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    Marks of Chaos Rules

    Right here is the situation.....

    I have a chaos champ on chaos steed with a mark of slannesh (immune to fear, terror and panic) and I want to put him in with a unit of chaos knights with marks of nurgle (-1 bs when shooting at them and -1ws when in base contact)

    Questions are these......

    a) I assume that he would pass his immunity to fear and terror to the knights but not his immunity to panic as that is pychology?

    b) I assume that the -1bs would not pass at all to the champ and the -1ws would only come into play if the opponent's model was also partly in base contact with a knight? if thats the case how would I deal with units shooting the knights and champ could I allocate all the shots to the knights or would some have to go on the champ?

    c) I can't see anywhere that you can't mix ICs and units with different marks of chaos so i assume that is ok?

    Thanks guys


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    a) This would be treated the same way as if a character who was immune to psychology joins a unit that is not immune to psych. The character loses the benifits while he is with the unit. (page 78 of the BRB ). The knights are already immune to fear since they cause it, but terror causers will still cauase fear to the knights, even if the character has joined the unit.

    b) The -1BS does help the character. You roll to hit before determining which models were hit, so all the shots at the unit will be at -1 to hit. The -1 WS only works for models that are targeting their attacks on the models with Nurgle, so attacks directed at your character would not benifit from -1WS.

    c) It is fine to throw a character with a different (or no) mark into a marked unit. The previous edition's book was not nearly as flexible, but now you have alot of room to play around with marks.

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