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    Magic resistance

    When I learned (a long time ago) that my expensive Casket of Soul was close to useless when some one had magic resistance on the battle field, was a sad day.
    But I said to my self, well it is not just TK this hits, all armies are hit by this rule, when a spell targets units on the battlefield or/and the battlefield and effect units, there are magic resistance.

    Now I just learned that this doesn't include "all" spell, this is more a TK special rule or a high elven special rule! They drain magic effects all wizard on the table, but magic resistance doesn't work here why??

    Does magic resistance work against "Gork's Warpath" or "Wind of Undeath" (new VC spell) or "Cleansing flare" or "Drain life" and all spell alike???

    I know when all armies have new rule books and bla bla, but until then when should I save dispel dice and scroll's, and when does magic resistance kick in?!

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    Magic resistance comes into effect when a spell includes the MR generator in it's area of effect.

    So, your drain magic doesn't get affected by MR, as it specifically targets a mage. If the mage has MR then it applies. The casket affects every unit that can see it.
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