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    Lifebloom and Dispelling in your Magic Phase

    Hello all, two questions came up in a game between a few friends of mine last night and they asked that I "go to that place where you go to for rules questions". So here I am

    Hope you can help!

    1.) Can Lifebloom from the Lore of Life be used to recover wounds for slain models or only models that are still in play? Essentially our Brettonian player was using it to resurrect slain knights in the unit containing his Damsel. We wanted to make sure this was correct because the language of Lifebloom is not as specific as the wording for Regrowth which specifies it can be used to recover slain models. (Same question for Bugman's Tankard in the Dwarf Rulebook, can it be used to regain 1 lost wound for a slain model from the unit?)

    2.) Here are a series of questions that essentially boil down one question:

    TL: DR version - Can you use power dice in your Magic Phase to dispel Remains in Play spells?

    a.) Do you generate power dice in your Magic Phase even if you don't have any wizards?
    b.) Can you use your power dice to dispel Remains in Play spells during your Magic Phase? Can this be done even if you do not have a wizard?

    We were pretty sure you can, but wanted to be sure because we're playing with small lists and most people aren't bringing a wizard to the table. So that severely hinders those that are because we would generate 2d6 "Dispel" dice on our turn essentially to blow up remains-in-play spells.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1) Bugmans tankard allows for a model to recover a wound he lost earlier in the battle. So only multi-wound models like characters can use that, because if the model is dead, then he isn't in that unit anymore. And rank & file only have 1 wound. Lifebloom targets a model, not a unit. If the model is dead, then he isn't there anymore and can't be targetted. And if he's still alive he still has his full number of wounds ( namely: 1 ) This ability is meant for heroes and multiwound models.

    a) Yes, you generate power dice in your magic phase. Even dwarfs do.
    b) Yes, you may use powerdice to dispell remain in play spells, and this can be done even without a wizard, just like you can dispell regularly without a wizard. You just don't get a level bonus added to the roll.

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    The bearded one is correct. I will just point out that a lot of spells have an effect that lasts until the casters next magic phase, are aren't technically remains in play spells. The spell must actually say "Remains in play" for you to be able to dispel it using power dice.

    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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