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    VC: Red Fury and Non-close combat wounds

    (Note: Already checked the FAQ, nothing in it.)

    The Vampire Counts bloodline power Red Fury states:

    "For each unsaved wound that the Vampire causes it gets to immediately make an additional attack. These additional attacks do not benefit from the Red Fury rule. The Red Fury ability cannot be combined with a great weapon."

    Naturally most unsaved wounds caused by a vampire come in close combat. However in a recent game a player used the VC item Staff of Damnation on a Vampire with Red Fury. The Staff is a bound spell that allows all friendly models in 12" of the bearer that are in close combat to make 1 attack.

    1st question: If a Vampire with Red Fury causes a wound in the magic phase due to the Staff of Damnation, does he then get to make an additional Red Fury attack?

    The players and the people around decided that yes, he could have the extra attack as it is essentially a regular close comabt attack, just one made in the magic phase.
    However discussion soon continued wondering how far it goes. The Red Fury rule doesn't specify when or how the vampire has to cause a wound to get a Red Fury attack, just that he gets one for each unsaved wound he causes (though obviously he has to be in combat to use them).

    2nd Question: Does a Vampire with Red Fury get additonal attacks for wounds caused by magic items he uses if he is in combat? For example:
    - Hand of Dust - Bound spell, 2D6 S5 hits on a unit in base to base contact with bearer
    - Gem of Blood - The first time the wearer suffers a wound in close combat on a 2+ the wound is reflected back onto the model that caused the wound with no armour saves allowed. Does that count as the vampire causing a wound? (assuming the wound isn't saved by a Ward save or regen)

    3rd Question: Does a Vampire with Red Fury get additonal attacks for wounds caused by spells he casts if he is in combat?

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    For Q1, I'd say yes - it's an attack by a model with red fury, thus it benefits.

    For Q2 and 3, I'd say no. Neither of these are attacks by the model (using WS, S etc.) and therefore can't be affected by Red Fury.

    And trying to claim he can make his amulet really, really angry just won't work .

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