Induldge a 40K player: WTF is the artillery Dice? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Induldge a 40K player: WTF is the artillery Dice?

    I've bought the Dice Die/cube made by GW and the Artillery Die confuses the hell out of me. The scatter die is pretty easy to figure out even if you don't know the rules, but the Evens only arty one... I have no idea. I'm trying to figure out if I'm interested in WFB at all, and I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a quick run-down on that die.

    I am verbose. Sorry.
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    In WHFB, the artillery die is used to generate random high numbers. I know it seems stupid, and they should just use a D10, but they stick with the D10 system.

    The 3 most prevalent uses of the artillery die are:

    Cannons- loading/aiming a cannon is never precise, without the range-finders and pre-packed shells of 40k. When you guess the initial range to the target, you then roll the artillery die, representing gunner's error. This will mean that the ball travels further than the intended guess, but 2-10 inches. That's where the ball actually lands. Next, you roll the artillery die again, to see how far the ball bounces. This is the damage-dealing portion of the weapon.
    The ! is for misfires, representing a possible failure in the gun. Most weapons have a separate misfire chart to see what happens. It could be a dud fuze, or it could be a complete breach of the weapon. If the misfire comes up a second time for a cannon, it means that the ball has hit the ground and did not bounce.

    Mortars/StoneThrowers/Helstorm Rockets- indirect fire weapons will guess range to the target, and then usually roll a scatter die and artillery die to determine the final resting place of the shot. The 5" template is then placed over that.

    VolleyGuns- some contraptions use the artillery die just to randomize numbers. Prime examples would be the Dwarf Organ Gun, and Empire Volleygun, both of which are multi-barreled monstrosities used for throwing down a hail of fire. Each gun has 3 barrels, and when fired, you roll the Artillery die for each barrel, giving you between 6 and 30! shots. These weapons are experimental, so their Misfire chart can be nasty, although they aren't always bad.
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