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    Tomb King Questions

    Hey all,

    A couple questions came up the other day between me and a couple friends about the nature of a couple Tomb King spells, and such.

    Most of these were solved by the FAQ and Erratas, but I still have a couple that I would like someones input on other than mine and his. Also, if you could a page number for reference would be greatly appreciated.

    First question,
    For the Tomb King spells, excluding the magic missile, do they require line of sight. Oddly enough all I remember is the magic section talking about magic missile spells follow the rules for shooting, thus requiring LOS. For spells just as the Summoning, Urgency, and Smiting, all it says is "target Tomb King unit within 12" do I also require LOS to the unit I am casting on. I always have assumed so, but just would like to confirm.

    Second question,
    According to the FAQ High Queen Khalida counts as a Tomb King, so would that mean in addition to her unstoppable Smiting spell and staff, she gets 2 incantations all other Tomb Kings get or no?

    Thanks everyone

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    1. Only magic missiles (and spells that say they need it) require LoS. Remember to follow the rules as they say - if there is a restriction based on sight (or anything else) it will say.

    2. She's a tomb king. So apply any rules that apply to Tomb Kings to her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rork View Post
    2. She's a tomb king. So apply any rules that apply to Tomb Kings to her.
    Not quite. She counts as a Tomb King for army selection, so Chariots are Core and a Skellie unit may take a Banner, but Tomb Kings have the ''My Will Be Done'' rule, granting them 2 Incants at D6 each. Khalida doesn't have the MWBD rule, so she only gets her 1 Irresistible incantation.

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