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Thread: Charging arcs

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    Charging arcs

    Let's say you have a massive blocked up unit that wants to charge a unit to its diagonal left. Since the unit has so many extra ranks the majority of the unit is in the flank of the unit it wants to charge, but the front rank is in the front. There is no way the unit can maneuver to hit the flank of the unit it wants to charge, but can easily hit the front.

    My question is, does that become an ineligible charge target, or do you only have to hit the front and then you slide to their flank?

    We had this come up in a tournament last weekend. A steamtank wanted to charge the flank of some chaos knights. The tank was more in the flank than the front, but the front of the tank was in front of the knights and the pivot the tank needed to do to hit the flank would have made him hit the front first with no possible way of ever getting into the actual flank.

    It was ruled you just move the tank to the flank, but I didn't think that was right, but either way it seems like a dumb situation from both sides of the argument.

    Anyone have any FAQs or rulebook reference to how this would be resolved?

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    Well, in the first FAQ on page 3 it says you have to be in the flank arc to charge the flank. In the second FAQ on page 2 it says that a unit that moves in the compulsory movement phase, can't charge a unit if it would hit it on the wrong side. The perponderance of the evidence would lead to the conclusion that the steam tank should not have been allowed to charge.

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