A few rules in regards to Lizardmen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    A few rules in regards to Lizardmen

    Hello All,

    A few questions regarding the Lustrian inhabitants....

    1) Does the new 'Different Sized Bases Within Units' rule (pg 41, Liz Army Book) apply across the board to all armies that can have mixed units? Like an example of a hero on a horse in a unit of foot-sloggers thats only 4 foot-sloggers in the 1st and 4 in the 2nd row to allow the the rider to fill both ranks. Does that equal 2 full ranks now?

    2) Given that a character on a monstrous mount is allowed to join regular units as per the normal rules (pg 58 WFRB ) can a hero/priest on a Steg join up in a large unit of saurus warriors?

    3) If question #2 is yes, given the Steg is Stubborn 6LD, does the unit test against that for all break tests? In the characters & leadership section (pg 78, bottom right, WFRB ) is says the unit CAN use the unmodified leadership of the character. So since it says CAN I assume that means it's possible to use which ever is higher in a given situation as needed. Correct?

    4) Even though the base sizes are different, can a Skink Chief hero join a unit of Saurus warriors? Also, would it be fair to have a Skink Chief hero on a Horned One (magic item) ride with a unit of Cold One Cav?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    The bases thing is covered in the main rulebook faq part 2, which can be found on the GW site. In effect, they count for ranks in terms of how many models they displace.

    And a stego can join a unit of saurus, though since it's a large target it wouldn't get a Look Out, Sir!

    There's a section in the rulebook that discusses characters and how their psychology (immune to psych, stubborn, etc) affect units they join and vice versa. That should answer your question for #3.

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