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    charging behind units

    This is kind of hard to explaine so I'll do my best.

    1.I have a unit of chaos knights behind a unit of warhounds.
    2.To my left is his unit of dragon princes.
    3.I want my knights to charge the dragon princes and they are off to the side enough that my knights can see them, problem is that the warhounds are in the way of my charge.
    4.So, when I'm declaring charges can I declair a charge with my warhounds with a unit across the board (they will fail of course but when they move there failed charge distance they will be out of the way) and also declair a charge with my knights against his dragon princes, who are still blocked by the warhounds.
    5. When I move my chargers I will first move my warhounds there failed charge movement (with that move they are now clear of the chaos knighst) second I will now be able to move my knights into his dragon princes.

    Hope I was able to make myself clear. Just want to know if this type of movement and charging is legal.

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    You may not declare a charge that you know has no chance of succeeding. If the hounds have a potential target that might be just out, then it's fair and dandy. If it's blatantly out they you can't.

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