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    Flyers - Triggering Fanatics ?

    Im not sure this is covered anywhere in the books so in anticipation of the game im having tonight i thourght i would seeks some assitance.

    If i march a flyer (20" Swoop) over a goblin unit with fanatics (rolling as neccisery to march near the enemy) and at the start, and end of my movement am more than 8" away are they triggerd? and if they are triggered can my flyer be hit by them as its in the air as it moves?

    im just looking to swoop over his units to target war machines behind however i know there will be lots of fanatics and i dont want to lose my lord to a lucky fanatic roll.



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    Yep, if you follow the step by step rules for fanatics then your flyer will trigger them as soon as you move within 8". And yep, most flyers are squishy and get pulped by fanatics which is why they are such great warmachine guards.

    Following the rules actually mitigates the effects of units sent to trigger fanatics- rather than setting off all of them by flying in to the centre of the goblin army they need to trigger (and survive) each unit in turn.
    No more NG spearmen, thanks! Now I need some pump-wagons!

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