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    Stupidity and Move spells

    If a unit fails a stupidity test then it just wanders forawrd a little and doesn't do anything. The only way unit can be brought out of stupidity before it's next turn is if it enters combat.

    If a movement spell is cast on the unit while it is stupid, does it move as per the spell? Or does the stupidity take prescedence?

    Does it depend on the spell?
    For example:
    - Unseen Lurker (Lore of Shadows) says to make a normal move as the unit would in a movement phase. Does 'normal movement phase' in this case mean as if they weren't affected by stupidity, or does stupidty apply here?
    - The Wolf Hunts (Lore of Beasts) says to move the unit 2D6" forward, nothing about normal movement, just move it 2D6".

    And can a magic move cause a stupid unit to charge?
    A stupid unit cannot voluntarily declare charges, but does a magic move into a unit count as 'declaring a charge'? (and again does it depend on the wording of the spell? See Unseen Lurker vs Beast Hunts again)

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    Well, as with a normal move in the movement phase, Unseen lurker will cause the unit to stumble forwards half its movement.
    Wolf Hunts will mean the unit moves 2D6, just as it says.
    If either of these moves bring the unit into contact with the enemy, it counts as a charge (just as the normal stupid compulsory movement does)

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