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View Poll Results: Can outriders move and shoot?

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    Senior Member gnoblargobbler's Avatar
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    Can outriders move and shoot?

    Me and my brother have been arguing over outriders rules...
    I say they cant move and fire, he says they can. It says that fast cavalry armed with missile weapons can move and shoot, then in another section it says that they can't, as they are move-or-fire and therefore cannot.

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    Senior Member Akaroth's Avatar
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    the rule he referring to says fast cav can 'march' and still shoot, which is an exception to the normal rules for shooting. If the weapon's rules says it is move or fire, you can't do both.
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    Sadly outriders are unable to move and shoot with their repeater handguns. The key point is in the wording of the fast cavalry “march and shoot” rules which specify that a fast cavalry unit is able to shoot when it marches in addition to all normal shooting rules. So a fast cavalry armed with bows for example can indeed march and shoot. Outriders however are pretty unique in that they are fast cavalry armed with a shoot OR move weapon. As such they must remain stationary to fire. This does admittedly limit their usefulness in the long run and places them in the "armed dragoon" role as opposed to the traditional fast cavalry one. It requires a slightly different line of thinking.

    Send them into positions where they are out of sight but also creating a danger zone for enemy units passing near by. Behind hills in the middle of the table is ideal as the enemy will have to move past or over the hill at some point, into the waiting mouths of the rapid fire death

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