!;o

    As mentioned I have no reference, maybe some of the rule-gurus can come up with something. (I hope not, that means I didn't look hard enough...:rofl)

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