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    Once I cast a spell on a unit (of course I mean Trollguts, which makes Bull units almost unkillable), my opponent, on his next Magic Phase, instead of casting a spell, can declare that he is not casting and use his Power Dice as Dispel Dice, and can then Dispel my Trollguts on a 7?? And I can't do anything about it??

    This would be very bad if correct, since the shooting and combat come after Magic, so I would have my protection removed right when it is most needed, and quite easily if the opponent chooses to not cast any offensive spells and use all his Power Dice as Dispel Dice.

    Am I reading the rules correctly?? I hope I am not...this spell is the answer to our being shot to pieces....

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    That's right. You can dispel RiP spells in your own magic phase using power dice. And yes, it's also true that Gut Magic is dispelled on a 7+. However, remember that you can have more than one RiP spell in play, so, while one might be gone, you may well have 3-4 in play already! That's the key advantage with Gut magic.
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