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    Characters or units fleeing

    I was just wondering, now I'm pretty sure when a unit is fleeing that they are basically useless, like magic banners and such don't have any effect in the game, like one that would produce power or dispel dice, and also character abilities, like using the generals leadership, or certain magic items they can use, like dispel scrolls.

    More specifically I was playing a game against a guy who was using the tzeentch special character in the Warriors of Chaos book. He has a magic item that steals dispel or power dice that fail to dispel or cast a spell. now if he is fleeing does this magic item become null? and if so, were would I find this in the rule book, as I looked and didn't find anything, but I'm probably blind and missed it.

    Thanks for your help guys.

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    P.120 Magic Items, last paragraph on the page.
    "Fleeing models cannot use any magic items that are one use only, bound items and similar magic items that require a decision on when to acticate their powers. Only magic items whose effects are permanent still work for fleeing models."

    From the description of the item (Vessel of Chaos) it looks like there is no decision to activate it, so things will still happen.
    If an ememy wizard fails to meet the required casting value, you will still get the dice transfered to your dispel pool.
    If your opponent fails to dispel one of your spells, the dice they rolled will get moved to the dice pool of the character with the Vessel of Chaos. Since he is fleeing he will not beable to cast spells with these dice. They can however be used to dispel remains in play spells at the end of your magic phase.

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