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    Reform In combat

    I posted this in the Tomb King forum and no one could answer it so thought I would put it here to see if anyone knew the answer.
    Tomb Kings have the banner of reform as most of you will know about. Can you reform when iN combat? Say oppenent's unit pursuits into flank of tomb guard. Before any combat is worked out and in your own turn may you use banner to refrom and face the enemy. I would of said no but my oppenet yesterday did it and we could'nt find any reason why he could'nt so I allowed it. Just wondering if anyone knew if this was allowed.
    Cause the rules state that in combat if you win you may change formation or turn, nothing that says you may not change formation in combat for any reason.

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    See page 46 of the brb.

    You can make a free manoeuvre at the end of winning combat only if engaged on one side. If more than one, no movement at the end of combat.

    If to the front, you can increase frontage.

    If to the flnak or rear, you can only turn, as described in the movement section. That means pivoting on the spot.

    Your banner specfically says that it allows you to reform in your movement phase, but page 46 of the BRB states that units engaged in combat may not move during the movement phase.

    Because of that last bit, I would say that the banner wouldn't work. Still, you can argue that it's magical properties overcome that.

    But imagine if you were locked in a combat with multiple units. Say two of yours and three of his or something. You reform, and the battle lines completely change, which the current BRB excludes based on the rules referenced above.

    I just don't think you could do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by viruk View Post
    nothing that says you may not change formation in combat for any reason.

    p22: "Models already engaged in combat at the start of their turn cannot move,.."

    Seems to cover it pretty well! A reform is a type of move.

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