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    Dragon Armour vs Flaming Attack

    I've got into this situation one day playing against my friend's High Elf army with my own Tomb Kings.

    What happens when a Flaming SKull Catapult hits a unit of Dragon Princes? According to my friend, nothing happens. That sounds a bit fishy to me as one piece of Dragon Armour could literally denies the only warmachine that a Tomb Kings army can afford. Is that true?

    What about Chaos' Hellfire Sword? "All wounds caused count as Flaming for the purpose of Regeneration, etc."

    How about Tomb Kings' Chariot of Fire? "Impact hit count as both Magical and Flaming attacks"

    I couldnt think of more examples but I am sure there will be more as we play on. :C

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    As the rules stand right now, if any attack is flaming then dragon armour ignores it. The hellfire sword says its attacks are counted as flaming, so is included in that.

    The rules are clear on this (even if it sounds odd), even in the case of flaming cannonballs or catapults.

    And remember what one of the stickies says - Get your opponent to show you their book.
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    For the 6th ed book, the dragon armour rule was almost exactly the same as it is now, but the FAQ said that it only ignores attacks which are purely flaming, which made sense. When GW did the High Elf 7th ed book they used almost the exact same wording as in the last one and seem to have totally ignored what they said in the FAQ.
    Meaning that

    1) GW are useless (no surprises there)

    2) it ignores any attack which involves fire in any way

    So yes, at the moment dragon armour ignores any attack which is flaming, even if it does happen to be a flaming boulder which should easily make the elf go splat. It's a bit daft really, but then so are GW!
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