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    Transformation of Kadon and Bound Spells - Question.

    How does transformation work with bound spells? To my knowledge, you would not be able to use any because of how bound spells and transformation are worded, but at the same time, the FAQ states you keep all of your special rules while transformed.

    For example, if I'm using The Blue Scribes, and the spell I get is Transformation of Kadon and I manage to cast the spell and turn into a dragon, would they be able to use their bound spells?

    Also, another question that came up regarding Kairos Fateweaver. The way Transformation is worded, it specifically calls out that the Wizard is transformed on all accounts, and here's what it says about Kairos:

    "Q. Do Kairos Fateweaver’s heads count as different Wizards for the
    purposes of miscasts and other rules? (p52)
    A. Yes."

    By the wording on both accounts, that would mean that One of Kairos' heads would be able to turn into a dragon or something, while the other head can still cast spell from the Lores it has available, right?

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    As long as the bound spells are innate to the caster, such as the blue scribes spells are, then they will work as normal.

    As for Kairos, the spell turns the wizard into a dragon or whatever. Kairos is one model, therefore both heads so to speak are transformed into one dragon, and therefore, the other head would not be able to cast spells.

    That is my view anyway,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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    Transformation specifically says his magical items temporarily stop working. (So does the hex scroll). They both also say you cannot cast spells. That pretty much nixes any bound spells from being cast.

    Special rules continue to work that don't fall into those categories. A terror causing Slann still causes terror. A High Elf Archmage still strikes first.

    Kairos' head says it counts as a different wizard, so I'd have to say yeah, the other head can cast. I'd let my opponent do it anyway.

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