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    Marks of Chaos and Mounts

    I have searched the forum but I can't find a specific answer to my question.

    I am going to paint up a chaos dragon for next years games day but at the same time I like to be able to use any models I paint on a tabletop as well, so I am wondering do the marks of chaos pass from the lord to the chaos dragon, I know that psychology passes over so the marks of slannesh and khrone would but what about the other two? There's nothing in the Warriors of Chaos army book saying that marks don't pass to mounts nor does it say that they do.....


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    i stole this quote from the mighty Sirkently. its from the 2nd rulebook FAQ on direwolf

    Q. Do ward saves and other special rules that apply to a
    character (including those coming from a magic item or
    spell) also apply to the monster/chariot it is riding?

    A. Because the rider and mount can be hit separately, any
    saves and other special rules of the character (including
    those from magic items, spells, etc.) are not passed to its
    , and viceversa. There are a few exceptions to this
    rule however, when such rules do apply to both rider and
    mount: Psychology rules (see rule book, page 79), rules
    that the character would confer to a unit it joins (like
    Magic Resistance), or if the rule itself specifies otherwise
    (certain magic items, the Blessing of the Lady, etc.).

    So generally special rules are not passed to mounts, i think this includes marks of chaos, because it doesnt mention it is any other way instead.

    there has been discussion about the nurglemark on here, i dont know how to link that cus im computernoob, just search mark of nurgle in fantasy rules.

    khorne mark, is passed over
    Slaanesh mark is passed over
    tzeentch mark :s not passed to mount
    Nurgle mark is not passed over, except for close combat issues, where there seems to be no official answer
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